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Overview: OrangeCoffee circle focuses on jazzy, bossa nova, house and electronic touhou arranges. And if you like DDBY, you will like this circle as well. How about a cup of morning coffee, an afternoon tea or maybe evening caffellatte set? Go get you some while listening to the circle’s relaxing sound.
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Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


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[ORCF-0002] クロシロ
[ORCF-0003] delight
[ORCF-0004] clockwork
[ORCF-0005] brickwall
[ORCF-0006] azure
[ORCF-0007] The Lounge Map 1 – morning coffee set
[ORCF-0008] The Lounge Map 2 – afternoon tea set
[ORCF-0009] The Lounge Map 3 – evening caffellatte set
[ORCF-0010] The Lounge Map Extra – night latte macchiato set

One thought on “OrangeCoffee

  1. Today must be Christmas Day! Just when I was about to finish DDBY’s discography, this little piece of heaven appears… Thank you for making my coffee breaks more relaxing!

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