Date: 2011.05.01
Lossless / Torrents: http://bit.ly/iVboRL
Vorbis / DDL: here


  • Releases:

Maple Leaf (霜月はるか) — melodies memories [CSCD-0004]
Maple Leaf (霜月はるか) — melodies memories -EXTRA DISC-
my sound life — new way to the star [MSRC-046]
イオシス — 東方IO-BEST BEATS2 (東方) [IO-0192]
Adresse (仲村芽衣子) — EVITATION [ARPK-0001] ALiCE’S EMOTiON & Alstroemeria Records — SAISEN RETURN (東方) [AACD0002] Amateras Records — Amateras Records Sampler.02 (東方) [AMRS-0002] AsianDynasty Records — FAST ATTACK [ADDJ-0002] AsianDynasty Records — HEAVY ARMOUR [ADDJ-0003] Casket — ACTS!
CLOCK MUSIC feat. nayuta — リリーシング シーケンス
CLOSED/UNDERGROUND (片霧烈火) — モルモティカb
DystopiaGround — DystopiaGround#005 [DYGC-0005] KINZOK ON — GENSOU HARDSOUND #005 (東方) [kzon-008] LiLA’c Records — TOXiC TRAX 01 (東方) [LLAR-0004] mimei — 繭の聲の目隠し鬼 [M1-0016] monoROSETTA — GREATEST HITS(予定) Vol.1 (東方) [MONR-0001] Soranetarium — 時が廻る、世界の向こう
Teadrops — Labradrite -noll- [TDDC0009] Whisper Records — Crossia [WRPL-0011] いえろ~ぜぶら — いえろ~ぜぶら べすとあるばむ Vol.2 (東方) [YZEX0003] いえろ~ぜぶら — いえろ~ぜぶら べすとあるばむ Vol.3 (東方) [YZEX0004] 清風明月 — 宵闇恋想奇譚 [SIFU-004] PolyphonicBranch — The Blue Album
Bassy — 音楽ピューパとやさしい世界
Barbarian On The Groove — FOLCLOLE [AMX-00601] ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY — 喫茶りどる

5 thoughts on “M3-27

  1. >Whisper Records — Crossia [WRPL-0011] <– this one had a weird transition, looks like it was cut-ed then joined together.

    If you put the whole .flac in playlist, it will said an error either in track 2 or 3(I forgot), and in track 9 minutes 1:57 also in minutes 3:02.

    Is it problem also exist in your side or it's just problem of mine?

  2. >because there's 2 torrent in tosho, both from audio-4u, I think, I got the wrong one :/

    the torrent I've dl-ed before is dead, so I guess there was something with that :/

    I'm currently dl-ing again, hope there's some seed left D:

  3. >Ok, done re-download.

    There's no error. Looks like this the right torrent. :D

    Thanks, dude.

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