mimei [Unsorted]

Description: lossless collection of mimei circle albums. Not tagged, not sorted, only converted to flac.

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[Audio-4U] (M3-28) mimei — 胡蝶夜話~未明堂異聞Ⅱ [MI-0017] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) mimei — 未鳴琴 mimeiorgelⅡ (flac+scans)
mimei — 夜猫浪漫レコオド・予告篇 (flac+jpg)
mimei – 未鳴琴 (flac)
mimei — 燐粉ノスタルジヤ~未明堂異聞Ⅲ (Flac+jpg)
(M3-16)(同人音楽)[ミチカ] 少女刺繍 (Flac).rar
(M3-20)[mimei] 薄明の子(flac+BK).rar
[C70] mimei – 少年エンデ (flac+jpg).rar
[C72] mimei – アリスのために (flac+jpg).rar
[C74] mimei – 隠国 komori-ku (flac).rar
[EAC] mimei – 厘の中 (flac).rar
[EAC][091011(M3-24)]_mimei_- 虚の蝶の目隠し鬼 (flac+jpg).rar
[M3-17] mimei – 土地の子 (flac+jpg).rar
[M3-18] mimei – 遊蟲 (flac).rar
[M3-19] mimei – 異国 totsu-kuni (flac+jpg).rar
[M3-22] mimei – 籠の中の目隠し鬼 (flac).rar
[mimei] ぜんまい島綺譚.rar
mimei – 繭の聲の目隠し鬼.rar
mimei されこうべアリス.rar
mimei – 月夜と眼鏡.rar
mimei – 遊蟲.rar

4 thoughts on “mimei [Unsorted]

  1. [2005.11.13] 少女刺繍 (M3-16)
    [2005.11.13] 月夜と眼鏡
    [2006.04.29] [MI-0001] 土地の子 (M3-17)
    [2006.08.13] [MI-0002] 少年エンデ (C70)
    [2006.10.20] [MI-0003] 遊蟲 (M3-18)
    [2007.04.07] [MI-0004] 異国 totsu-kuni (M3-19)
    [2007.08.17] [MI-0005] アリスのために (C72)
    [2007.10.08] [MI-0006] 薄明の子 (M3-20)
    [2008.05.11] [MI-0007] 櫻の森の目隠し鬼 (M3-21)
    [2008.08.16] [MI-0007] 隠国 komori-ku (C74)
    [2008.10.13] [MI-0009] 籠の中の目隠し鬼 (M3-22)
    [2008.12.29] [MI-0010] 厘の中 (C75)
    [2009.05.05] [MI-0011] されこうべアリス (M3-23)
    [2009.08.15] [MI-0012] 未明堂異聞 (C76)
    [2009.10.11] [MI-0013] 虚の蝶の目隠し鬼 (M3-24)
    [2009.12.30] [MI-0014] ぜんまい島綺譚 (C77)
    [2011.05.01] [MI-0016] 繭の聲の目隠し鬼 (M3-27)
    [2011.10.30] [MI-0017] 胡蝶夜話~未明堂異聞Ⅱ (M3-28)
    [2012.04.30] [MI-0018] 燐粉ノスタルジヤ~未明堂異聞Ⅲ
    [2013.04.29] 夜猫浪漫レコオド・予告篇 (M3-31)
    [2013.10.27] 未鳴琴 (M3-32)
    [2014.04.27] 未鳴琴 MIMEIORGELlⅡ (M3-33)

    Here are the folders catalogued. Hopefully they’re correct.
    [2010.05.05] [MI-0015] 幻戯世界 is missing, if someone manages to find it please reply to this comment. Cheers.

    1. and shit just realised that I’ve made a mistake regarding:
      [2008.08.16] [MI-0007] 隠国 komori-ku (C74)

      [MI-0007] is incorrect. I can’t seem to find an official catalogue number, but it makes logical sense that it is [MI-0008].

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