Date: 2015.12.29-31
Spreadsheet preview (courtesy of DoujinMusicNews)


Alstroemeria Records — CLOSE TOGETHER (東方) [ARCD00R1] (flac)
Alstroemeria Records — POP|CULTURE 5 (東方) [ARCD0049] (flac)
Amateras Records — Trip to Fairyland (東方) [AMRC-0031] (flac+scans)
Binzokomegane Girls Union – DRILL [MNTL-001~2] (flac)
C.H.S (t+pazolite) – Ponko2 Girlish [CHS-0021~2] (flac) || SCANS
CC*=Style — EYE (flac)
CODE-49 — WEEKEND ASSASSINS [49CD-0014] (flac)
flap+frog — rosa canina (東方) [FFRC-0210] (flac)
Foxtail-Grass Studio — Re*Collection (東方) [FGST-0014] (flac+scans)
HARDCORE TANO*C — Bright Colors 3 [TCPLUS-0017] (flac+scans)
LiLA’c Records — BACK TRAX (東方) [LLEX-0011] (flac)
pastyle — Break the Method [PLOD-0004] (flac)
tabgraphics (HSP) — Works15 (flac)
幽閉サテライト — 瞳に隠された想ヒ (東方) [YHST-0058] (flac)
電奏楽団 — MEMORY OF THE GREEN [DENG-013] (flac+scans)
Confetto — Candy time [CFCD-0010] (flac)
De-beL4 — GEMINI (東方) [db4-0002] (flac)
Digital Logics (Alinut) — Milky Way [ALNT-0009] (flac+scans)
DiGiTAL WiNG — デジウィ MiRACLE (東方) [DWCD-0023] (flac)
D’va — BlackLotus (flac)
EastNewSound — Sprout Intention the Instrumental (東方) [ENS-0040] (flac+scans)
Electro. muster — El Dorado [CORE-00029] (flac+scans)
C. H. S — C. H. S C89 Special Disc (flac)
BlackY’s BEATFLOOR — Blazeful-crackY [BYBF-0006] (flac)
HUMMING LIFE — アンサンブルカクテル [HMLF-0015] (flac+scans)
MEGAREX (lapix) — Perfect Comes [MRX-009] (flac)
Massive CircleZ — NEO ARK [MNFK016] (flac)
Lilium Records — POPOVER+TEATIME [LLMR-052] (flac+scans)
Movement on the FLOOR — Sensation in the Sky [MOTF-0006] (flac+scans)
pichnopop — HAPPYNATION #03 [HNCD-003] (flac) || SCANS
SKETCH UP! Recordings — Capri Princess [GECD-018] (flac+scans)
S2TB Recording (Akira Complex & Hommarju) — WE ARE CONNECTED [S2TB-0016] (flac)
Unitone (Ryunosuke Kudo) — Reincarnation [UTCD-016] (flac+scans)
ZYTOKINE — OVERFLOW XXXX (東方) [CK-0040P] (flac+scans)
SKETCH UP! Recordings — JP-H/D#06 [SUHD-006] (flac+scans)
音楽少女 — Justability [NKCD-6730] (flac+scans)
ZYTOKINE — BEAUTIFUL KILLER (東方) [CK-0041P] (flac+scans)
Lost Garden — STARLIGHT CONDUCTOR [LGCD-0028] (flac+scans)
pichnopop — C89 pichnopop Special Disc (flac+scans)
pichnopop — Colorful Palette [PSOLO-004] (flac+scans)
Riparia Records — SOARING [RPCD-0002] (flac+scans)
Sprite Recorgings — ALTER:ANSWERS [SRCD-009] (flac+scans)
Yoohsic Roomz — Eubiquitous [YACT-0002] (flac+scans)
J-NERATION — you:ReTracks [JNEX-0002] (flac+scans)
Kusemono Records — ノコギリシャルロット -Black Label- [KMSN-32~33] (flac)

7 thoughts on “C89

  1. Thank you very much for sharing.
    There is a problem though, Foxtail-Grass Studio — Re*Collection is missing last track.
    Scans and metadata of the files say that there are 12 tracks in total, but I only see 11.

    1. yeah, I also noticed that. I think we should wait for another rip… if there will be any.

  2. Shot in the dark here, but is it possible to get a seed on “ノコギリシャルロット -Black Label-“?

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