Date: 2015.04.26
Spreadsheet preview (courtesy of DoujinMusicNews)

Lossy ddl

AcuticNotes — NEGA FRAGMENTS [ACAL-0007] (flac)
Annabel — 然う然う、の雨 [ANB-10] (flac+scans)
ARKHEMINA RECORDS — Sky’s The Limit [DSDA-00002] (flac+scans)
C.H.S — あーゆーゆーけー!?(RUUK!?) [CHS-0020] (flac)
Garnet Cathedral — Light and Oracle (flac+scans)
Guava Co. — Moratorium Anthropology [GVCO-001] (flac+scans)
Primary — Point. [PRMY-PP22] (flac+scans)
RTTF Records – Speed Star 2 [RTTF-0014] (flac)
Unknown-Dimension — Agartha -The unexplored regions- [UDOR-009] (flac+scans)
しちごさん。×ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY — Another Flower II (flac+scans)
HolTunes — FORTUNES [HTCD-004] (flac)
RTTF Records — Flower Garden [RTTF-0015] (flac)
Seraphina Recordings (Kankitsu) — Galaxy EP (flac)
永久立体<キュービックループ> — Steam box (flac)
AlphaVersion Records — GRADIENT [AVRS-0005] (flac)
DA Recording — Visitors 2 (flac)
Diverse System — works.5 [DVSP-0129] (flac)
Lilium Records (colate) — KISS THE COMET EP (flac)
Qualial — Verdure EP [QLCD-002] (flac)
等力桂 — Memories Of The 5th Season (flac)

7 thoughts on “M3-35

  1. I am anxious for your releases. As You seem to be the only releasing stuff with scans.. and that matters a lot to me.
    There are some good releases this time around. I am a total sucker for Theta Complex. I will have babies with that. xD

  2. I can’t say how precious this site is becoming to me, the quality is just godlike and I can’t even describe how I get more amazed each time I visit this warm, cozy and awesome corner of the internet, just found this blog some months ago and I’m getting more and more addicted to the huge amount of doujin content available, thank you very much! Thank You!

  3. Big thanks as usual! Looking forward to more M3-35 and 例大祭12 material (if any)

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