8 thoughts on “J-CORE 11 comp released

  1. I have set up an on-line plex server for the v11, If you want a completely free access, reach me on discord: Connor_CZ #8111

    1. Hi. I never worked with the plex servers – will it be like a streaming service or users can download as well?

  2. Sorry for the double comment.
    Keep having errors with downloading the torrent (lossless).
    Error: an illegal character was encountered…
    Tried a few times and it gets either a few gigs in or like 200 gigs in.

    Apparently this might be caused by the torrent file itself if it was made with something like Vuze (vuse?).
    Any help would be great!

    1. Hey. J-core 11 torrents were create in qBitorrent, and this is the first time someone got this error.
      Some song titles would include super-rare characters like Persian, so you might want to check if your torrent client or the OS compatibilities.
      Check this out!! – التحقق من ذلك!

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