Audio-4U – 10 years with U

2018 is the annivesary year for Audio-4U – 10 years!

My first release under Audio-4U label was done in July 2008 – more than 10 years ago. This is a big thing for me, and I hope for all of you as well. In 2018 it all started with Raws-4U – project to re-upload high-quality RAW anime from Perfect Dark and Share P2P networks, making them easy to download. Both Perfect Dark and Share has died since then, as well as Raws-4U – the last release was done in early 2015.

Audio-4U history was a little different. All started with Share and Perfect Dark, of course, but then moved to many other networks and websites, many of which are no longer active/available ( etc). In 2016 I moved to Japan, and in 2017 was banned from Astost, which almost ruined my will to buy/do releases anymore. Since 2016 I have been receiving dozens of warm emails and contributions – both donations and CD rips – which helped me to start Audio-4U activity again. Thank you all for your help!

Now when I think about it, there are no doujin music releasers like me anymore… if you don’t count the touhou lossless music collection guy who’s also doing great job (ignoring the fact he still cannot admit TTA has dead long time ago). Doujin music is still mostly distributed via CDs, nor bandcamp or your beloved Spotify, Apple/Google music. That’s why it’s important to keep old rips alive, and don’t let them die like Perfect Dark/Share/ etc!

What have been acomplished in 2018:

It’s already been 3 months since updated j-core batch, but I have already received a lot of new contributions, and purchased about 30 CDs to include in the next J-CORE 10.0 which will be hopefully released in 2019. There are already 130 albums in the J-CORE 10.0 folder which is just amazing!

I have plans to update some of old discographies but I cannot tell you any more details yet.
One thing I can tell for sure – I will continue collecting/buying j-core music, and make some kind of releases once in a while.
You can contribute by seeding torrents, buying CDs, donating thru paypal or sending me CD rips (the older the better!) via email – this will keep me motivated.

I hope I will have a chance to write a post like this on the 15th anniversary again!

11 thoughts on “Audio-4U – 10 years with U

  1. thanks for your efforts :) my music world has totally changed forever since stumbling on this site years ago, I love Vocaloid trance and electronic stuff now it seems it’s all I can listen to


  2. Damn, it really has been that long.
    Sincerely thank you for all your hard work. I’ve discovered so much stuff I know I would have never heard of without you.

  3. You are the best one, man. Still towards those years and you keep goin’ on the road!

    Thanks a lot for the music you shared on those 10 years!!!

  4. I thank you for all years and collections. I am one of those tta supporters. ;)

  5. Yes, thanks. I wouldn’t know where to get this kinda music if not for you. Let alone know it existed.

  6. Your on-going efforts mean an incredible lot to many of us, congratulations with the 10-year anniversary! Without your efforts, I’m sure I wouldn’t have bought as many doujin CDs (if any at all) as I do now because I never would have gotten into the doujin scene nor discovered as much as I have now!

  7. Thank you for doing this as long as you have.
    I still seed your torrents as much as I can.

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