Date: 2011.08.12—14
Vorbis mediafire folder

  • Releases:

橙汁 — Accelerator -AoS2 original sound track- (flac+cue)
CODE-49 (LV.4) — CODE-49 White CD vol.2 (東方) [49EX0002]
S.C.X (Clean Tears) — Remind -2011 NATSU
Alstroemeria Records — HAUNTED DANCEHALL (東方) [ARCD0035]
幽閉サテライト — レプリカの恋 (東方) [VHST-0007]
Amateras Records — Catastrophe Eve (東方) [AMRC-003]
EastNewSound — Solitude Blossom (東方) [ENS-0014]
k-waves LAB — 幻想郷に恋したミューズ (東方) [KWL-0004]
黒夜葬 — 眞紅ノ眷屬ハ圓環スル螺旋ヲ嘆ズル (東方) [KKYS-0006]
Floating Cloud — CARNIVAL (東方) [FLCD015]
SoundOnline — Starlight Vision (東方) [IBCD-0018]
SoundOnline — Stardust Motion (東方) [IBCD-0017]
CYTOKINE — BACKFLASH Audibility (東方) [CK-0020P]
Poplica* — love (東方) [SSC-0009]
Syrufit — over (東方) [SSC-0010]
FELT — Blue Drop (東方) [FELT-004]
いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — 東方儚航路 (東方) [LYCD-0001]
いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — 東方颯封歌 ~Paint and Probity~ (東方) [YZCD-0017]
999 Recordings (DJ TECHNORCH) — 少女IN ~VIRGIN IN~ [TCNCD009]
C.H.S — Samplejunk (東方) [CHS-0010]
Frozen System Records — ICEBOUND (東方) [FSRD-014]
Halozy — Halozy Remixes vol.2 (東方) [HLZY-0009]
Halozy — Aqua Trytone (東方) [HLZY-0008]
Halozy — Halozy Best vol.1 (東方) [HLZY-0010]
Barbarian On The Groove — Barbarossa [AMX-00417]
StarDrops — make a star
P∴Rhythmatiq — P∴Rhythmatiq He:arts [PRTQ-0018]
SYNC.ART’S — X-MATERIA クロスマテリア [SACD-4008]
Black Berry Recordings — AMARETTO [BBR-01]
LiLA’c Records — Naughty Eyes (東方) [LLAC-0005]
俺++ — 宴 -BANQUET- Vol.1 (東方) [ORECD-04]
fractaleline — gift (東方) [FRCT-0004]
六弦アリス — 緋の境界と二つの夜 [RGAL-0019~20]
舞風 — 東方幽靜響 (東方) [MKTD-1101]
はちみつれもん — Light Night Beat (東方) [HLCD-0022]
モヒカンサンドバッグ — 新力 – new power – (東方)
Sequence Club — Experience -Act.2- (東方) [SCCD-0004]
schwarzwald — per speculum in aenigmate (東方) [SCHW-0008]
pastyle — Unconscious Step (東方) [PLCD-0003]
荒御霊 — Purple Purpose (東方) [ARAM-9992]
Black Onyx — DEVOURERS (東方)
C9 — Desire (東方) [C9CD-0005]
KINZOK ON — GENSOU HARDSOUND #006 (東方) [kzon-009]
Psycho Filth Records — THE PSYCHO FILTH vol.4 -Fierce Fuss- [PFCD-003]
SOLIDBOX RECORDS (DJ Myosuke) — Unprepareness [SBSA001]
Camphor — Malignant“X” (東方) [CAMP0004]
ぷんこちん — リツナナCD – マジカルナイト – [RKMN0001]
Login Records — AGGRESSIVE MAIDENS (東方) [LOGCD-002]
Casket — Sé deag [CIXO0016]
蒼咲雫 — Sun Flower [AOSHIZ-009]
East Breaks In Thousand — Avalon Breaks EP [ABCD008]


ばんだいく — ローリング★テクノ! (東方) [VD-017]

3 thoughts on “C80

  1. Someone could reseed Sun Flower and the schwarzwald’s one? Thanks in advance

  2. [Audio-4U] (C80) 舞風 — 東方幽靜響 (東方) [MKTD-1101] (flac+cue+scans)
    stop in 99.9,not dowmload

  3. Any chance anyone has the S.C.X (Clean Tears) — Remind -2011 NATSU album in a lossless format? All the torrents are unfortunately dead.

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