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Overview: BUMP OF CHICKEN is a Japanese rock group formed in 1994. You can describe their music as a soft rock with prevailing acoustic guitar and vigorous male vocals. The band has been influenced by The Beatles and frequently tops Oricon weekly charts.

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[2002.02.20] jupiter
[2004.04.28] FLAME VEIN +1
[2004.04.28] THE LIVING DEAD
[2004.08.25] ユグドラシル
[2007.12.19] orbital period
[2008.06.18] present from you
[2010.12.15] COSMONAUT
[2013.03.06] GOLD GLIDER TOUR 2012
[2013.07.03] BUMP OF CHICKEN I (1999-2004)
[2013.07.03] BUMP OF CHICKEN II (2005-2010)
[2014.03.12] RAY


[1997.10] NO REASON
[1999.11.25] LAMP
[2000.09.20] ダイヤモンド
[2001.03.14] 天体観測
[2001.10.17] ハルジオン
[2002.12.18] スノースマイル
[2003.03.12] ロストマン/sailingday
[2004.03.31] アルエ
[2004.07.07] オンリー ロンリー グローリー
[2004.12.01] 車輪の唄
[2005.07.21] プラネタリウム
[2005.11.23] supernova/カルマ
[2006.11.22] 涙のふるさと
[2007.10.24] メーデー
[2007.10.24] 花の名
[2009.11.25] R.I.P./Merry Christmas
[2010.04.14] HAPPY
[2010.04.21] 魔法の料理 ~君から君へ~
[2010.10.13] 宇宙飛行士への手紙/モーターサイクル
[2011.02.23] 友達の唄
[2011.05.11] Smile
[2011.10.19] ゼロ
[2012.01.18] グッドラック
[2012.09.12] firefly


[2013.08.21] 虹を待つ人
[2014.03.12] ray
[2014.08.01] You were here

9 thoughts on “BUMP OF CHICKEN

  1. I noticed that tracks names are swapped with each other in ロストマン/sailingday Single.
    By the way, thanks a lot for the release.

        1. It’s dead again. Also, I have ‘aurora arc’ in lossless including the secret track, “Papapa Ace.” Though the silent tracks, 15-18 weren’t included — there are some silent tracks here, which I could use. I have both the most recent album [2020, aurora arc] and ‘Butterflies.’ Their metadata is organised, too. May I contribute?

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