Date: 2014.08.15~17
Spreadsheet preview (courtesy of DoujinMusicNews)

Lossy ddl



Alstroemeria Records — FLASHLIGHT (東方) [ARCD0045]



DA Recording — SATURDAYS [DARC-003]

Diverse System — AD:HOUSE 3 [DVSP-0114~5]

EastNewSound — Perpetual Devotion (東方) [ENS-0032]

electro planet — EPM 2 -electro planet music 2- [EPCD-0011]

六弦アリス — 不思議の国の音哲樂 夢語り篇 [RGOT-0003]

幽閉サテライト — 今宵インデックス (東方)

幽閉サテライト — 残響は鳴り止まず (東方) [YHST-0042]

Eclipseed — Cross Again [DYVK-0021]

NanoSounds/SuperSweep — Nanosweep18 [NS-018]

DDBY — くつろぎタイム4 (flac)

Ether — 幻想世界シルフィネス (flac+scans)

Garnet Cathedral — Gudomliga Dawn (flac)

M.Graveyard — ひぐらしのなく頃に奉 Original Sound Version & Arranged Tracks 「あの日へ-you」 (flac+scans)

Pizuya’s Cell — 電幽バイオメトリクス (東方) [PSYC-0012] (flac+scans)

Unitone (aran) — OLD HEAVEN [UTCD-008] (flac)

彩音 ~xi-on~ — BANQUET -バンケット- (東方) [XITH-0019] (flac+scans)

深眠症 -insomnia- — 眠りのための幻想音楽 The Best of Sleep Music (flac+scans)

ESQUARIA — Xeno Blaze (東方) [EQ-0004] (flac+scans)

狐の工作室 — 夏風の音 (東方) [KNTH-0016] (flac+scans)

DiGiTAL WiNG — RAVER’S NEST 3 TOHO RAVE PARTY (東方) [DWCD-0016] (flac+scans)

FELT — Fortunes Gate (東方) [FELT-014] (flac+scans)

Eryps feat.茶太|中恵光城|めらみぽっぷ — Apart [EYPSCD-013] (flac+scans)

ulu project — Fortuna [ULU-003] (flac+scans)

EastNewSound — Infect Paranoia [ENS-0033] (flac)

ラクエスク — Flowers Unfold [RQCD-001] (flac)

556ミリメートル — invincible – perfect beautiful girls – (東方) [MMCD-0008] (flac)

Amateras Records — Crevice of Darkness (東方) [AMRC-0022] (flac)

uton. — GRAVITATION [FTON-0020] (flac)

GEOGRAPHIC — Exposé [GEOG1007] (flac)

Halozy — TOHO R&B HOUSE Party Vol.3 (東方) [HLZY-0020] (flac)

ViA Factory — PLATFORM EP (flac)


UOM Records (Shandy Kubota) — Shandybass 2 [USAO-009] (flac+scans)

ZYTOKINE — >>>> (東方) [CK-0033P] (flac+scans)

Diverse System — works.4 [DVSP-0111~2] (flac+scans)

Kikuo Sound Works — 略してきくおミク0 [KSW-0009] (flac+scans)

DiGiTAL WiNG — デジウィ DREAM (東方) [DWCD-0015] (flac+scans)

LiLA’c Records — TOHO SPEED 02 (東方) [LLAC-0019] (flac+scans)

53 thoughts on “C86

    1. say thanks to astost and its rules to not re-upload most of rips
      besides of that, no it’s actually not

          1. Rather ridiculous really if you ask me, what’s the point of ripping music that can’t be shared to the wider fan and music lover community around the world.

            1. It’s like they wanna have their own little club and keep everyone else out lol. Except in this case its harder to get in and stay in even what.cd is easier than this shit.

            2. I do understand the support your artists issue, I am in favor of that…. but money does not grow on trees, and not every country in the planet we can purchase these items, as most of them, most of the times I can only be bought If you live in japan, because they don’t ship them to you. And there is that issue of event only releases. Again…. money does not grow on trees and not everyone is rich enough to go to japan and buy the cds. Heck. with what I win on salary I had to put together 3 months salary to be bale to have money to go to japan, + money needed to get me to those events, and getting there, I would not buy anything because I had no more money to afford them, even 1 cd.

            3. no i dont understand and i think its completely ridiculous. as helblinde says, copyright is a joke. what theyre doing isnt any less illegal just because its harder to join their site. and who cares about man-made laws? they are ideologically questionable and can change anytime. as a future art student i recognize the utter importance of art to human existence and treating it with such low-leveled discussion as copyright and capitalism is insulting bullshit. artist must be supported and protected, yes. limit one’s access to art and knowledge? hell no.

            4. Long I prefer to download first something like, how audi4u shares, so I can be certain I will buy an album or not. the xfades most of times makes some albums looks interesting and then you get a big deception.
              I agree with those restrictions being stupid. How can an artist be known for what he really does, if he/she are being “locked up” in private rooms, that just a hand full of mischievous people are the only ones to enjoy it?
              That is not good. At All.
              There is always people who can support the artist, and there is always people that can’t do it, they have no fault for how their lives are or which difficult place they live in. But I am sure those people are incredibly thankful for someone to share something from an artist they got “into”. Hell…. I have been thread by dead labels, to stop share my anime soundtracks, you think I care? they are dead labels. How can they stop me from sharing something they released super limited edition and no re-print for 30 years, and not giving the chance to some people to know some anime soundtrack composers? I have had issues with many labels because of sharing stuff they don’t reprint… since the 70ts. I could understand they were after me if the cds/Lps were available… but they are not, and they are douches.
              Even so, I am sharing, I am not selling. That is how they gave up on raping my ass.
              If you have something to share share it, but you are the one that knows if you want to share it privately or not. it’s your call.
              But lately, I have seen so much stupid people sharing with a certain amount of odd rules.
              You want to share it or not? Don’t put rules on it.

  1. Is your new — alt-0151?
    I want to use it while tagging my new albums and adding them to J-CORE batch.

  2. Do you plan uploading DJ Noriken’s album – From Ten Wonderland?
    Some killer tracks there…

  3. RandomWeeaboo, you don’t like doujinstyle people?
    they have been sharing flac of a lot of c86 releases. Unless you don’t get “well” with some people there. It is understandable… There are some quiet morons there.

  4. do you plan uploading HEKATONCHEIR BEATS – AGGRESSION ?
    its so cool.. but i cant find anywhere

  5. Are you going to upload Lolistyle Gabbers LSG LiveWeapon Collection 01? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for the album and cant find anywhere to buy or download it.

  6. this is why I prefer audio-4u shares…..
    more professional sharing in my opinion. He/she tries to offer has much as he can, specially .. SCANS.
    I just feel all other places that share these stuff are plain lazy, or just sometimes, do bad rips on purpose to “you want a better rip? buy your self”
    Thank audio-4u for your existence

  7. I found hilarious that the doujinstyle guys continue to share the “Japanese Hardcore BEST” of Japanese Stream Hardcore wrongly.
    No one noticed it that track 20 is NOT Kobaryo’s “Clock Control”? It’s 6th’s “Down to Reality”…… repeated…

    1. I think this was discussed in the thread, it was an error on the web store the provided the DDLs part, not the uploaders. There’s really no way he can fix it without a physical CD copy.

      1. yeah I read that. But didn’t they warned the store about the mistake?
        Its because of issues like those I prefer to have physical cds.
        I bought on itunes a soundtrack of a japanese horror movie, and one of the tracks came corrupted. what was their resolving issue about it “Buy it again!!”. No, they should have given me that track for free, because it was not my problem of download. And even with other people complaining of the same exact track, they still said the same to everyone. Basically, they use that excuse keep getting your money. I did not buy the track again, I refused to do it for a matter of principle.

    1. Finally, with this one I completed my 六弦アリス discography. I’m gonna seed it all for as long as I can.

      Thank you for uploading this :D

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