Barbarian On The Groove

Current version: 3.0.
Upgradable: yes, from 2.0.
Overview: Barbarian On The Groove, or BOG, is a circle led by three members: wight, mo2 and syow (ex member – bassy). Activity of the circle is closely related with famous doujin singers like Haruka Shimotsuki, Chata, Rekka Katakiri, Marie, Kahiena and many more. Music: pop, rock, sometimes folk, relaxing or electronic tunes. In addition to the gorgeous series of original albums, they compose BGM music, as well as game songs.
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New albums. fpl playlists has been replaced with m3u8 ones.
Notes: please delete fpl files if you upgrade from 2.0.


  • Albums:
    [2003.12.30] I’ve Sound Tribute (C65)
    [2004.04.29] Flying Barbarian (M3-13)
    [2004.08.27] ELEGANTRONICA (C66)
    [2004.12.30] MELANCOLLAGE (C67)
    [2005.05.01] TAOS PUEBLO (M3-15)
    [2005.12.29] Diorama-Shade (C69)
    [2006.04.29] Seven (M3-17)
    [2006.08.13] Dragon Valley -Twilight- <龍谷の黄昏> (C70)
    [2006.12.31] Dragon Valley -Misterio- <龍谷の幻想> (C71)
    [2007.04.29] コスモス -変調する世界- (M3-19)
    [2007.08.17] Dragon Valley -Arco-Iris- <龍谷の虹> (C72)
    [2007.12.31] Petroglyph (C73)
    [2008.04.18] Classics plus – 01 (M3-21)
    [2008.05.11] Classics plus – 02 (M3-21)
    [2008.08.16] El Fin De La Infancia ~終焉と覚醒~ (C74)
    [2008.10.13] Ars Combinatoria (M3-22)
    [2008.12.29] カヒーナ・ムジカ (C75)
    [2009.07.10] POROROCK
    [2009.08.15] カヒーナ・ムジカ 鯨 (C76)
    [2009.12.30] op.Comrade (C77)
    [2010.03.26] Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection
    [2010.05.05] B.O.G versus Marie -Arcana Integral- (M3-25)
    [2010.12.31] a p r i o r i (C81)
    [2011.05.01] FOLCLOLE “Song of Artemis Blue” (M3-27)
    [2011.05.25] ROBE
    [2011.08.13] Barbarossa (C80)
    [2011.09.22] Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 2nd
    [2012.04.27] 深淵 Music from AKATSUKI WORKS 黒
    [2012.04.30] 夜明けのコスモ -Second Formula 2012- (M3-29)
    [2012.08.12] Bandersnatch (C84)
    [2012.10.26] Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 3rd
    [2012.10.28] 一角獣の謎 – Barbarian On The Groove – (M3-30)
    [2012.10.28] 一角獣の謎 -Mystery of the Unicorn- (M3-30)
    [2012.12.31] 一角獣に宿る夢 – Moonlit Phantom – (C83)
    [2013.04.29] VISIONS – 再誕楽曲集・第弐録 – (M3-31)
    [2013.10.31] Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 4th (M3-32)
    [2013.12.31] Mithrandir (C85)
    [2014.12.30] 1:1.618 (C87)
    [2015.04.26] Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 5th (M3-35)
    [2015.04.26] Spiral Dimension (M3-35)
    [2015.08.16] 7th Dimension (C88)
    [2015.12.31] 0 [zero] (C89)
  • Bandalucia:
    [2015.10.25] Astral Ending (M3-36)
  • BGM:
    [2007.09.28] 姫さまっ、お手やわらかに OST 「MUSIC OF UTOPIANS」
    [2007.10.26] 僕がサダメ 君には翼を。おりじなるさうんどとらっく よ~く聞くニャ♪
    [2008.09.26] 民族淫嬢 オリジナルサウンドトラック
    [2008.12.28] SiN 黒朱鷺色の少女 ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK
    [2010.07.21] W.L.O.世界恋愛機構 VOCAL COLLECTION
    [2010.10.27] 暁の護衛?罪深き終末論? ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
    [2011.07.29] 恋ではなく―― It’s not love, but so where near. ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
    [2012.01.20] 恋騎士 Purely☆Kiss ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
  • Singles:
    [2006.12.01] ひだまりの夢
    [2006.12.01] サクライロ
    [2006.12.01] プチタミ
    [2006.12.01] ロンド
    [2008.08.15] G線上の魔王 CHARACTER SONG CD
    [2008.08.15] 放課後は白銀の調べ 主題歌CD
    [2009.02.27] 優しい時間
    [2009.05.05] ParadigmShift
    [2009.12.29] Nano Universe
    [2013.05.31] レミニセンス Vocal Collection

Single tracks
[2009.10.30] 茶太 — 泣いてる雲と優しい雨
[2009.10.30] 茶太 — 虹色ソナタ
[2010.02.25] 金松由花 — 恋人のツヨサで
[2010.02.25] 鈴原知花 — Hinomaruuuuuurrrrry
[2010.07.21] 鈴原知花 — その光
[2010.12.17] syow — unnamed place (instrumental)
[2010.12.17] 霜月はるか — unnamed place
[2011.01.30] Barbarian On The Groove feat. Rita — エターナリペア
[2011.01.30] Barbarian On The Groove feat. カヒーナ — ヤルセナイザー音頭
[2011.01.30] Barbarian On The Groove feat. 民安ともえ — Rock My Soul
[2011.01.30] Barbarian On The Groove feat. 民安ともえ — what a wonder ending world
[2011.02.23] 霜月はるか — グラフティー
[2011.03.31] ぐるたみん — Dread Answer
[2012.11.22] Barbarian On The Groove feat. 真理絵 — 眠れる明日へ
[2012.11.22] 桔梗ルリ — プレゼンシア – 存在 –

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    Can you please update/replace it?


    I… I just have… Whatever, to the download queue here it goes! I know that I’ve heard Haruka Shimotsuki works somewhere else…

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