October updates

Hello everyone! October was like a big recess for Audio-4U, but I got a time and released EastNewSound batch, new comiket and kouroumu albums. Hope you enjoy them.

So, what will come next? Probably LiLA’c records batch, still no lossless for LLAC-0012, but I think I’ll go without it nothing for LLAC-0012 and I will wait. And Diverse System. I’m actually started sorting the folder, but that will take an age with the pace. Probably will do it when get a day off or something like that. And that’s all for now, probably. Maybe will do Yuuhei Sattellites too.

Let’s move to another news: M3 is yet to come, but I bought a new scanner. The V33 must be way cooler than my old Epson, so you will get better scans from now on. I will release the rest of C82 order soon (after scanning and such).

5 thoughts on “October updates

  1. Wow even BETTER scans o_o
    I’ve always thought your older scans where good enough

  2. 秋の空!
    There’s already a 320k version, but it’ll be even better to have the lossless one and the scans…..Can I expect this?

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