Current version: 1.0.

Upgradable: -.

Overview: SWING HOLIC is a sub-project of SOUND HOLIC circle. As their name suggest, their focus is on swing, jazz, blues etc touhou arranges. Main female vocals: A~YA, SYO.

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Changes: -.


[2008.04.20] SWING HOLIC VOL.01
[2008.10.13] SWING HOLIC VOL.02
[2008.12.29] SWING HOLIC VOL.03
[2009.06.21] SWING HOLIC VOL.04
[2010.03.14] SWING HOLIC VOL.05
[2010.12.30] SWING HOLIC VOL.06
[2011.08.13] SWING HOLIC VOL.07
[2011.12.30] SWING HOLIC VOL.08
[2012.05.27] SWING HOLIC VOL.09
[2012.12.30] SWING HOLIC VOL.10
[2013.05.26] 東方ぴあのとりお
[2013.08.12] SWING HOLIC VOL.11

[2013.12.30] SWING HOLIC VOL.12

11 thoughts on “SWING HOLIC

  1. Ah, the only kind of jazz that I actually don’t find boring.

    In particular, A~YA’s vocals are my favorites (it also kinda helps that she only sings in English).

    Thanks for the release, I’ll fill the gaps on my collection.

      1. I’m finding Halozy TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.1 and vol.2 in lossless,

        but I can’t find it.. so sad..

        1. I have first one but I probably won’t upload it before updating Halozy batch. Not sure about the second one.

          1. So.. all I have to do is waiting?

            is that right?

            (I didn’t mean to make you upset :)

            1. Big Thanks for replying, and lossless musics

              I must visit often for musics~ :)

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