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Overview: WAVE is a doujin circle led by Morrigan, multi-skilled composer and arranger. Circle works include many arrange or thematic albums such as Touhou, TYPE-MOON, Key etc. In the early ages, Morrigan was more focused on electronic music (jungle, drum’n’bass, breakcore, experimental etc), but later switched to orchestral, rock, instrumental music, and so on. He works with many vocalists like Rekka Katakiri (片霧烈火), Haruka Shimotsuki (霜月はるか), Norico Mitose, Aki Misawa (三澤秋), Chata (茶太) and many more. 2011 became another turning point for the circle: a new, extremely talented vocalist Lily (リリィ) made her appearance and became a member of WAVE soon. She is a chorus and soprano singer in GUST‘s hymmnos style.
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[2002.02.03] 月輝 -tu-ki-
[2002.10.06] ツキガタリ -月輝継-
[2003.05.03] B.B
[2003.12.30] history One
[2004.08.15] AVALON
[2004.12.30] voyager ~東方仙戯曲
[2004.12.30] もうなかないで
[2005.05.04] ENTERPRISE
[2005.12.30] Caldes
[2006.05.21] Symphonic Caprice ”Evening Primrose” -奇想交響詩 月見草-
[2006.05.21] Symphonic Fantasia ”Cherry Blossom”-幻想交響詩 彼岸桜-
[2006.08.13] ARIA
[2006.08.13] Monolith ”I”
[2006.12.31] AFTER IMAGE
[2006.12.31] WHITE AVALON
[2007.08.17] ARCHIV-EAST
[2007.08.17] message
[2007.08.17] 夜を越えて
[2007.12.31] On Your Mark -forked road-
[2008.08.16] history Two
[2008.08.16] Songs
[2008.12.29] est
[2009.12.30] ELEM. FABLE
[2010.05.05] Monolith ”II”
[2010.08.14] Symphonic Poem ”Enterprise Adonis” -夢幻交響詩 福寿草-
[2010.08.14] Symphonic Requiem ”Purple Heart” -幻葬鎮魂歌 紫御殿- (FIXED 08. TRACK → here)
[2010.12.31] Symphonic Rhapsody ”Peony” -交響狂詩篇 冬牡丹-
[2011.05.01] iWAVE vol.1
[2011.05.01] Symphonic Taramlella ”Lily” -幻想円舞曲 夏水仙-
[2011.08.13] 隻眼のエデン -A.D.2109- ”Eden”, the One-eyed
[2011.10.30] TAX
[2011.12.31] 隻眼のエデン -2nd season- 子午線のパラディドル
[2012.04.30] AVALON/Protoreplica
[2012.08.12] 隻眼のエデン -3rd season- 真実のウトナピシュテム
[2012.12.31] Gate of AVALON
[2013.04.29] trajektorio
[2013.08.12] CALDES -Episode:1- ヴェルテルの宿願
[2014.04.27] Spring ephemeral
[2014.12.30] Norn

21 thoughts on “WAVE

    1. it’s actually from ALSTROeMERIA circle and I think I will release it soon as well

      1. Oh damn, you’re totally right. Just checked the credits out and it is released under Alstroemeria. Still a great album though.

  1. so… since we got WAVE, it’s possible that one day we’ll get Feline Groove (cranky’s own doujin circle, since he and MORRIGAN collaborated in the past?)?

    anyway, thanks a lot!

      1. ah, okay then!
        (did i say that thanks to you i ended too many doujin groups, like right stuff and rokugen alice? :3)

  2. PLEASE SEED. PLEASE. Right now there are only 2 Seeds at only ~20 kbs..

      1. Thank you. I will restart the torrent now. Im the peer from Croatia. Which torrent should I use, from this site or nyaa?

        1. I think any is good until you see Anisource and nyaa tracker announcers in it

          1. I can’t see your peer from Canada, speed is still ~5-20 KB/s. Can you please check if you are connected with this torrent…

          2. I found your peer from Canada. You are only 23.2% complete of this torrent…. Did you delete the files?

          3. I have tried out the some other torrents from this site and they have excellent speeds 5 MB/s and up. But this torrent seems like it is not connected to you…

            1. you must be not lucky this time, sorry about that.
              and nothing I can change on my side, because it’s looking perfectly fine here

          4. I know, maybe I should try the same torrent client as you. What do you use? It’s probably fast than my client.

  3. Can you upload this to a MEGA account for me please? I would send you my own MEGA account and password via email. What do you say?

  4. 3 seeds left…from Ohio, from Leicester and from Taiwan. So You definitely are not seeding this anymore?

  5. Mega link for [2010.08.14] Symphonic Requiem ”Purple Heart” -幻葬鎮魂歌 紫御殿- (FIXED 08. TRACK → here) is dead

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