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Current version: 1.0.
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Overview: Foxtail-Grass Studio is a doujin circle that focuses on instrumental/orchestral/folk/bossa nova arranges for touhou. The sound is refreshing and relaxing, but it can also get some rich and deep notes. ハム (ham) is the single member of the circle, doing most of the job. The discography also includes joint projects with Forest306 & みかん箱 (FMFT series) and みかん箱 (MBFG series). You should check it if you like 狐の工作室 and DDBY.
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[2010.03.14] pastoral landscape
[2010.12.30] Lupinus 幻想写景 -風-
[2011.02.20] Remember*C -spring-
[2011.08.13] navigation il mare
[2011.08.13] Remember*C -summer-
[2011.10.16] Remember*C -autumn-
[2011.12.30] Cattleya 幻想写景 -妖-
[2011.12.30] Remember*C -winter-
[2012.05.27] RexCirculation
[2012.08.11] なつかぜメモリア
[2012.11.04] Scenograph #1
[2012.12.30] Sky Dining
[2012.12.30] つきかげクオリア
[2013.05.26] ときかけエオリア
[2013.08.12] monocolotion
[2013.12.31] ぬくもりクレイル
[2014.08.22] Sora
[2014.12.29] ほしくずアテリア
[2015.02.21] Flowlight Sky Set
[2015.05.10] ゆきどけアゼリア

7 thoughts on “Foxtail-Grass Studio

  1. thanks, I like this group much.
    And I wonder if you will also make a batch for TAMUSIC soumeday XD

  2. How often do you update pages like this? (Or a better question is, what’s the delay between the actual release date and the date that you might upload it to this site?)

    1. There are no any estimates. But it’s pretty new so I won’t update it for a while. You can check event releases for more.

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