J-core CDs sale 2021

Selling some rare j-core CDs for affordable prices

Delivery: Economy shipping from Japan.
Shipping cost changed from April 2021, will be calculated separately

Inquiry contacts: here

Condition: used, overall good, all CDs are playable, small scratches sometimes.
Reserved entries are market italic
Sold-out entries are getting deleted straight away.
List is up-to-date









#中古 #同人音楽 #購入 #ハードコア

14 thoughts on “J-core CDs sale 2021

            1. dude remember me? YTRR-020「El Viaje V」can u help me buy this? pls

            2. yeah, drop a message to my email where you’d like to get it from
              the email is on the About page

  1. PLEASE tell me what MUSIC PLAYER do you use. I think MusicBee and AIMP are IMPOSSIBLE to use for your archives I download.

  2. Hi, I’m new to here and don’t know how to search for music on your blog. Could you tell me the effective way to find my desired music on your website?

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