J-CORE 9.0 released + sale going on

Hi folks, it took some time, but J-CORE 9.0 batch has finally been released. Sorry to keep you waiting!

267GiB increase in size, with almost 700 albums added, plus updated rips and scans. More than 8 weeks and 4 days of pure hardcore music from Japan. The biggest release in Audio-4U history!

It took me more than 3 years to complete the 9.0 batch. I personally contributed about 100 CDs, dozens of people contributed another 100 rips for this release. Amazing stats! I wanna say huge thanks to every each of you who was sending me emails or chats. Your kind words and actions are motivating me and keeping the J-CORE batch alive. I am proud of this batch, because it’s not just another massive random collection — this torrent includes high-quality rips for many rare albums. My work prevents old rips from getting lost forever, and I think it’s a big contribution to the community.

This batch is going to be seeded 24/7 from my seedbox, not amazing speeds, but it’s constant and stable.
And if you appreciate my work, you can say thanks by seeding this torrent as much as you can.

Please also don’t forget there’s a sale of j-core CDs going on

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