J-CORE 10.0 released!

I’ve never been so excited to announce the new Audio-4U release – it’s the time for J-CORE 10.0, or J-CORE X!

To make it truly anniversary, I made it big in many ways.
First, the size increase is the biggest per annum. 174Gb increase which equals 503 new albums been added this year.
Second, my personal contribution is about 125 rips, and the contribution from my friends made it to almost 200 exclusive rips included in this batch – about 35-40% of the content is exclusive and never been uploaded elsewhere.
Third, the numbers are huge because we’ve filled in gaps for old and rare albums – if you’ve been on j-core scene for a while you’ll probably find albums you’ve been looking for since many years ago.
Fourth, 50+ old and bad rips were replaced with EAC 100% files upping the value of the whole archive. Another 25+ old albums got the scans, as well.

Thank you everyone for the continuous contributions and letting me know about all the issues with files, tags etc.
Hope you will enjoy the release, and I would truly appreciate your help with seeding!

24 thoughts on “J-CORE 10.0 released!

  1. Wow, so we don’t have to change any filenames like in the past? Incredible!

    1. You do. There’s a procedure to upgrade from 9.0 release and you have to rename a bunch of folders because I’ve done a cleanup

  2. 77.1% complete, 14.77GB downloaded, 307GB uploaded :3c
    these releases always give me the weirdest stats hahaha

  3. 77.1% complete, 14.83GB downloaded 308GB uploaded :3c
    These releases always give me the funniest stats haha (not in any rush, just amused)

    1. it will take some time to seed the new files because SSH speed was just horrible when I tried to transfer the files to my seedbox

      1. ahhh, got it! does it prioritize new files at all? I wanna pump that content out lol, closing in on 1TB at UL limited to 50%
        (again not in a rush, not a complaint, just wanna pump this stuff out lol)

        1. I am now transferring everything to my seed box so I will get better tomorrow. I am not seeding currently because of this

  4. Uhhh,am I the only one who currently downloading J-core 10 at an average speed of 0.5kb/s? (Never had problems downloading the version 9 though)

  5. There might be some issue with your initial seed, seedbox or something.
    the seeders status dropped to 0 on nyaa page. and in my ut client, i can never connect to the seeder which says 0(13)


  6. Hello there.
    I see you dont have Sketching Vol 1, or did I saw it wrong?

    I seem not see these:
    Sketch! Up! Recordings
    [SKETCHING! Vol.4] Sound’s Palette For The Valentine (2009.02.14)
    [SKETCHING! Vol.7] SKETCHING! EP1 (2009.11.28)
    (no i dont have EP2 sadly. :( )

    Hukagyaku HARDCORE
    [HHC-002] IRHC 02 TREASON (2010.06.10)
    [HHC-004] IRCH IV LOVE SHIT (2010.10.31) (M3-26)

    I have these in mp3 only.
    If needed let me know to add to the list

      1. You are welcome ^_<

        Thanks for another batch.
        after 2 years of silence of mine, I just discovered you moved here. I was still trying to old place-

  7. If only someone had scans for Massive Circlez 8.
    I would love to see that.

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