Time flies

More than one year and half has passed since I released Rokugen Alice 1.0, therefore I decided to update it.
I wanted to update Yousei Teikoku as well but for some reason there’s no lossless for the new singles.
What about future? I still consider to do Shimotsuki Haruka 2.0 that been highly requested. Also, due to the poll, I will do fripside (perhaps) in few months. KOTOKO was probably the most complicated release I ever did, so now there’re only Chata and Shomitsukin (maybe Mizuki Nana too) folders with hard to sort structure. Maybe I will pick up some small releases from my plans before that.
I didn’t expect to release 5.0 J-CORE after C81 (february 2012) from the start, but it doesn’t go that bad, so there’s small possibility that I will.
AYUTRICA? I’m collecting it right now. I will release it when I get all possible albums.
I also want to sort all my event folders and release batches (like c78, remember?), but too busy/lazy/etc.
I almost forgot to mention about surprises that await you in the future. Exclusive rips for new albums.

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