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Overview: DDBY is a doujin circle created by Bizen in 2008. “You can find nice musics here” is a slogan of the official DDBY site. And it’s actually accurate. DDBY is focused on thematic instrumental or electronic music and well-known for its chill off, relaxing, jazzy, lounge and bossa nova touhou arranges from Cafe de Touhou series (albeit they also have original, non touhou series like Kutsurogi time or RelaxTime). Apart from this, you can find classic piano, 8-bit arranges and many other. Recent albums consist of many artists, also “Iyashi no Kaze” compilation series was started together with Crest and other circles.

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[2008.10.13] 8BiTouhou
[2008.10.13] DDBY Vol.1 ~ FINAL FANTASY IV
[2008.11.02] 8BiTouhou 2
[2008.12.29] 東方幻想曲
[2009.03.08] 8BiTouhou 3
[2009.03.08] Touhou Synthesis
[2009.05.05] Touhou Synthesis 2
[2009.05.05] ゼルダの伝説 夢を見る島 アレンジ集
[2009.08.15] Touhou Synthesis 3
[2009.08.15] 紅マジック
[2009.09.06] Touhou Synthesis 4
[2009.10.11] Highway
[2009.12.30] Touhou Synthesis 5
[2009.12.30] とうほうふゆまつり
[2010.03.14] Taz
[2010.05.05] M3-2010春 特典CD
[2010.05.05] Touhou UnderGround
[2010.06.20] Highway 2
[2010.08.14] InsTouhou
[2010.08.14] 秘封物語
[2010.10.11] 秘封物語2
[2010.12.30] Cafe de Touhou
[2011.08.13] Cafe de Touhou 2
[2011.10.30] 8bit of Zelda -ocarina of time-
[2011.12.30] Cafe de Touhou 3
[2011.12.30] Relax Piano
[2012.05.27] Kirisame Drive
[2012.08.11] RelaxTime
[2012.08.11] 座って聴く東方文花帳
[2012.12.30] RelaxTime 2
[2012.12.30] 二人の演奏会 -鳥船遺跡からの帰り道-
[2013.05.26] Cafe de Touhou 4
[2013.08.12] くつろぎタイム
[2013.12.30] Cafe de Touhou 5
[2013.12.30] くつろぎタイム2
[2014.04.27] くつろぎタイム3
[2014.05.11] 秘封旅行記
[2014.08.16] くつろぎタイム4

[2013.05.26] ~癒しの風~ Vol.1 大空魔術
[2013.08.12] 癒しの風 vol.2 蓮台野夜行 ~ Ghostly Field Club
[2013.10.13] 癒しの風 vol.3 卯酉東海道

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  1. Thanks a lot.
    Btw, there’re two album in lossless torrent contain MP3: ゼルダの伝説 夢を見る島 アレンジ集, RelaxTime

    1. would be strange if I didn’t know actually
      Regretfully, there are no lossless (if there are even some) rips for many old albums

  2. This is true jazz, please, add more music like this to your site, this is absolutely beautiful… I need more tracks like this.

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