love solfege [Unsorted]

Description: lossless collection of love solfege circle albums. Not tagged, not sorted, only converted to flac.

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(C63)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] Molecule (flac)
(C64)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] Zephyranthus (flac)
(C65)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] くじらへび (flac+BK)
(C66)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] Q.Q.G (2FLAC+CUE+BK)
(C67)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] Zigjazz (flac)
(C69)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] Beauty Of Ruin (flac)
(C70)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] over the surges (flac+BK).rar
(C71)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] le blanc et noir (flac).rar
(C73)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] マリアスノニウムの謝肉祭 (flac+BK).rar
(C74)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] 9つの緋色 (flac+BK).rar
(C77)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] the note of satanism (FLAC+CUE).rar
(C79)(同人音楽)[love solfege’] UTAOU (FLAC+CUE+BK).rar
[EAC][0104XX] love solfege chaos of zero (flac).rar
[EAC][070704] love solfege – フタリノワタシ (flac+BK).rar
[EAC][080827] Love Solfege – Luxury~classical best (flac+BK).rar
[EAC][101222] Requiem ~best Collection Ⅱ~ (flac).rar
[EAC][C68] love solfege’ – Mignon (flac+png).rar
[EAC][C72] love solfege’ – La Fatalite (flac+png rr3%).rar
[EAC][C75] love solfege’ – アクルグ解析による自由への教唆 (flac+png rr3%).rar
[EAC][C76] love solfege’ – cloisters’ end and piano piece collection (flac+png rr3%).rar
[EAC][C78] love solfege’ – 墟律のサンプル (flac+cue+png rr3%).rar
love solfege – Requiem (flac).rar
[Audio-4U] (C82) love solfege — 蓋然性進化論Ⅰ [KDR-076] (flac+scans)

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