May holidays sale + plans

To celebrate the new era in Japan called Rave… I mean Riewa, I am going to do a massive sale on all CDs (about 40 j-core CDs I am currently selling here).

Guess this is the best chance if you ever wanted to grab something.

Speaking of plans, the only plan I have right now is the release of J-CORE 10.0. Yes, the anniversary release! And I am planning to do it in June.
All the tagging stuff has actually been completed already so I am waiting the new M3 event, and few other things.

Just a little spoiler: since it’s an anniverary release, there will be the biggest increase in albums added year-to-year. The biggest amount of my personal rips. And the biggest amount of old and unreleased albums added.

Hope you are interested now. Then stay tuned and see you soon!

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