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Hey folks, how it’s going? Been a long time to write someting here!

Would like to update you with my plans for Audio-4U releases. Ah, I cannot say releases, but probably just release.
I was banned from Astost long ago, and that contributed much to the decay of Audio-4U. But at least I want to continue doing the J-CORE batch, that have been loved not only by Audio-4U fans, but also helped to introduce J-core music to hundreds of overseas fans.
J-CORE 9.0 is coming soon, I promise you. It will include 600+ new albums, a massive update to what have been done in the past.
What have been done so far: I downloaded as much as possible from the web, purchased 50+ CDs online and went to the latest M3 event, bought a CD drive (yeah, finally lol) – already ripped like 10 CDs. 200/600 album’s metadata completed, but overall it’s just 15% done, and I optimistically plan to release the updated batch in June.

Lossless sharing has been evolving thru times: starting with anynymous Winny and Share, PerfectDark, eDonkey2000, it then migrated to private trackers like what.cd, sows, private chinese boards like astost and tsdm. Western fans still enjoy sharing without limits, on music forums like DoujinStyle, VK boards, 4chan, another places available to anyone.

If you know private or public places where I can grab new j-core stuff in lossless, please email me.

I also wanna say thanks to dozen of people who have been contributing lossless rips to me thru the recent years, really appreciated!

If you have albums to contribute – please go ahead.

Thank you!

6/13 Update:

J-CORE 9.0 is 95% ready, all I need is to create torrent files and transfer all the files to my seedbox.
Yet it will take 1-2 weeks courtesy of the size.

14 thoughts on “Daily updates

  1. I’m super happy to hear that you’re still up and about. I checked in on here earlier today and it was giving a DNS error, so I was really worried that the whole thing had gone down. Eagerly looking forward to your next release. Thanks for all the work you put into this, we really appreciate it.

  2. Got M-Projects Weaponized Soul? Its been almost a year and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. If you don’t I don’t mind buying it and sharing it here.

    1. sorry, missed your comment. Yeah, it’s definitely not easy to find one. But I think I will add it to the newest batch

  3. I was surprised to still have this site in my RSS reader, but now I am so glad that I do. Looking forward to the release. I lost the last J-CORE batch to a harddrive fail ;_;.

  4. Fuck dude you were at M3? Could’ve joined us all at nomihodai afterwards. Shame I didn’t catch this when we were all there. I’ll email you next time, and share some rips when I’ve finished them all. Probably soon.

  5. Just give us a batch for salvation by faith records music and I’ll be a happy boy ^_^

  6. Just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for what you do.
    Some of the tracks you release are impossible to find anywhere else, not to mention the incredible quality of the uploads and being rather new in Japanese music I have a lot to catch up to, so yeah, thanks a lot.

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