New design & plans

Hello, dear readers. As you have already noticed, I updated blog design.

The update doesn’t concern any functionality, just a layout with pic and width of the page. I hope it looks better than old greeny one. Tell me your suggestions if you have some.

Next, I’m planning to release event batches soon (C84, C85, M3-32 etc) and of course something from the list. Amateras Records, 狐の工作室, DDBY, GUST Sound Team have big chances, maybe White Album collection too. I wanna update old torrent with Haruka Shimotsuki and Diverse System as well. And sorry to everyone who voted for Kajiura’s batch, I’m not ready to do it yet, but I’m steadily collecting audio files.

12 thoughts on “New design & plans

  1. I like the new design! And I’m pretty hyped for the Amateras Records batch! As always, thank you very much for all the effort you put in this! :D

      1. its light grey what I see.
        I think you anted a a color to mix with the top picture. I think I would prefer the yellow of her hair. xD

        But yeah, I can’t stay much time in here because of the color hurting my, yes. :(

        1. Now it’s a little more sunny. Not sure if something has changed, though

          1. It’s much better now. :)
            I just saw the change today. Brown doesn’t look that bad. ;)

  2. I liked the old green, it made the site more cheerful and visually appealing than this boring grey. It would great if you added more lively color back.

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