J-CORE 12, Alstroemeria and Otographic updates

Today is a big day for Audio-4U with three new releases:
J-CORE 12 — your annual dose of hardcore music
Alstroemeria Records 6.0 — took me ages but here we go, the size jumped 60%
Otographic Music 4.0 — another nice update to one of the best Trance labels in Japan

This year J-CORE batch update is not as solid as previous two, but still have a nice uptrend despite pandemic, and significant addition of exclusive rips (~70-80) including the following:

  • A huge amount of MURDER CHANNEL albums
  • A big number of old albums from BL-Records and SUBDUB Trax
  • A lot of classic j-core albums have been replaced with superior EAC 100% rips

7 thoughts on “J-CORE 12, Alstroemeria and Otographic updates

  1. Спасибо, как же я ждал обновление пака от Alstroemeria Records!

  2. Dang, I picked a great time to check on this site again. You’re a legend, massive respect to you.

  3. Thank you again!

    You should also add some way to notify people of new releases, I remember seeing the updated text on the J-core comp post but no announcement/new link.

    1. I submit new posts for every single update, and people can subscribe to receive new post notifications via email.

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