Unsorted albums

There are some albums I just don’t need anymore. I will upload them and delete from my HDD. Served just as is—not sorted, not tagged, not classified. Check the filename for more info.

password if required: uploadedbykiramekizora


Download: MEGA, baidu.

(C68) (同人音楽) [C.O.A.D] Gray Ocean (flac)
Colis postal × RIGHT STUFF [CPCD-0005] ROCKLOVE (flac)
Colis postal [CPCD-0010] Air of Life (flac)
[C72][Compllege]_Zenith[flac] [同人音楽] [C75] [compllege]_Nadir[flac] (2013.04.01)(同人音楽)[CODE ZTS LABEL] Selfregards 3 (flac+scans)
(C63)[CODE ZTS LABEL] oblivion (flac+scans)
(同人音楽) [CODE ZTS LABEL] Selfregards2 (flac+scans)
Cyberaser Records  – Memoirs. -Cyberaser Last Anniversary-(mp3)
[040606][CODE ZTS LABEL]  ixion ~天使のいない12月 Arrange Album~  (flac)
[040815(C66)][CODE ZTS LABEL] VAGUE3 (mp3+jpg)
[CERA-018]Cyberaser Records – Dear, Mr.D-Fener(mp3)
[EAC] (同人音楽) [CODE ZTS LABEL] Selfregards (flac)
[SMDT-0001] Project SMTD – GATHER (mp3)
missingsoul – Infinite Noise of the Inner Soul (flac)
K.A.I. records (MINT) – Earthbound EP (mp3)
Levolution – Karma (mp3)
percentage-age – new mind (mp3)
percentage-age – Trifinity (mp3)
(C71) (同人音楽) [DOWN FORCE RECORDS] FIG [flac] [DEKU]QUALIA 3 ~multi agent~ Original sound track (mp3)
[ORDD-0011] Celeste -sora extra sound track- (mp3)
Cyberaser Records  – Memoirs. -Cyberaser Last Anniversary-(mp3)
flowery-music – V.L.O.C (mp3)
ポヤッチオ_-_プチリズムCHU (flac)
【うたのは】HALF REALSM-はぁふりありずむ- (flac)
[EAC] (M3-26) (同人音楽) [UtAGe+ロータスルートオーケストラ+蒼咲雫の幻想音楽館] 架空図書館 (tak+internalcue+jpg)
南條愛乃 – あなたの愛した世界 (wav+log+BK+iso)
(伝統音楽) ベスト・オブ・正月 [VICL-61547] (wav+log)
[EAC] [110727] Xbox360 STEINS;GATE 比翼恋理のだーりん OP 「LaLaLaラボリューション」/アフィリア・サーガ・イースト 豪華盤  (flac+cue+iso+jpg)
[EAC] [110810] ZONE Tribute ~君がくれたもの~ 初回限定 2枚組  (flac+cue+jpg)
I’ve_-_Remix_Album_The_Front_Line_Covers_[VorbisAOb5.5Q7,5] I’ve_CURE_TRANCE_Vol.1_-_Psychedelic (MP3 192k)
I’ve_CURE_TRANCE_Vol.3_-_Psychedelic_Ibiza (MP3 192k)
I’ve_Girls_Compilation_1_~regret~_[VorbisAOb4.51Q7,5] I’ve_TRANCE_MAGIC_Vol.2 (MP3 192k)
I’ve_TRANCE_MAGIC_Vol.3 (MP3 192k)
sasakure.UK  – トンデモ未来空奏図 (FLAC+LOG)
near death experience. SHADOW HEARTS Arrangetracks (FLAC+log+BK)
[EAC] aya*k sora*y(結月そら) (Re:Birthё) (Locus Note) – セシアの翼 (tta+cue)
(C86) Crest – おとなの艦これ (flac)
[120713] VRUSH UP! #02 -DECO27 Tribute- [FLAC] 「VRUSH UP! #05 -whoo Tribute-」whoo[flac+log] 「VRUSH UP! #06 -Kikuo Tribute-」きくお[flac+log] oknuw – Rebuild the path Catalinaosy (wav+log)
galaco SUPER BEST (mp3 320k)
[EAC] すけっちP – Starry World (flac+log+BK)


Download: MEGA, baidu.

C-Media Records – SYNERGY FOURTEEN (2014) [FLAC] (C79) (同人音楽) [Basser’S] Wind BOX (mp3).rar
(C79) (同人音楽) [Basser’S] Wind Ripper (mp3).rar
(C79)(同人音楽)[MAITABLOG] Coppelia (flac).rar
(C80) axsword – Blue Orb (flac+BK).rar
(C80) axsword – Swell Strings (flac+BK).rar
(C80) kito – 姫百合、花魁道中 (flac+BK).rar
(C80) 葉月ゆら – Gothika 2 ~御伽影牢館~ (flac+BK).rar
(C80) 葉月ゆら×藤田真梨 – 少女と背徳の欠片 (flac+BK).rar
100sec Records – WORLD OF DARKER GOTHIC (flac+log).rar
Alieson – 銀の羽 (flac+log).rar
Amane – Heavenly Door (mp3).rar
C-media records – EMERGENCY 2 (C73).rar
C-media records – EMERGENCY 4 (C77).rar
C-media records – EMERGENCY 5 (C79).rar
C-media records – PHENOMENA (C77).rar
C-media records – Sequential Volume.2 (M3-20).rar
C-media records – Sequential Volume.8 (flac+log).7z
C-media records – SYNERGY 07 (C73).rar
C-media records – SYNERGY 09 (C77).rar
Crest – VISIONS (tta + cue + booklet).rar
Denkitribe XNHT-00814 – M4TC Derived (flac+log).rar
C-Media Records – SYNERGY FOURTEEN (2014) [FLAC].7z
FataMorgana – わからないから (flac).rar
FICUSEL – Tranquil Views (flac+log).rar
LC-AZE – そら色ノート (flac+log).rar
Obscure Music Team – Sphere ride, clear sight (flac).rar
Paradise Eve – 楽園のイヴ (flac+BK).rar
Ryu☆ – plan B [同人音楽 (2010.12.29) (C79) (mp3 320)].rar
SYNC.ART’S – Sweet & Fluffy (flac+BK).rar
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) AcuticNotes ? NEGA FRAGMENTS [ACAL-0007] (flac).rar
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) AlphaVersion Records ? GRADIENT [AVRS-0005] (flac).rar
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Annabel ? 然う然う、の雨 [ANB-10] (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) ARKHEMINA RECORDS ? Sky’s The Limit [DSDA-00002] (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Garnet Cathedral ? Light and Oracle (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) KrikKrak&2.8mile ? 妖精郷まで何マイル (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Qualial ? Verdure EP [QLCD-002] (flac).rar
[Audio-4U] (第百二十六季 文々。新聞友の会) 猫乃塚 ? はたてSTYLE (東方) [NZCD-0005] (flac+scans).rar
[EAC][101229(C79)][feng]のみこ/青葉りんご – 星空へ架かる橋 主題歌CD(wav+cue+bmp).rar
[KTNCD 001] Katana Sounds – First Demo Tape (mp3).rar
君の美術館 – Viator de memoria – Episode II – (flac+log).rar
葉月ゆら×Tetsush – ELECTRIC GIRL (flac+log).rar
黒夜葬 – EINHERJAR (mp3).rar


Download: MEGA, baidu.

AVSS – ELECTROXXX [OAU-03] (C73).rar
Colis Postal – Electo [CPCD-0008] (M3-23).rar
Freyja.music – Walhalla [FMCD-0001] (C74).rar
gatearray recordings – Presence 010 [GAR-P010] (M3-26).rar
Hellhouse Digital (Remo-con) – Prototype [HD005].rar
Hellhouse Recordings (Remo-con) – a life with remote controllers [HELLCDA001].rar
HOBiRECORDS – UltraViolet – Heavens Wire×Cosmonova Presents HOBiTRANCE [WFCD-005] (C71).rar
Otaku Record (Groovetune) – Facts and Inventions + 特典CD [OTR-01] (C70).rar
Otaku Record (Groovetune) – Reflection of Systems [OTR-05] (C75).rar
Otaku Record (Satoshi Imano vs Groovetune) – Voszap [OTR-06] (C77).rar
Otaku Record – In/Fra. [OTR-09~10] (C79).rar
OVERSPHERE – OverLoad (C77).rar
ROMZ RECORD – Summer Tracks [rmz-015/6].rar
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) wH-Label ? LemonSquash! [WHCD-0015] (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (すいかといっしょ) IOSYS ? 東方Double Maximization (東方) [MCO-002] (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (すいかといっしょ) MONOCHROME WORLD ? CUTIE DRINKERZ (東方) [MWCD-02] (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (ゆゆみょん) 永久立体<キュービックループ> ? Loop box- 1tc (東方) (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (境界から視えた外界-廻-) 荒御霊 ? I/O (東方) [ARAM-0113] (flac+scans).rar
[Audio-4U] (大⑨州東方祭6) Nine Connect ? Nine Music Drink 2 – 東方九音酒 (東方) [NC-01] (flac+scans).rar

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  1. А можно торрентом? А то чет браузер не хочет качать.

    1. погуглите, как качать с меги, я даже не знаю. для того торрент и не делал, чтоб удалить можно было.

      1. There are passwords on all the Synergy albums. Are we SOL? Also, sorry if I multipost.

  2. What’s the password for these files?

    (C81)(同人音楽)[C-media records] SYNERGY ELEVEN (flac+cue+png)
    [C-media records] SYNERGY 05
    [EAC](M3-大阪)(同人音楽)[C-media records]KILLER MACHINE(wav+cue+log)
    C-media records – EMERGENCY 2 (C73)
    C-media records – EMERGENCY 4 (C77)
    C-media records – EMERGENCY 5 (C79)
    C-media records – PHENOMENA (C77)
    C-media records – Sequential Volume.2 (M3-20)
    C-media records – SYNERGY 07 (C73)
    C-media records – SYNERGY 09 (C77)

  3. Appreciate this so much, instead of outright deleting, you upload it for others to get, just in case they need it.A

  4. Thanks for the share

    are there any better versions of the i’ve stuff? the old stuff especially I’ve CURE TRANCE Vol.1 sounds really distorted or lacking, running through an audio spectrum analyzer shows alot of the high frequency stuff is missing. I really love the I’ve trance magic volumes, really reminds me of how great i’ve sound was.

    1. I am really sorry, but I don’t have another version of those. And I suspect the mastering of old CDs so it might be the source issue.

      1. ah ok, no worries. Once again thanks for the share! I was surprised to find more [i’ve] related music in the first place

  5. Hey, just to let you know unsorted 1&2’s mega links are dead (empty)

    Reason for this is likely because of an update Mega did where if your account surpassed 14.99GB for longer than 30 days they would lock your account for 15-30 days then, if you haven’t purchased premium by the last day they’d nuke all the files on the account leaving behind empty folders.

    I know you already deleted them from your HDD, just letting you know that the links are down.

    1. looks like there 5 years retention policy? Accessed the account, and the files are no longer there.
      I don’t have the files anymore

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