Plans for the future

— ef
— Mizuki Nana
— Hidamari Sketch
— random toho batches
— ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY, Alieson, Mamyukka, mimei
— Whisper Records
— Yuki Kajiura & Kalafina

Far and undecided plans:

— UtAGe
— Utanoha
— Shimamiya eiko
— Mitose Noriko
— Rita
— Galileo Galilei
— Kawada Mami
— Cardcaptor Sakura
— Amagami SS
— Altanaphixx
— Lucky Star 2.0
— bassy

5 thoughts on “Plans for the future

    1. Everything, I guess. But I didn’t even start to collect her albums, jist mentioned.

  1. EastNewSound and KALAFINA get my votes, if you are tallying it :P
    Other than that, thanks for your past, and future uploads!

  2. I’ve seen some EXIT TUNES / EXIT TRANCE uploads with [Audio-4U] tags, but no seeders . . . I’m not asking them to be seeded, but it’ll be nice if there will be a batch for EXIT TRANCE in far future.

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