Event batches

Event batches page include all Audio-4U doujin releases, excluding those that had already been released in the respective discographies. Please download event-related music from the batches below and don’t ask me to seed old separate torrents.
October 2018: all event batches have been updated – all duplicate albums removed, added never-released unsorted albums. Please re-download, re-hash. No more vorbis torrents, sorry.

Total Size: ~340GiB

  • Comiket:
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [2-dimension] parade (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Alternative ending (miko)] Everlasting Snow (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [BLANKFIELD] Fast Forward To End Of East [BFCD-0002] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [C.H.S] Unconnected. [CHS-0007] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [C9] Another History [C9CD-0002] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [chipion] ELECTRiC Re:View [CPON0003] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Cis-Trance] 200%東方ハードコア [CTCD-0013] (東方) (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [CROW’SCLAWspo] ORIGINAL INTENTION [PAEG-0011~12] (東方) (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Dark PHOENiX] Arrow Realize (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Demetori] 曼衍珠汝華 ~ Nada Upasana Pundarika [DECD-0006] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [eS=S] テクニカメリア -TechniCamellia- [ESSD-0007] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [False&Trues] techmatrix [FTCD0002] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [IRON ATTACK!] Miss Understanding [MIA015] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Kleio] 狂妄ドルチェ (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Pizuya’s Cell x MyonMyon] Resurrection Ballad [PCMM-0005] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Sound Online] Hydrangea [IBCD-0011] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Sound.AVE] Lotus ~ロータス~ [SACD-0008] (東方) (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Sound∞Infinity] Conclusion [SDFN-0010] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [SYNC.ART’S] Alternative2009 -winter- [SACD-0003] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [TatshMusicCircle] FAR EAST OF EAST II (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [TatshMusicCircle] WHITE MUTATION (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [YMBPR] YMBPR00 sampler [YMBPR-00] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [zephlabel] zephlabel + STR ep. (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [イオシス IOSYS] ワァオ! ハイパー電波チャン – ARM商業作品集 – (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [少女病] 蒼白シスフェリア [LACM-4681] (flac+cue+png+iso)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 2-dimension – sweet time (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) Alternative ending – mavis [AECD-0002] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C78) C.H.S – Honey I Scream! (東方) [CHS-0008] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) CROW’SCLAW – Over The Rainbow (東方) [PAEG-0013] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) Einherjar Records – transit [ERCD-0003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C78) fromadistance – historie (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) LOOPCUBE – さよならユートピア [LPCD-1078] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C78) Whisper Records – Over S. [WPRL-0010] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) いえろ~ぜぶら – 東方愁爽歌 ~Landing of Truth~ (東方) [YZCD0014] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) とらのあな – ALL SEASON MIX BEST [TORA-00042~00044] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) ユウノウミ – 東方インデペンダンス (東方) [IOY-0005] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 天然素材 – eXceed3rd-JADE PENETRATE- BLACK PACKAGE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK [TSP-1001] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 有限会社るざりんxいえろ~ぜぶらxFalse&Trues – 東方TRITONATION (東方) [YZSP0003] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 橙汁 – ソラノカケラ (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 鳩小屋 – ステラドロップ (東方) [HSCD-0009] (flac+cue+jpg)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Black Onyx — SOPHISTICATED (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Camphor — Camphor Music side create collection #3 Outpost (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C79) CODE-49 — CODE-49 White CD vol.1 (半分東方) [49EX0001] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C79) CROW’SCLAW — From The Bottom Of The Heart (東方) [PAEG-0014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) encounter+ — Wanderlust [LM-101231] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Floating Cloud — 東方アイリッシュ (東方) [FLCD013] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) FOX RAVEL — FINALE Vol.1 (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) k-waves LAB×オーライフジャパン — ゴツまさ倶楽部 (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) LINEAR — Assaultworks [ichi] [LNAW-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Lolita Comp Records — 妖精酒乱大戦 (東方) [LCCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Musical Jarβ — 古来風芸 [MJ‐002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Sound∞Infinity — Vacabond (東方) [SDEN-0016] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) TRakker — TRanswing -The Inner Gaze- [IMAE-00046~47] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) void — Disclude [VSDA-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) いえろ~ぜぶら — 東方詠劫歌 ~Point and Eternity~ (東方) [YZCD-0015] (2flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) ロータスルートオーケストラ — 彩光モノクローム (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) 俺++ — 慣 -TRADITION- (東方) [ORECD-02] (flac+cue+scans)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C80) ALBATROSICKS — AERAS [IO-5007] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Black Onyx — DEVOURERS (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) C.H.S — Samplejunk (東方) [CHS-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) C9 — Desire (東方) [C9CD-0005] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Camphor — Malignant“X” (東方) [CAMP0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) CODE-49 (LV.4) — CODE-49 White CD vol.2 (東方) [49EX0002] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C80) FELT — Blue Drop (東方) [FELT-004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Floating Cloud — CARNIVAL (東方) [FLCD015] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) FOX RAVEL — FINALE Vol.2 (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) fractaleline — gift (東方) [FRCT-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Frozen System Records — ICEBOUND (東方) [FSRD-014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) k-waves LAB — 幻想郷に恋したミューズ (東方) [KWL-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) laughing out loud — I’ve Instrumental Remixes vol.Ⅰ (I’ve) [LOCD-1031] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Login Records — AGGRESSIVE MAIDENS (東方) [LOGCD-002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) N-tone — Ghost ride acceleration (東方) [NDCD-0007] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) pastyle — Unconscious Step (東方) [PLCD-0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) S.C.X (Clean Tears) — Remind -2011 NATSU (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C80) salvation by faith records — ホワイト・サン & ブラック・ムーン [SBFR-0022~3] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) schwarzwald — per speculum in aenigmate (東方) [SCHW-0008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Sequence Club — Experience -Act.2- (東方) [SCCD-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Sound∞Infinity — Love Game (東方) [SFDN-0019] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) StarDrops — make a star (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) SYNC.ART’S — X-MATERIA クロスマテリア [SACD-4008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — 東方儚航路 (東方) [LYCD-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — 東方颯封歌 ~Paint and Probity~ (東方) [YZCD-0017] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) はちみつれもん — Light Night Beat (東方) [HLCD-0022] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) ばんだいく — ローリング★テクノ! (東方) [VD-017] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) ぷんこちん — リツナナCD – マジカルナイト – [RKMN0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 俺++ — 宴 -BANQUET- Vol.1 (東方) [ORECD-04] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 橙汁 — Accelerator -AoS2 original sound track- (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 舞風 — 東方幽靜響 (東方) [MKTD-1101] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 荒御霊 — Purple Purpose (東方) [ARAM-9992] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 蒼咲雫 — Sun Flower [AOSHIZ-009] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 黒夜葬 — 眞紅ノ眷屬ハ圓環スル螺旋ヲ嘆ズル (東方) [KKYS-0006] (flac+cue+scans)

electro planet – PLANETS (flac)
fromadistance – Duende (flac)
GEOGRAPHIC – Visibility (flac)
GWAVE Clubsound Project (TRäkker) — Somersault [IMAE-00050] (flac)
IZMIZM – Give Back (flac)
lawy-エルジ – salabowl;sampler (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 2-dimension — Colorpop (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Adresse (仲村芽衣子) — 蒼穹リアライズ [ARPK-3001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) ALBATROSICKS — rebirth era [IO-5008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) AQUASTYLE — 幻想フォークロア -illusion folklore- (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Arte Refact — 幻想遊園郷 -Fantastic Park- (東方) [ARTE-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) bassy — ピアノムシが孵ったら [BASH004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Black Onyx — Black Onyx Remixes (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) C9 — Connected Words [C9CD-0006] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Chromesphere Records (syatten) — Colorium [CRCD-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) circle-rw —Radiant Pink (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) CODE ZTS LABEL — うみねこのなく頃に 散 musicbox Red (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Cordelia (花たん) — ノスタルジア [HNKS-0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) CROW’SCLAW — Blackened Fangs And Bloody Claws [PAEG-0015] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) dBu music — 蘇弾奏結界 尸解変奏曲 Undead Variation (東方) [DBCD-0017] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Demetori — BEGIERDE DES ZAUBERER (東方) [DECD-0007] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Draw the Emotional — Ghost and your heart (東方) [YYYP-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) electro planet (Junk) — euphorise [JKCL-0001] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) FELT — Silver Drive (東方) [FELT-006] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Floating Cloud — 幻想郷事変 (東方) [FLCD016] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Fluid-Tek Recording — Feel 4 the Origin [FTKRCD-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Foreground Eclipse — Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone (東方) [FGE-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) fractaleline — NoTRicky Sequel [FRCT-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) GILDIA×猫の福音 — GILDIA×猫の福音 特典CD (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) GWAVE (Electro.muster) — The Personalizer [IMAE-00057] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) GWAVE (U) — ULTRA★U -GALAXY- 感謝祭! [IMAE-00058] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) GWAVE — GWAVE 2011 1st Chronicle [IMAE-00056] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) HEKATONCHEIR BEATS — 東方酒乱集・弐 (東方) [HKCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) HOEHOE RECORDS — アイドル八犬伝☆ホエホエとらっくす (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) IZMIZM — Nostalgia (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) kaede.org — 酣歌 Vol.1 [KAED-0006] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Kissing the Mirror — SCREAMING DEAD HEAT (東方) [AOD021] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Liz Triangle — reunion (東方) [LTCD-0014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) M.Graveyard & Cilcletempo — 彼岸花の咲く夜に Original Sound Horror… 愛しを渡るは黄昏ぞ/Spider Lily [MGRA-0002] (fl…
[Audio-4U] (C81) Melodic Taste — Anime Song Orchestra II [MTCD-0005] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Meno — Prologue (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) MISHAORU — さよならの森 [SMKA-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) monoROSETTA — 恋のレシピとエトセトラ [MONR-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) natal — an viento [NATAL01] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) necozuka — Cross⇒Connection (東方) [NZCD-0006] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Noir — Noirism -Ark- [NOIR-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Paradise Eve — 騎士エメラルド [PEVE-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) pastyle — Dimension of Bottom [PLCD-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Pizuya’s Cell — Merciless Lazuli Rose (東方) [PSYC-0005] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) queens label — IA/00 [QLCD-0023~4] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Rolling Contact — ELECTRO CUTE (東方) [LOLI-0025] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Rolling Contact — HARDCORE BARRAGE 2 (東方) [LOLI-0026] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) salvation by faith records — We Bros X [SBFR-0027~8] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) SEA SPARROWS — Scarlet Vampire with fathful dog (東方) [SSTC-0005] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) SUBROC RECORDINGS (MINDBLAST P) — PAIN / PRAY [SBRC008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) SYNC.ART’S — CLAUDIA (東方) [SACD-5032] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) TatshMusicCircle — FAR EAST OF EAST VI (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Thousand Leaves — IMMORTAL VENGEANCE (東方) [TIBA-010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) TRiANCE CODE — Half the Beat (東方) [TRCD-0016] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome — 嚮導する聖女は屍骸の椅子で奇蹟を謳う [VDEP-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Yonder Voice — SEEKING (東方) [YVCD0003] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Zero-Shaft — ZeroShuffle [ZSCD-003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — いえろ~ぜぶら ふぃな~れBOX (東方) [YZFB0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) うたのは (小鳥遊まこ) — 渡り鳥のリン [UTCD-010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — ろりーたプラネット★ミ [OPCD-1007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) こなぐすり — Thalia Aggregation (東方) [CNCD-0019] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) とらのあな — 東方マヨヒガTV~博麗神社☆プロデュース~ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) サリー — サドマゾヒズム (東方) [SA-002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) ポヤッチオ — プチリズムふぉお/// [KTHT-0014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) ユウノウミ — 東方人妻ようちえん (東方) [IOY-0008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 俺++ — 智 -WISDOM- (東方) [ORECD-06] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 凋叶棕 — 綴 (東方) [RDWL-0007] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 少女病 — Vision -誓約の閉回路 桎梏の乙女- [GIRL-2002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 橙汁 — SUGURI THE BEST (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 舞風 — 東方青旋香 (東方) [MKTD-1102] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 葉月ゆら×キラ星ひかる — 幻恋楼閣談集 [ROSE-003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 麻枝准 x やなぎなぎ — Killer Song (flac+cue)

electro planet – Reajue Remixes (flac)
GEOGRAPHIC – utopia (flac)
mournfinale (void) – Altersist (flac)
Plug–8 – 正月感EP

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C82) – Sohmatoa – — ミルエス写本 -滅びを唄う5つの音- [SMTC-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 10th Avenue Cafe — 幻想郷茶房 ~tea for two~ (東方) [10TH-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 5150 — 東方合体ゲンソウオー参式 (東方) [Ryu-A009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.6 PHANTASMAGORIA OF FLOWER VIEW (東方) [AONE-0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) a-TTTempo — TOHO FULL SWING 3 (東方) [AT-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Adresse + L-TYPE — SQUASH★LIFE [ARPK-3002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Arte Refact — 「FLIGHT STEP」先行版CD-R (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) As/Hi Soundworks — ピアノのための東方小品集 Op.3 (東方) [ASHI-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) autumn-grass — hematite (東方) [AGCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) bassy — ワールド・ワイド・ボクシステム [BASH006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Black Onyx — Elements (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) C-CLAYS — 水斎 -Prism- (東方) [TOCD-0035] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) C.H.S — So Many Materials (東方) [CHS-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) CODE-49 — Girl’s Doll Resurrection EP [49CDEX-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Confetto — ななみっくす! -nanamix- [CFCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) CROW’SCLAW — アコースティック・エピソード (東方) [PAEP-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) dat file records — 萃 – 好きなことをあつめてみた- (東方) [datfile-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) DiGiTAL WiNG — Eternal Fantasia (東方) [DWCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) DiGiTAL WiNG — Eternal Fantasia Instrumental (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) DiGiTAL WiNG — JULIANA’S TOHO Vol.1 (東方) [DWCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) electro planet — samurai DANCEHALL [EPCD-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) extracode — extra.SQUARE vol.1 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) FELT — Little Planet (東方) [FELT-008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) GoldFish — 9*Nove (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Innocent Key — TOHO Innocent Beat!! (東方) [IK-22] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) k-waves LAB — 妖かしのまほろば (東方) [KWL-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) kaede.org — 酣歌 vol.2 [KAED-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) KLAMNOP — 新世紀フュージョン破 [KLMN-0006] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) laughing out loud — lol compilation album “TRANCE” [LOCD-1039~1040] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Login Records — Sacred Beatz (東方) [LOGCD-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Melodic Taste — Melodic Battle (東方) [MTCD-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) monoROSETTA — Lotus Land St. (東方) [MONR-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Obscure Music Team — DECADE (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Pizuya’s Cell — CORONeT (東方) [PSYC-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Pocket AD — LAST NIGHT ON 幻想郷 (東方) [POAD-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Queen of Wand — 明滅王女 [S806-QUEEN] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) R-Note — Comic Market 82 R-Note おまけCD (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) R-Note — 東方粋蓮響 ~Trick of Brilliance~ (東方) [RNCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Rainy Garden (kaoling) — 七つの記憶を失くした世界 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) S.C.X — 〆Deadline (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec. — Energy Breaker (東方) [SDHC-0031] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SOUND HOLIC — 神 -KAMUI- (東方) [SDHC-0032] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) sound sepher — GothicLolita ORCHESTRION [SEPR-0015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SOUNDOT RECORDS — 青春のヒトコマとさよなら [DOTR-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SYNC.ART’S — FRAGMENTS (東方) [SACD-5033] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SYNC.ART’S — Pieces [SACD-4010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) TAMUSIC — 東方四重奏7 (東方) [TAM3-0095] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Team ZUMMER — Z:2 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) UNDEAD CORPORATION — 紅染の鬼が哭く (東方) [ANCO-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) WhiTECHNO — C82 無料頒布CD (東方) [WHTC-0008.5] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) うんちく商事 — 絃蒼の空 (東方) [UCEX-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — らぶでんぱ [OPCD-1009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ちぃむdmp☆ — 電波娘々 [DMPCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) とらのあな — 東方レイマリQUEST ~霊夢「この我のものとなりなさい、マリサよ」 魔理沙「だが断る!…だぜ!!」 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ふぉれすとぴれお — FRAN×POP (東方) [FPR0020] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ふぉれすとぴれお — Perfect Pretty Phantom (東方) [FPR0021] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) まらしぃ — 幻想遊戯 <眠> (東方) [MRCD-010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) オーライフジャパン — 壮快廟探訪(仮) 試聴版 (東方) [OLJA-0011a] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ササクレイション — MetroJackz (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) サリー — 【アイス】 (東方) [SA-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ジェリコの法則 — Overdone Progression (東方) [JER-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 俺++ — 宴 -BANQUET- Vol.2 Juliana’s TOHO vs Scouse! TOHO (東方) [ORECD-08] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 少女病 — 創傷クロスライン [GIRL-1009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — 東方志奏 12th Spell -Trick Shooter- (東方) [XITH-0013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 東京アクティブNEETs — 東方爆音ジャズ3 (東方) [ANCD-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 永遠☆少女 — 東方少女歌劇団 お披露目CD (東方) [ELG-0000] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 発熱巫女~ず — Starlight Prelude (東方) [HTNT-014] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 葉月ゆら×Tetsushi — RAPT AQUARIUM [HATE-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 葉月ゆら×月子 — Fromage [TUHA-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 豚乙女 — 8 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 豚乙女 — ボウリング [BUTAGAME-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 豚乙女 — 東方猫鍵盤5 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 電奏楽団 (天門) — CHRONICLE [DENG-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 音召缶 — Gensou Raving! (東方) [OMK-19] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (С82) Rolling Contact — Progressive Starbow (東方) [LOLI-0029] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (С82) Technomy — MONOSTREAMS [THCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (С82) 荒御霊 — SpellTech7 (東方) [ARAM-0026~27] (flac+scans)

MAYA AKAI, lawy – Southern Island (flac)
MISHAORU – 空話 -kuuwa- (flac)
signum-ii – Euphoric Tears (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 556ミリメートル — precious -singing beautiful girls- (東方) [MMCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.7 MOUNTAIN OF FAITH (東方) [AONE-0017] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) AGENT 0 — Mechanical Genocide and Empiric (東方) [AGENT-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) alinut — Soft Lime EP [ALNT-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) AQUA STYLE — 悠久フォークロア -eternity folklore- (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Arte Refact feat. 真崎エリカ — FLIGHT STEP [ARTE-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Assaultdoor — Dominant World (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) bassy — ロッキン・ラッキン・グッドバイ [BASH007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Black Onyx — Superstar Anthems (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) CODE-49 — Bon Voyage!! (東方) [49CD-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Demetori — Tendre est la Mort (東方) [DECD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) dennoh-STYLE — Club in the XANADU (東方) [DNST-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) DOWNFORCE — Airfoil e.p. [DOFR0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) FELT — Ground Snow [FELT-009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Floating Cloud — Floating Cloud C83 Special (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Foreground Eclipse & Draw the Emotional — Seated With Liquor (東方) [YPFE-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) fractaleline — ナナイロチック (東方) [FRCT-0014] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) HEKATONCHEIR BEATS — Far East Collapse Assault (東方) [HKCD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) kaede.org — 酣歌Ex Alc.0% [KAED-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) laughing out loud — I’ve Instrumental Remixes vol.Ⅱ (I’ve) [LOCD-1045] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) LYDIA GRAVE — Kaleidoscope [LGCD-008] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C83) R-Note — Comic Market 83 R-Note おまけCD (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C83) R-Note — 東方蓬千響 ~Trap of Labyrinth~ (東方) [RNCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) rtrax (Remo-con) — Unreleased & Rare Remixies [RT-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Snow*Mark — Ogre’s HARDCORE (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) sound sepher — 東方幻奏祀典10 -Kalpa- (東方) [SEPR-0017] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) T.Piacere — Drizzle Doll (東方) [T.P-00002] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Undead Corporation — O.D. [ANCO-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) VisualArt’s — VA Compilation CD Panorama Vol.4 [VA-C83-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Xenoglossy — distorted incident (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆幼女合唱 [OPCD-1011] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) サリー — ピグマリオン (東方) [SA-005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) ネコノツカ — Femt Fiber (東方) [NZCD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) ボストン東方樂団 — Sakura Nocturna (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 俺++(Includeore) — 標 -MILESTONE- (東方) [ORECD-09] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 埼玉最終兵器&Aether — Frenzy Frenzy (東方) [SHAT-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 実谷なな — 実谷ななぶんのいち (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — 風彩旋律 -ふうさいせんりつ- (東方) [XITH-0014] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 永久立体<キュービックルュープ> — Is anyone there? (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 発熱巫女~ず — Aria of Innocence (東方) [HTNT-015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 秋葉工房 — SUPER EURO SMASH Vol.2 [ASES-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 電奏楽団 — 電界紀行 [DENG-0007] (flac+scans)

C-hicken工房 – その素敵な音楽を…Vol.2~薔薇の園~ (flac)
CCx=Style – DiSTANCE (flac)
Electro Planet – BPM FxxKER (flac)
Electro.muster – Slow Step -First Love Comes Again-v (flac)
extracode – extra.SQUARE vol.2 (flac)
HSP feat. Miku Hatsune – Unfragment Remixes (flac)
ulu – Alma (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 556ミリメートル — emotion -strong feeling girls- (東方) [MMCD-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.8 – SUBTERRANEAN ANIMISM (東方) [AONE-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Chromesphere Records (syatten) — Spherepolis [CRCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) CODE-49 — Free Fall Future [49CD-0011] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Digital Logics (Alinut) — The Walker EP [ALNT-0004] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) FloatingCloud — Nersery Stories (東方) [FLCD017] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Hoshikuzu Container — EDM Challenge:House/Trance [HCCD0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) k-waves LAB — 幽かのたまゆら (東方) [KWL-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Karashic Records — DIGITAL PHANTASM (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) pastyle & Casket — Druma ’gus dord (東方) [PCCD0001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) R-Note — Comic Market 84 R-Note おまけCD (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) R-Note — 東方天姫響~Truck for Lightness~ (東方) [RNCD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Rolling Contact — HARDCORE BARRAGE 4 [LOLI-0037] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) S.C.X — Reverberations [CT18-OR13] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) sasakuration — [i:d] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) SOS Sound Of Swing — Cat’s House (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) T.Piacere — Reizend Farbe (東方) [T.P-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) UNKNOWN-DIMENSION — 雨あがりの日差し [UDOR-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆夏祭り~でらっくちゅ~ [OPCD-1013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) ちぃむdmp☆ — 電波CHU×違法 [DMPCD-006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) シャノの気持ち — Caramel (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) ジェリコの法則 — Arrenged Explosion (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) メタファジックチャイルド (菊田裕樹) — 人狼伴奏音楽集 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — LOTUS -ロータス- (東方) [XITH-0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 桃箱 — mofumofu [MMBK001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 梶迫小道具店 — J1000 (東方) [CJVK0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 沙野カモメ — 夏の星空+beta_20130812 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 紅い流星 — ボカロ爆音ジャズ2 [ARCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 荒御霊 — 心娶 Kokorometry (東方) [ARAM-2105] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 電奏楽団 — 導きの少女と運命の日 [DENG-0008] (flac+scans)
07. ℃iel — Wacky Acquaintance.flac

Digital Logics – Harmony on the Palette (flac)
electro planet – PLANETS 2 (flac)
kaede.org – 目にはさやかにみえねども子どもたちは時待つ花の夢をみるか (flac)
MISHAORU — Futura-永遠の記憶装置- (flac)
Sprite Recordings — LEVIASTORATOS (flac)
Vanguard Sound — Dual Sight (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C85) A-One — THE BEST OF NON STOP TOHO EUROBEAT 2012-2013 (東方) [AONE-0020] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) AQUA STYLE — 天宮廻廊 (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) AQUA STYLE — 蒼穹フォークロア -Firmament Folklore- (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) CROW’SCLAW — Sepia Recollections [PAEG-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ECE-SMZ — R. (ランス) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) electro planet — EPM -electro planet music- [EPCD-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) electro planet — FXXKIN’ AWESOME NONSTOP EPM!! -Mixed by Personative- (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Eru & ECE-SMZ — L&S’s (世界樹) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ESQUARIA — reproduction (東方) [EQ-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Eve Hates Me — Veni, Vidi, Mitakihara -Eve Hates ”M” Vol.1- [EHME-0002] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) FELT — Grow Color (東方) [FELT-012] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Foreground Eclipse — Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights (東方) [FGE-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) fromadistance — 生年不滿百 (東方) [FROM-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) IZMIZM — Codependent Rabbit (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) k-waves LAB — EORZEAN MINSTRELS’ STORY (FF) [KWL-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) kaede.org — Old navy never die. (艦これ) [KAED-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Levo Lution — Photon [Lvlt-0015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Madstiff Tracks (MAD CHILD) — Children’s Madness [MSTFCD-001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Rolling Contact — Progressive Starbow 3 (東方) [LOLI-0038] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Rolling Contact — TOUHOU meets HARDCORE 2 (東方) [LOLI-0039] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Sharp Eight & Eve Hates Me — Desire S-T (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) surreacheese — Comte (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) T.Piacere — con spirito (東方) [T.P-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) UrutoraElectronicCorporation — UrutoraElectronicCorporation SAMPLER Vol.1 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) とらのあな — 東方幻奏響UROBOROS ~fANTASIAsPIRALoVERdRIVE~ (東方) (flac+BK)
[Audio-4U] (C85) はちみつれもん — 艦隊ティータイム (艦これ) [KNCL-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ばんだいく — 暁ニ響ク電子ノ雷 (艦これ) [VDK-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ジェリコの法則 — Frantic Acceleration (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) トマト組 — Midnight (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ボストン東方樂団 — Scarlet Daydreams (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 俺++(Includeore) — 宴 -BANQUET- Vol.3/Juliana’s TOHO Special (東方) [ORECD-10] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 帝國交響楽団 — 陽はまた昇る (艦これ) [EMPE0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 東京アクティブNEETs — 東方爆音ジャズ5 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 白いしましまうさぎ — 艦娘忘勿歌 (艦これ) [SSU-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 羽っ鳥もさく共和国 — 艦響 (艦これ) (flac+scans)
05. Pizuya’s Cell feat. 普透明度 — Farce Silhouette.flac
07. Lyn-A — A l’oree du bois.flac

Bassy – 青春サラバイ·前編 (flac)
Electro.muster – Electro.sinker (flac)
GEOGRAPHIC – touch (flac)
QUADROPHENIA – Play (flac)
Rita×MISHAORU – Cradle Garden (flac)
島みやえい子 – 5TEARS Vol.3 ~SWEET DRAGON~ (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C86) 556ミリメートル — invincible – perfect beautiful girls – (東方) [MMCD-0008] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Attrielectrock — nic@log e.p. [PAER-0060] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) CODE-49 — BEYOND AROUND (東方) [49CD-0012] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) DA Recording — SATURDAYS [DARC-003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Ether — 幻想世界シルフィネス (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Futon. — GRAVITATION [FTON-0020] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Garnet Cathedral — Gudomliga Dawn (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Jerico’s Law — Insane Habituation (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) M.Graveyard — ひぐらしのなく頃に奉 Original Sound Version & Arranged Tracks 「あの日へ-you」 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) NanoSounds/SuperSweep — Nanosweep18 [NS-018] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Pizuya’s Cell — 電幽バイオメトリクス (東方) [PSYC-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) PROSCIUTTO — Amethyst-EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) QUADROPHENIA — NEAR (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) S.C.X — Reabsorb (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) ulu project — Fortuna [ULU-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) ViA Factory — PLATFORM EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) ちぃむdmp☆ — でんぱschool☆ [DMPCD-007] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) ラクエスク — Flowers Unfold [RQCD-001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — BANQUET -バンケット- (東方) [XITH-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) 深眠症 -insomnia- — 眠りのための幻想音楽 The Best of Sleep Music (flac+scans)

AcuticLogics(AcuticNotes + Digital Logics) – PUELLABYTE (flac)
Alinut – Some Stories EP (flac)
electro planet – EPM2 -electro planet music 2- (flac)
electro planet – Reajue Remixes 2 (flac)
GEOGRAPHIC – Exposé (flac)
Junk-Channel – Forget a Scenery (flac)
Light Notes Recordings – OF (flac)
MISHAORU – うなばらの繭 (flac)
Mournfinale (void) – Remind a Locus (flac)
tabgraphics – HSP WORKS11-14 (flac)
沙野カモメ(kamome sano) – beta_20140817 (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C87) 556ミリメートル — revolution -rising rebellion girls- (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) AQUA STYLE — 紅涙フォークロア (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) arcane — ノウェム (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) axsword (onoken) — Testimony [AXSD-0003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) Baguettes Ensemble — KanColle Jazz Sessions type SGB (艦これ) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) bassy — 夜明けのピアノムシ [BASH014] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) Disciples — CIERA [DSPS-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) Eclipseed — 漆黒のDhampir [DYVK-0022] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) ESQUARIA — EMOTIONAL CHAOS (東方) [EQ-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) Mikazuki Sofa (millie) — ほしいろトラベル [MLCD-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) minimum electric design — ORIGINAL WORKS introduction [ALMR-026] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) nanosounds, Supersweep — Nanosweep19 [NS-018] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) SPACELECTRO — 東方ボーカルEDM2 (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) ViA Factory ft. misha — Electric Voyager [VIAF-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) ちぃむdmp☆ — 箱入りむちゅめ [MMBK-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) とらのあな — 東方幻奏響uroboros弐 ~fAIRYtAILoVERdRIVE~ (東方) (flac+lyr)
[Audio-4U] (C87) ピクセルビー × よしづきくみち — Panoram A Leaf [PXB-012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) 交響アクティブNEETs — 第二次艦隊フィルハーモニー交響楽団 (艦これ) [KNCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) 東京アクティブNEETs — 東方爆音ジャズ7 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) 電奏楽団 (天門) — THE EARTH SIMULATION [DENG-0011] (flac+scans)

シャノ – Berry

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C88) CODE-49 — 電脳街 ”Reboot” (東方) [49RE-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C88) electro planet (Junk) — Contents [JKCL-0003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C88) MEGAREX — Ultra Hitech 01 [MRX-008] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C88) Mournfinale (void) — Artifiction [VSDA-0006] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C88) wavforme — newwav [WAV-001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (С88) ESQUARIA — PLATONIC SOUL (東方) [EQCD-0007] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (С88) とらのあな — 東方幻奏響UROBOROS肆 ~dEATHtINYoVERdRIVE~ (flac)
[Audio-4U] (С88) 電奏楽団 (天門) — 電界の地図 [DENG-012] (flac+scans)

arcane – アイオン
Asian melancholic — at first (flac)
Compllege — From 2 Planets (flac)
Digital Logics — Rendezvous (flac)
Madstiff Tracks — Neuropolis II (flac)
pastyle — Prismatic Aquarium (flac)
S2TB Recording – Beats!! (flac)
ラクエスク — Euphoric Tourism (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C89) Binzokomegane Girls Union – DRILL [MNTL-001~2] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C89) CC*=Style — EYE (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C89) De-beL4 — GEMINI (東方) [db4-0002] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C89) Digital Logics (Alinut) — Milky Way [ALNT-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C89) Electro.muster — El Dorado [CORE-00029] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C89) Riparia Records — SOARING [RPCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C89) tabgraphics (HSP) — Works15 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C89) 電奏楽団 — MEMORY OF THE GREEN [DENG-013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C89) 音楽少女 — Justability [NKCD-6730] (flac+scans)

Binzokomegane Girls Union – Arc Of The Colourless (flac)
good-cool — precious housekeeper (flac)
kamome sano – archive002-songs for [t] (flac)
wavforme — HIGH & LAW (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
Digital Logics – Solaris Express (flac)
Lilium Records – POPOVER+TEATIME2 (flac)
MAD CHILD vs RoughSketch – Aboot Phaze ~Madstiff Aboot~ (flac)
MEGAREX – Ultra Hitech 02 (flac)
mishaoru – Rainy (flac)
pastyle – アマガミ☆スイートサマー!! (flac)
RaqesQue – Delicious Solaris (flac)
Tomohiko Togashi (Katana Bits) – VISTA 3 (flac)
wavforme – Back 2 Summer – Modern 80s Compilation – (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
ADSRecordings – VOCALOEDM Works (flac)

As Like Music – snowflakes [ALMR-0003] (flac)

Binzokomegane Girls Union & strtsphr – Alt(ernative)+En(coun)ter (flac)

compllege – Phant (flac)

Digital Logics – Winter Stillness [DGLG-0015.5] (flac)

Kanae Asaba – Happy Birthday!! (flac)

Movement on the FLOOR – MATTARI on za FUROA [MOTF-0008] (flac)

Primrose Records – Karo[Re]mix festa vol.7 -Doll Eye- (flac)

Riparia Records – Aquarium [RPCD-0006] (flac)

S.C.X – Vermillion Sky [CT26-OR19] (flac)

Sy4In Records – BLA2E (flac)

Unitone – Apolo e.p.2 (flac)

wavforme – PARANOID EUPHORIA [WAV-009] (flac)


DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) Alternative ending – Narcissus [AECD-0002prev] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) Bitter Quartz – MENTALISTS (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) chipion – BLUE AND SUMMER DEMO CD (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) [muon] Chronus [MUON-0003] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) [SYNC.ART’S] Alternative201005 [SACD-0004] (東方) (flac+cue)
DL: Lossless (mirror)

[Audio-4U] (M3-26) Alieson – WIZARD~混沌を統べる魔術師と月虹の傀儡~ ANASTASIS [ALSY-0012] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-26) bellmonte – message (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-26) Bitter Quartz Vs mono music — Pathetic Girls (東方) [BiMO-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-26) LUNA﹡RUMA – マウカリタ (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-26) Studio Lepus – Misty Cage (flac+cue)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Adresse (仲村芽衣子) — EVITATION [ARPK-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) AsianDynasty Records — FAST ATTACK [ADDJ-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) AsianDynasty Records — HEAVY ARMOUR [ADDJ-0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Bassy — 音楽ピューパとやさしい世界 (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Eyeks Records — anteDoze [EYEKS​-​05] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) monoROSETTA — GREATEST HITS(予定) Vol.1 (東方) [MONR-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) my sound life — new way to the star [MSRC-046] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) PolyphonicBranch — The Blue Album (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Soranetarium — 時が廻る、世界の向こう (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Teadrops — Labradrite -noll- [TDDC0009] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Whisper Records — Crossia [WRPL-0011] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) いえろ~ぜぶら — いえろ~ぜぶら べすとあるばむ Vol.2 (東方) [YZEX0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) いえろ~ぜぶら — いえろ~ぜぶら べすとあるばむ Vol.3 (東方) [YZEX0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) イオシス — 東方IO-BEST BEATS2 (東方) [IO-0192] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) 梶迫小道具店 — Panday@Works (東方) [PNDY0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) 清風明月 — 宵闇恋想奇譚 [SIFU-004] (flac+cue)
percent-Age – PARALYZE PARADISE EP (flac)
θ complex – θ complex 2 (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) -LostFairy- — 幽閉されし黒のグリモワール [ARS-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Adresse + L-TYPE — アルパカーニバル Vol.1 (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Adresse — Spilling Star [ARPK-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) AsianDynasty Records — 震電 -SHINDEN- [INBT-1101] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) CueB — Fantastic Four [queb003] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Ether — 13-The wing I was given- [ETCD-014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Eyeks Records — lostWorld [EYEKS​-​06​] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) fractaleline — we circulate [FRCT-0008] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) fractaleline — 斑葉 [FRCT-0009] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) GEARBOX — KUREHA [GEAR2] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) hagall — fragment [hs-03] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Kamome sano — Happy (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) L-TYPE — twinkle leaves [LTCD-1001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) LC:AZE — LacrimA [LIEN-0009] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Levo Lution — Reconstructor [Lvlt-0013] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) skyer — daydreaming (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Souwer cherry — アオイカゼ/smile at… [SC-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Teadrops — Labradrite [TDDC-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) tinkerbell sound label (桜blossom) — SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA [TSLCD-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) はちみつれもん — prologue (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) シャノの気持ち — Sugar (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) 空色絵本 — 幾星霜 [PLTD-020] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) 蒼咲雫の幻想音楽館 — Minstrinity [AOSHIZ-010] (flac+cue+scans)
THE ROOT OF HEADS – Dastinia (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 5150 — 神竜物語 [5150-A003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Adresse — さくらプリズム [APRK-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) AIHISNA — 少女の理想世界 [kgym-7979] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Akashic Records — 幸せの国 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Arte Refact — Primavera ~ 春色エディット ~ [ARTE-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) AsianDynasty Records (Kuniaki Takenaga) — SILVER SPHERE DRONE [INBT-1201] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Asriel — 淡き夢見る宵闇ノ骸華 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) bassy — 七丸ブック [BASH-005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) CLOSED/UNDERGROUND — モルモティカc (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Club Music Emotion — Club Music Emotion (東方) [CRTX-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) cold kiss — gravitywave [CDKS-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) CrimsonBoots — Party in the Sacred Garden (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Cyberaser Records — Pathos [CRTX-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Dragon Guardian — FAIRYTALE [DRAGON11] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Ether — Ether the Best [ETCD-015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Foreground Eclipse – Foreground Eclipse Demo CD Vol.08 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Forest306 — EAST WEST [F306-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) FTRecords — Broken Border Broadcast (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) GEARBOX — SORALIS [GEAR3] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) HARDCORE OMORO — OMORO Trance Sensation [HOCD-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) IOSYS — 東方紫雨天獄 (東方) [IO-0221] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) LAD — Drei [LAD01] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Lunatic Gate — Stardust Magic (東方) [LGCD-0015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) MiddleIsland — 弦奏無彩色 [MICD-0105] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) MUON — 1995-1999 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) percent-Age VS SHIFT TUNES — 7X Formula [PAST-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Re-Birthё — セシアの翼 Revision II [RB0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) RMT — 20120430.rar [RMT013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) sound sepher — 幻葬図書館 [SEPR-0013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) SWORD OF JUSTICE×earth Japan SOFT — BLADE OF JUSTICE [eJbj-029] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) TAMUSIC — Fate Violin Zero [TAM3-0089] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) tonic sounds label — NIZIGIRL [TSCD-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome — 妍麗たる讃仰は悲啼喘ぎし蒼焔に炙られ [VDEP-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) θcomplex — θcomplex3 -eYecandy vs. θcomplex- [THCOMP-0003~4] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆学園 初等科 [OPCD-1008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) ちぃむdmp☆ — ちょこっと電波♪ [DMPCD-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) はる*あま*にゃ — haru*ama*nia (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) まろやかMusicMixOrganization — すいかちゃん vol.00003 (東方) [CRTX-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) シロネコビート — 花凛弦樂祭 (東方) [RUNA-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) ジェリコの法則 — SUSPICIOUS PREDICTION (東方) [JER-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ — セブンスワールド [K2-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 無名の群れ (瀧沢一留) — そらもよう [AZCM-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 秋葉工房, A-One — SUPER EURO SMASH Vol.1 [ASES-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 蒼咲雫の幻想音楽館 — Fairy Forest [AOSHIZ-012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 麹町音源 (paraoka) — From Blank (flac)
[Audio-4U] Flowering Night — Flowering Night 2012 -博霊神社紅白歌合戦- SPECIAL LIMITED CD (東方) (flac+scans)
BITPLANE — 不思議の国のアリス (flac)
Digital Logics — Beats Way Sick (flac)
foolen — f for fragility (flac)
gunter10 UNITED Records — Seasons (flac)
kaoling & lily — FREYJA・SYS~システム・フレイヤ~ (flac)
pastyle — Glorious Behavior (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) Altanaphixx × Sprite Recordings — M3 EXCLUSIVE SECRET TRAXX (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) AsianDynasty Records — ALICE IN STEAMLAND [INBT-1202] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) ATOS Records (Blue Train) — ITTOKE BURST [ATOS 14] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) cubegrams — SUPER AURA [CGSP-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) Cyberaser Records — Logos [CRTX-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) JH科学 × TeddyLoid — Electric Alice (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) KANKITSU RECORDS — マジカルチェンジコンピ!! 2A [KRCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) KANKITSU RECORDS — マジカルチェンジコンピ!! 2B [KRCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) LC:AZE — Struggle to end [LIEN-0011] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) moshi moshi (ひななた) — わたしのおてがみ (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) OG-G Music Works — EXtraLife [OGCD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) Sally in the room — Sally in the room [sitr-01] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) Sprite Recordings (cittan*) — Reminisphere [SRCD-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — Lolly’sへようこそ! [OPCD-1010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) ななひら&ひなうさ — 女の子あ・ら・もーど (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) 麹町養蚕館 — ロストエア (flac)
arcane – CORDELIA (flac)
MISHAORU – そらいろの棘 (flac)
QUADROPHENIA – slow (flac)
Ryosuke Tomita – The Beginning of Sound Sketches (flac)
Seraphina Recordings – Four Season Clover (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) A-One & 秋葉工房 — SUPER EURO SMASH Vol.3 [ASES-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) AsianDynasty Records — Summer Night Fever [ADMS-1301] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) BITPLANE — Singular Edits (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) Calla Soiled — Grain of Sand Butterfly (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) DA Recording (Dirty Androids) — Wanderlust [DARC-001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) EURO TRANCE PROJECT — EURO TRANCE PROJECT -PHASE 2- [ETPD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) exbit trax ltd. — Crack [xbtcd05] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) GAT — GAT01 [GATCD-01] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) IOSYS — Stellar Nursery (東方) [IO-0243] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) Low Resilience Records — Drip the Bass EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) MEMELOME — 追想風景 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) Oak Flux — Moment (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) sweez — Dash to the Victory! (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) unisonia — 02a カフェ・ヘックス 魔女のいる喫茶店 [UNIS-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) wH-Label — TechnoticMixture06 [WHCD0016] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆スタジオ~もう4ちゃい~ [OPCD-1012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) しちごさん。 — 夜を灯すランジェ [L753-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) ちぃむdmp☆ — だめぽじゃないですでんぱですっ!! [DMPCD-005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) ヤヤネヒロコ — 蜂蜜色の宙のした -when I fall in air- [YAYA0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) 廃盤制作委員会 — 廃盤 vol.1 [HBCD-001] (flac+scans)
Alinut — Melty Wind EP (flac)
arcane — Igraine (flac)
cubegrams — ULTRA ABUNAI (flac)
Digital Logics — Vernal Hues (flac)
Omni Force Records — Omnifarious2 (flac)
Prhyzmica – Endor (flac)
ryosuke tomita — Winter into Spring EP (flac)
Ryunosuke Kudo – Mellow EP (flac)
蟲とLumpyとミュージックコンクリート — Buggy Wonderland (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) 100sec Records (xi) — Agartha (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Alternative ending (miko) — Lovingly yours [AECD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) cubegrams — NEW SUPER AURA 2013 [CGSP-0005] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Cyberaser Records — Mythos [CRTX-004] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) ginkiha+kamome sano — Oriens-dawn EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) glassmoon — memories (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) IOSYS — 鎮守府に着任したけど質問ある? (kancolle) [IO-0256] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Jerico’s Law — Yggdrasil EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Mass Kaneko Production (Shaman Cure-All) — Magwary (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Melodic Taste × 趣味工房にんじんわいん × Tutti Sound — 艦これオーケストラ! (kancolle) [MTCD-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) NO TITLE — Journey to the other side (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) poleporecords — null [PLPC-003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Shin Sheena — 一雫-深縹 [LQCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) sweez — Brave Adventure (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Technomy — ZERO FLEET (kancolle) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) tester studio — 紅瀬ノ城 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) USAO Vs aran — Aftershock [UACD-0001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) WAVE — THE EARTH TOPOLOGIUM (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — びっ栗☆秋味ふぇあ [OPCD-1014] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) プチリズム (ななひら) — プチリズム7♭ [KTHT-0021] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) 桃箱&ななひら — もーっと☆ちっちゃいのっ! [M&N 002] (flac+scans)
arcane – アウロラ – 交錯点 (flac)
DA Recording – Visitors (flac)
Digital Logics – Astrosynthetics (flac)
Digital Logics – Stibnite EP (flac)
GAT – GAT02 (flac)
gunter10 UNITED Records – Seaside Rest EP (flac)
kanone – Galaxy (flac)
laughing out loud – lol compilation album “HOUSE” (flac)
minimum electric design – fragments 03 (flac)
島みやえい子 – JAIKO (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) A little bit — Sol et Luna [ALCD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Episodes & melody/君の音。 — 写心学 [EPCD-008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Hagall×152Hz — for summon wall of ”ArtinaToss” [hs-05] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Jerico’s Law — Another Law (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) KPDrecords — ダークネスエロゲブート (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) MEMELOME — 月夜の花火 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) PolyphonicBranch — 竜の涙 聲の羅針盤 [PB-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Unknown-Dimension — Agartha -The Fields- [UDOR-005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Unknown-Dimension — I’m with you [UDOR-006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) windy・way — ハーディエニルトと約束の庭 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Yonder Voice — 闇海リグレット [YVCDN0004PD] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) ZERO SOUNDS — Burning Star Children -星の子アニメソングトリビュート- [ZERS-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) 君の音。 — 朝を終えるために (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) 電奏楽団 — 悠久の老木 Lost Empire Saga Remaster+ [DENG-009] (flac+scans)
arcane – arduinna (flac)
BASSY – 僕のスキなうた (flac)
Digital Logics – From Where We Stanв (flac)
GAT – GAT03 (flac)
HOUSE-X – colored-X (flac)
kanone – stella (flac)
Madstiff Tracks – Neuropolis (flac)
minimum electric design – クローゼット (flac)
Prhyzmica – convergence (flac)
RURIIRO GINGA & Lick Dom Records – Honey Cheeks (flac)
Ryosuke Tomita – Highlights EP (flac)
tatsuta recordings(沙野カモメ) – tatsuta compilation 2 (flac)
島みやえい子とゆかいな横田昭 -exchange (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) ARKHEMINA RECORDS — ARKHEMINA [DSDA-00001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Digital Logics (BERNIS) — The stars my destination [SETI-0001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Digital Logics — Silhouette [DGLG-0010] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Sakura Recordz! — Synergy-Style Vol.3 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Unknown-Dimension — Agartha -The Towns- [UDOR-007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Unknown-Dimension — Hello, my friend [UDOR-008] (flac+scans)
9bit Log!Q+ – J-Ibiza -Ibiza Club Compilation- (flac)
arcane – Bernicia (flac)
arcane – アルデュイナ Arduinna (flac)
GAT – GAT Friends (flac)
niente – cape (flac)
Qualial – Brand New World EP (flac)
Seraphina Recordings – Sanctuary EP (flac)
tatsuta recordings – tatsuta compilation 3 (flac)
twinklextwinkle – SUPERNOVA (flac)
瓶底眼鏡女子同盟 – 秋奏色フルコース (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) DA Recording — Visitors 2 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Guava Co. — Moratorium Anthropology [GVCO-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) KrikKrak&2.8mile — 妖精郷まで何マイル (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Qualial — Verdure EP [QLCD-002] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) RTTF Records — Flower Garden [RTTF-0015] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Seraphina Recordings (Kankitsu) — Galaxy EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) 等力桂 — Memories Of The 5th Season (flac)
D’va — メイリリィ (flac)
Digital Logics – The Walker LP (flac)
Digital Logics — Somewhere in the distant time (flac)
GAT — GAT04 (flac)
gunter10 Records — Homecoming (flac)
kamome sano — archive001- reworks+ (flac)
Light Notes Recordings — …β (flac)
MEGAREX — VK (flac)
prhyzmica — stream-EP (flac)
Swingrooves – Good Love (flac)
θcomplex – θcomplex4 (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) ADSRecordings (Polyphonix) — O [Obelisk] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) bassy — f/d (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Canopus Sounds — Carina [CSCD-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Digital Logics — Floating Cloud LP [DGLG-0013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) NO TITLE — U-29 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Non-REM Records — fetish.ep (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Non-REM Records — for lose (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Riparia Records — RIPARIA:01 [RPCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) タマミナットレコーズ — Tama Me Nut 01 (flac+scans)
colate – cpu of stars (flac)
Conures – イントロダクション オブ 和製ハウス (flac)
Digital Logics – Floating Cloud EP (flac)
GAT – GAT Friends 2 (flac)
gunter10 Records – Side of Heaven (flac)
Light Notes Recordings – TT (flac)
niente – mi-mollet (flac)
RJT Music – Campaign for Real J-Trance Vol.03 (flac)
Seraphina Recordings – サクラスケープ EP (flac)
tatsuta recordings — archive002_songs for [t] (flac)
tatsuta recordings — tatsuta compilation 4 (flac)
小林研究所 – chipgem (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
ADSRecordings – R [Rain] (flac)
AlphaVersion Records – Vision (flac)
As Like Music – A Myriad Flowers (flac)
Bassy – 本日ハ晴天カ? (flac)
Binzokomegane Girls Union – Conceptive (flac)
DA Recording – MOMENTS (flac)
Digital Logics – your steps make this come true (flac)
gunter10 Records – Voyage (flac)
holtunes – One-Room Planet (flac)
Jun Kuroda – aspects (flac)
pastyle – Vint the Age (flac)
Riparia Records – MIYABI (flac)
Ryosuke Tomita – The Cove EP (flac)
sweez & Meine Meinung – Cheek to Musik (flac)
黒魔 – 魔法 (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
ADSRecordings – Polyphonix Extended Track Collection (flac)
Bernis – On the shore of the Eden (flac)
Polyphonix feat. Kanae Asaba, mana – Polyphonix Countdown vol.01 (flac)
Psynergy Project – Universe in Space (flac)
Riparia Records – RIPARIA:02 (flac)
Shintaro – Nightfall (flac)
USAO vs aran – Aftershock pt.2 (flac)
wavforme – Faint Light EP (flac)
wavforme – Sights (flac)


DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [Cis-Trance] ABNORMAL DANCE [CTCD-0014] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [COOL&CREATE] drizzly again [CCCD-0020] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [SoundChaos] SoundChaos プレビュー版 (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [Sound∞Infinity] Just Push Play [SDFN-0012] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [SYNC.ART’S] Rainbow Face [SACD-5026] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [いえろ~ぜぶら] 東方星聖歌 [YZCD-0013] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [荒御霊 Feat. モヒカンサンドバッグ] ARAMICORE (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [葉月ゆら] 東方来夢来人Ⅱ~ポップン・ティアラ~ (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [黒夜葬] APOCALYPSE -穹劫黙示録- [KKYS-005] (flac+cue+jpg)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) CC*=Style — Trance Around The Toho [CCST0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) clocknote. — Navy;058 (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) CODE-49 — Cantrip [49CD-0008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) E.B.S. 0/1 — Frontal Frontier (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) Frozen System Records — BLACK IMPULSE [FSRD-010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) ON’shiraz — ON’gaeshi! ~vol.1~ (東方) [OSOG-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) ON’shiraz — ON’gaeshi! ~vol.2~ (東方) [OSOG-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) pastyle — TriAngle mind [PLCD-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) Sound∞Infinity — Party & Screaming [SFDN-0017] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) SYNC.ART’S — ALTERNATIVE201103 [SACD-0007] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) ZEROSUMGAME TRAXXX — FAR-EAST JUMPFREAKZ [ZGCD-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) いえろ~ぜぶら — 東方閃囁歌 [YZCD-0016] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) イオシス — リ:キャンディッド! ARM東方リミックス [IO-0190] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) 永久立体<キュービックループ> — 自殺志願<マインドレンデル> (東方) (flac+scans)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 38BEETS — Edge of life (東方) [38CD-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 5150 — シンフォニック東方Ⅰ (東方) [Ryu-A008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 5150 — シンフォニック東方ガールズサイド (東方) [Ryu-A007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 556ミリメートル — desire -sweetly love girls- (東方) [MMCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.5 IMPERISHABLE NIGHT (東方) [AONE-0015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) a-TTTempo — TOHO FULL SWING 2.5 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) AQUASTYLE — 天衣無縫 -みらくる★パーティー ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK- (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ARMのArmageddon Records — distant (東方) [ARM-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Arte Refact — 幻想遊戯館 – Fantastic Casino – (東方) [ARTE-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Barrage Am Ring — Barrage Am Ring 2 Arrange/Side (東方) [BANG-0002A] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Black Onyx — Synthtic (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) BubbleRecords — 514 (東方) [BR-0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) C-CLAYS — AGGRESSIVE FREQUENCY (東方) [TOCD-0034] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) C-CLAYS — 桜歌 -OUKA- (東方) [TOCD-0033] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) CC*=Style — Seiren Sense (東方) [CCST0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) CHRONOS RECORD — 幻想ノスタルヒアス (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) CROW’SCLAW — Lightning Discharge (東方) [PAEG-0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) FELT — Stand Up (東方) [FELT-007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) FloatingCloud — 東方アイリッシュ3 (仮) Preview (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) fractaleline — Prism Overture (東方) [FRCT-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Frozen System Records — Violent Dancehall (東方) [FSRD-021] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) GET IN THE RING — Arcadia (東方) [GCHM-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) HellionSounds — Scent Games (東方) [HSCD-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Innocent Key — 東方ぺろぺろ (東方) [IK-21] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) IOSYS — 東方アゲハ NIGHTMARE (東方) [IO-0218] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) IOSYS — 風櫻 SECOND PHANTASMA -IOSYS TOHO COMPILATION vol.21- (東方) [IO-0214] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) IRON ATTACK! — Star Dust (東方) [MIA026] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) IZMIZM — Come Back (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) k-waves LAB — 東方Projectごちゃまぜアイリッシュ風プレ版楽曲CD ~その参~ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) K2 SOUND — 天津星 -Amatsu Hoshi- (東方) [K2SD-008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) KURO-HACO Nation — Touhou Animism (東方) [KHCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) laughing out loud — TH REMIX -lol style- vol.2 (東方) [LOCD-1038] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) LiveLiqueur — ときにやさしく、ときにかわいく (東方) [LiCD-04] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Magical Hazard — お試し、橋呑み (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) monochrome-coat — es (東方) [MCCD-008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Nabeinstein — Boozer Banquet (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) NJK Record — TOHO EURO FLASH Remixies (東方) [NJK-006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) OG-G Music Works — Do Your Face (東方) [OGCD-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) pastyle vs IZMIZM — Chiasma (東方) [PICD-0001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) pikapika — Chocolate Pain (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Pizuya’s Cell — Excelsior (東方) [PZTR-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) R-Note — 東方彩醒響 (東方) [RNCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) R-Note — 第九回博麗神社例大祭 あ~るの~と おまけCD (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Rico Rico Alice — 東方混ニ色 (東方) [PRA-11] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Rolling Contact — HEAVEN’s SOUND 03 (東方) [LOLI-0027] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Rolling Contact — 玉響宴奴 (東方) [LOLI-0028] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) salvation by faith records — 魔法少女 にとり★マギカ (東方) [SSEB-0022] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) signum/ii — INVITATION SiGN (東方) [SGNM-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Silver Forest — Silver Forest 2006-2012 BEST (東方) [SFNC-0035~40] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Sound CYCLONE — Sparkle! (東方) [SDCY-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) SYNC.ART’S — Alternative201205 (東方) [SACD-0011] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TAMUSIC — MAGIQ (東方) [TAM3-0091] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TAMUSIC — 東方四重奏6 (東方) [TAM3-0090] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TaNaBaTa — TaNaBaTa例大祭9手焼きCD (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TRiANCE CODE — AYAKASHI (東方) [TRCD-0018] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Xenoglossy — ParaBox (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) α music — 紅き夢~Purpurnen Traum~ (東方) [amus0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) っ´Д`)っゼロ式の処刑場 — 東方ファッキンガム宮殿 (東方) [ZERO-TOHO-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) はちみつれもん — Rainbow Spell (東方) [HLCD-0026] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ばんだいく — happy lab. (東方) [VD-018] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ふぉれすとぴれお — T★GIRLS.03 (東方) [FPR0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) まらしぃ — アレンジのあれんじ<再> (東方) [MRCD-009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ゆりいろ — YURI-IRO ZUKAN (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) オリエンス — 宴 -UTAGE- (東方) [ORNS-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) オーライフジャパン — 特臭幻想狂 (東方) [OLJA-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) サリー — シンドローム (東方) [SA-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) スタジオネネム — 東方任天音2 (東方) [SNTH-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) トマト組 — TOMATO AND BITTERS (東方) [TGCD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) バター工房 — TOHO MUSIC BOX (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ユウノウミ — ENCYCLOPEDIA<人>human beings (東方) [IOY-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ユウノウミ — ENCYCLOPEDIA<魔>magical beings (東方) [IOY-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 俺++(Includeore) — 纏 ARCHIVE Vol.1 (東方) [ORECD-07] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 凋叶棕 — 彩 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 君の美術館 — ataraxia2 -ep edition2- (東方) [MUSE-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ — .JP (東方) [K2-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — 東方志奏 11th Spell -Overflow- (東方) [XITH-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 時遊戯画 — 忘憂捧曲集 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 梶迫小道具店 — 兼知未然 (東方) [CJVK0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 森羅万象 — あの日の夢のアリス (東方) [SBCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 永久立体<キュービックループ> — 戯物語 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 流派未確定 — Forget-me-not -忘れな草- (東方) [RMCD-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 狐夢想屋×ゼッケン屋 — 電子弦奏 -Phantom Electronique- (東方) [KMZK0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 発熱巫女~ず — ”Flower of Life” The best selection 2008-2011 (東方) [SPHM-001~2] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 第4回全力でピチュれ連盟 — 東方長髪娘 ~LongHairGirls~ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 第5回全力でピチュれ連盟 — 東方短髪娘 ~ShortHairGirls~ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 荒御霊 — SpellTech6 (東方) [ARAM-0024~25] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 荒御霊 — SSD (東方) [ARAM-0112] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 豚乙女 — 実は繊細な貴女とたまに勇敢な私のなんだか騒いでるって話。 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 豚乙女 — 豚BEST アブラカラメコンピマシマシ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 龍胆 — For All Terrible Souvenir (東方) (flac+scans)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT presents THE REVIVAL MIX (東方) [AONE-0018] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Aleile & Crest & 魂音泉 & DDBY — ~癒しの風~ Vol.1 大空魔術 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Barrage Am Ring — Barrage Am Ring 3 Arrange-Side (東方) [BANG-0003A] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) FELT — Icicle fall (東方) [FELT-010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) IOSYS — RoughSketch TOHO WORKS 2007-2012 (東方) [IO-0250] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) K-waves LAB — 東方Projectごちゃまぜアイリッシュ風プレ版楽曲CD ~その四~ (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Melodic Taste — Blue Regret (東方) [MTCD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) R-Note — 東方奏華響 ~Trip in Distance~ (東方) [RNCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) R-Note — 第十回博麗神社例大祭 R-Note おまけCD (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Rolling Contact — HEAVEN’s SOUND 04 (東方) [LOLI-0034] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) signum/ii — Brighter Oath (東方) [SGNM-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Swing Of the Dead — TOHO JAZZY VOCALⅠ (東方) [SOD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) T.Piacere — STiLL MOMENT (東方) [T.P-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Unity-Gain — a Lack Unity Plastic… 2 (東方) [UTGN-0010] (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭11) ESQUARIA — extreme (東方) [EQ-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭11) IZMIZM — While the Shooting Star Ends EP (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭11) Jerico’s Law — Primitive Ignition (東方) (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭12) 東方オーケストラアレンジ地位向上委員会 — 悠々幻想響 (東方) [TOCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭12) 街角麻婆豆 — お次は何処で踊りましょうか (東方) (flac+scans)
twinkle*twinkle – Fortune Music selection of nachi
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭SP2) D.S.K Recordz — The H.R.D. Redemption – Killer Night Girls – [DRCD-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭SP2) IOSYS — gensou teyaki beats vol.1 (東方) [IOSP-0290] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭SP2) SYNC.ART’S — Alternative20110911 (flac+cue)


DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) As/Hi Soundworks & 荒御霊 — SpellTech-c [ARAM-0903] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) KARMART & 荒御霊 — SpellTech-i [ARAM-0902] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) Soundspringer & 荒御霊 — SpellTech-n [ARAM-0901] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) 荒御霊 — SpellTech-nic Special MIX-CD (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) 蟲とLumpyとミュージックコンクリート – 蟲と東方と純血(ストロベリー)ジャム [LMPY-003] (flac+cue+jpg)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) C.H.S — Hommaging Greats [CHSEP-0002] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) IZMIZM — Unconscious Words (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) SULFURIC ACID PRODUCT — EASTLAND FREAKERZ [SACD-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) SULFURIC ACID PRODUCT — 紅白ノ宴-MAIDEN’S FESTIVAL- [SACD-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) SYNC.ART’S — Alternative201110 (flac+cue)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢8) IOSYS — Quaky Divines [IO-0230] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢8) TAMUSIC — ピアノのための東方夜想曲集「Redemption」 [TAM3-0096] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢8) 荒御霊 — Rigid Footwork [ARAM-2104] (flac+scans)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢9) IOSYS — Scary Halloween Show (東方) [IO-0255] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢9) IRON ATTACK! — FAIRY TALE (東方) [MIA033] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢9) 東方金髪少女地位向上委員会 — 黄昏アンサンブル (東方) [KNPT-0001] (flac+scans)

47 thoughts on “Event batches

  1. Would be nice to do the same with lossy versions, but whatever. I have to buy hdd for music anyway, so I don’t care anymore. Thank you for doing these batches!

    1. You can always re-encode to whatever audio format you want.
      Download, and then make your favorite audio format. is that so difficult?

      1. Let me explain with an example: reiteisei9 torrents’ albums aren’t in one folder named “reiteisei9”.
        I downloaded several torrents and now it’s a mess.

        1. What do you want me too do? Still too vague for me to got your point. The presented torrents are batches and they are in one folder.

  2. Neat idea! Nice to complement the bunch of stuff still stuck at my PD download queue. Great job, as usual.

    BTW: For those folks that are still new to the weird and wonderful world of doujin music (like me!), where could I find more information about those events? Comiket is dead easy, but I don’t know what the hell is “Kouroumu”, and M3 info in English is real scarce.

    1. I don’t think you need to know anything besides that M3 (music media market) is a semi-annual event basically for original (non touhou) music and kouroumu with reitaisai are the biggest annual touhou only events.

  3. 例大祭9 torrent has too long folders name. Got “System cannot find the specified path.”

    1. computer lazy people.
      If you have that problem, you just need change the path to where the “download folder” is. I recomend to changed for your hard drive root. (ex: c:/).
      Since windows XP, (if anyone uses mac, I don know if this is the same issue) the OS freaks out with files with long name; the reason is because the Windows Operative Systems freak out when youa folder inside a folder which is inside inanother folder and that the same one is inside..guess what….Anotehr folder.
      It happens since OS Windows XP, and still continues with the same stupid issue, with new OS from windows.
      Call me Old Guy, but I still say Windows 98 was the best windows OS ever made. (followed by Windos NT and 2000).
      I never had the some much issues with file names and folders in my cute dear sexy win98. I alwasy feel like I need to get the chainsaw to threat winXP to work correctly.

      1. sorry. my keyboard got stuck in some letters.

        “you have a folder inside a folder, which is inside in another folder and that same one is inside..guess what….Another folder.”

  4. why [Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [Cis-Trance] ABNORMAL DANCE [CTCD-0014] (flac+cue) have cover scans from Cis trance 13 ??? is chance fix this mistake ???

    1. Oh, you’re right. Let’s see what can I do here. But I will not reupload the batch, though.

  5. [Audio-4U] (C78) C.H.S – Honey I Scream! (東方) [CHS-0008] (flac+cue+jpg) seems to suffer from skipping between “Unlimited Spark! (Rremake)” and “Honey I Scream! (REDALiCE Remix)”. The former ends very abruptly, in the middle of the song. Oh and the title in the .cue is typoed, as you can see :p

      1. Alright. If I don’t hear anything back regarding this I’ll just assume it was the rip itself ;]

  6. Please seed. Several of the torrents are already dead after just one month. I seed all my non-western torrents for as long as I can (Until my HDD crashes), please help keep them alive for others (I know I’ll do my part).

    1. I had been seeding them until, ugh, yesterday? Almost in 24/7 mode. That’s very strange that some of them are already dead. Anyway, I’m planning to seed it in the near future on a whim.

      1. I must have been tired. It’s there and I have listened it million times, somehow I saw that it was some of the singles or EPs which aren’t there. Sorry for bothering you.


  7. “Event batches” page has been updated. Now it includes all albums information. You can search the blog and get on the page instead of the event page with separate torrents (finally!)

    1. Seeding them right now. I also seed them from time to time anyway so they won’t die anytime soon.

  8. Sorry but M3-33 Batch its incomplete, [753xABSOLUTE CASTAWAY — Another Flower] its not there

    Could you do something please :'(

  9. Hey, I’m trying to download “(C76) [livetune loves ココ] スノウ・ダンス” which used to be on this site. I got the torrent from nyaa.se (http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=81095&showcomments=684a5d7).

    I got it 97% downloaded but nobody seeded it for over a month now. Can someone please seed at least for a little while so I can finish those 3%? Then I can keep the torrent seeded at least for a while longer.

    Huge thanks in advance!

  10. Do you think you could seed (C84) Chromesphere Records (syatten) — Spherepolis [CRCD-0002]?

  11. Hello, are you still doing seeding requests? I’d like to request C90 please. Out of that bunch I am only looking for Mishaoru – Rainy (since it is absolutely nowhere online for sale or download). Thank you!

  12. Hey, just letting you know I was able to download Mishaoru – Rainy. I’ve been looking for this CD for years; thanks!!! (P.S. My posts haven’t shown up here yet, so this won’t be a reply to that thread. Sorry about that!)

  13. So cool ,guy .It’s really a remarkable work .I would like to give a hand to you once I become economically independent .

  14. [Audio-4U] (M3-28) GWAVE (片霧烈火 & SHIHO) — WOM -organization- [IMAE-00054] (flac+cue+scans) has disappeared

  15. Here is mistake in mirror links. C84 reffers to C83, C85 to C84, and no C85 in mirrors.

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