Date: 2014.04.27
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Lossy ddl



PolyphonicBranch — 竜の涙 聲の羅針盤 [PB-0019]

MINAMOTRANCE — Operation Unrestricted 1st Mov.-Empires Invasion- [MTCD-019]

C.H.S — Elder Dragon Legend [CHS-0016]

753xABSOLUTE CASTAWAY — Another Flower

A little bit — Sol et Luna [ALCD-0008]

Episodes & melody/君の音。 — 写心学 [EPCD-008]

Hagall×152Hz — for summon wall of ”ArtinaToss” [hs-05]

Mamyukka — 百鬼夜行草子 [MKCD-12]

MEMELOME — 月夜の花火

mimei — 未鳴琴 mimeiorgelⅡ

tieLeaf — 光の降る森~捻子巻く月 vol.1 trial ver.~ [LAG-0007]

Unknown-Dimension — Agartha -The Fields- [UDOR-005]

Unknown-Dimension — I’m with you [UDOR-006]

君の音。 — 朝を終えるために

電奏楽団 — 悠久の老木 Lost Empire Saga Remaster+ [DENG-009]

Diverse System — AD:PIANO 2 [DVSP-0107]

Diverse System — AD:Electronic Dance 3 [DVSP-0109]

Diverse System — AD:GUITAR [DVSP-0110]

Yonder Voice — 闇海リグレット [YVCDN0004PD] (flac+scans)

ZERO SOUNDS — Burning Star Children -星の子アニメソングトリビュート- [ZERS-0004] (flac+scans)

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you had Mega Evolution!! or if you knew a place where I could buy it myself? I can’t find it for the life of me. According to the tumblr page, it came out for M3-33 event (and Challenger 4). If no, it’s okay too. Thanks! :)


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