Diverse System

Current version: 4.0.
Upgradable: yes*

Overview: Diverse System is a pioneer doujin label that has been active since 2000. Originally, beatmania-related remixes were the main activity of the circle, but in the end of 2010 they received a complaint letter from KONAMI and suspended the activity. It was a turning point for the label’s life, YsK439 started recruiting various electronic composers from all over Japan (now the circle is getting work submissions from other countries as well) and decided to divide future albums genre-wise. To name a few: techno, trance, house, drum’n’bass, EDM, experimental, fusion, ambient, and so on. Thanks to the wise label policy and extremely talented composers, Diverse System became the biggest doujin label creating electronic music and is now recognized worldwide.

official site (you can buy recent albums from the official shop).

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)


Changes: new albums

* to update from 1.0 version
please delete the following folders (the rips were replaced with lossless ones):
[DVSP-0057~59] D15 (C78) (aac)
[DVSP-0035] Ridge Racer Respect (C71) (mp3)
[DVSP-0054] UNDERSTAND. The JetSetRadio ReMIXXX (C77) (mp3)

you may also want to remove fpl playlists.
for example, if you use Total Commander, you can press ctrl+b in the root folder, sort by extension, mark all fpls and delete them

* to update from 2.0 version
please rename C87 LimitedRemixes (C87) folder into [DVSP-1005] C87 LimitedRemixes (C87)

* to update from 3.0 version
Remove the following folders (been replaced with better rips)

[DVSP-0020] Dear, Mr.DESIRE (mp3)
[DVSP-0025] Diverse vs CAPCOM (C67) (ogg)
[DVSP-0160] Everything (M3-38)
[DVSP-0034] Dear, Mr.Sota (C70) (mp3)
[DVSP-0055] Diverse vs 8bit 3 (M3-25) (mp3)


    [DVSP-0001] D1-2: Diverse Style from ”B” 1st & 2nd (mp3)

    [DVSP-0002] D2: Diverse Style from ”B” 2nd style. (C59) (mp3)

    [DVSP-0003] D3: Diverse Style from ”B” 3rd style Normal (C60)

    [DVSP-0004] D3: Diverse Style from ”B” 3rd Style Versus (C60) (mp3)

    [DVSP-0005] D4: Diverse Style from ”B” 4th style (C61)

    [DVSP-0006] Dear, Mr.180 (C61) (mp3)

    [DVSP-0007] side-c (C60)

    [DVSP-0008] Diverse System Original (M3-09)

    [DVSP-0009~10] D5: Diverse Style from ”B” 5th style (C62)

    [DVSP-0011] D6: Diverse Style from ”B” 6th Style (C63)

    [DVSP-0012] Diverse System Original #02 (C62)

    [DVSP-0013] Diverse Style, THE RAGNAROK (M3-11)

    [DVSP-0014] Selfmix (C64)

    [DVSP-0015] Hello, Boss (C64) (mp3)

    [DVSP-0016] Diverse System Original #3 (C65)

    [DVSP-0017] D7: five keys (C66)

    [DVSP-0018] D7: seven keys (C66)

    [DVSP-0019] D7: other mixture (C66)

    [DVSP-0020] Dear, Mr.DESIRE

    [DVSP-0021] Dear, Mr.TAKA (C67)

    [DVSP-0022] FUJITSU (C67)

    [DVSP-0023~24] D8 (C67)

    [DVSP-0025] Diverse vs CAPCOM (C67)

    [DVSP-0026] D9: Diverse Style from ”B” 9th style (C68)

    [DVSP-0027] thE (C68)

    [DVSP-0028~31] OURPATH: Diverse Style The Best 2000-2005 (C69)

    [DVSP-0032] Dear, Mr.TaQ (M3-17)

    [DVSP-0033] Dear, Mr.SLAKE (C70)

    [DVSP-0034] Dear, Mr.Sota (C70)

    [DVSP-0035] Ridge Racer Respect (C71)

    [DVSP-0036~37] D11: Diverse Style from ”B” 11th style (C71)

    [DVSP-0038~39] Diverse vs 8bit (C71)

    [DVSP-0040] Dear, Mr.Hiroshi Watanabe (M3-19)

    [DVSP-0041] D12: Diverse Style from ”B” 12th style (C72)

    [DVSP-0042] Diverse vs 8bit 2 (C72)

    [DVSP-0043] Dear, Mr.nagureo

    [DVSP-0044~45] Dear (C73)

    [DVSP-0046] D13: Diverse Style from ”B” 13th style (C74)

    [DVSP-0047] Dear, Mr.NAOKI (C75)

    [DVSP-0048] Dear, Mr.kors k (M3-23)

    [DVSP-0049] Dear, Mr.Ryu☆ (M3-23)

    [DVSP-0050~51] D14 (C76)

    [DVSP-0052] AD:Nearly 130 (M3-24)

    [DVSP-0053] Dear, Mr.L.E.D. (C77)

    [DVSP-0054] UNDERSTAND. The JetSetRadio ReMIXXX (C77)

    [DVSP-0055] Diverse vs 8bit 3 (M3-25)

    [DVSP-0056] Hello, Boss.2nd. (M3-25)

    [DVSP-0057~59] D15 (C78)

    [DVSP-0060] AD:Nearly 140 (M3-26)

    [DVSP-0061] D16 (C79) (mp3)

    [DVSP-0062] Dear, Mr.Wac (C79)

    [DVSP-0063] thE2 (例大祭8)

    [DVSP-0064] works

    [DVSP-0065] AD:Nearly 180 (M3-27)

    [DVSP-0066] thE2.5 (例大祭8)

    [DVSP-0067] AD:155 (C80)

    [DVSP-0068] AD:TRANCE (C80)

    [DVSP-0069] thinkover. (M3-28)

    [DVSP-0070] Ridge Racer Respect Recreation. (C81)

    [DVSP-0071~72] works.2 (C81)

    [DVSP-0073] Dear, Mr.MINECRAFT (C81)

    [DVSP-0074] AD:HOUSE (M3-29)

    [DVSP-0075] AD:PIANO (M3-29)

    [DVSP-0076] AD:100 (コミティア100)

    [DVSP-0077] thE3 (例大祭9)

    [DVSP-0078] thE3.5 (例大祭9)

    [DVSP-0079~81] AD:TRANCE 2 (C82)

    [DVSP-0082] Selentia (C82)

    [DVSP-0083] AD:TECHNO (M3-30)

    [DVSP-0084] AD:60 (M3-30)

    [DVSP-0085] ESCAPE FROM 10 MINUTES (M3-29)

    [DVSP-0086] thinkover. calmdown (C83)

    [DVSP-0087~8] AD:Drum’n’Bass (C83)

    [DVSP-0089] AD:Electronic Dance (C83)

    [DVSP-0090~1] AD:Electronic Dance 2 (M3-31)

    [DVSP-0092] AD:HOUSE 2 (M3-31)

    [DVSP-0093] thE4.5 (例大祭10) (東方)

    [DVSP-0094~5] works.3 (C84)

    [DVSP-0096] L’aventale (C84)

    [DVSP-0097] JAPAN (C84)

    [DVSP-0098] AD:128 (M3-32)

    [DVSP-0099] AD:DUBSTEP (M3-32)

    [DVSP-0100~2] AD:TRANCE 3 (C85)

    [DVSP-0103] thinkover. CONVERGENCE (C85)


    [DVSP-0105] Hello and Again LP (C85)

    [DVSP-0106] AD:TRANCE 3.5 (C85)

    [DVSP-0107] AD:PIANO 2 (M3-33)

    [DVSP-0108~9] AD:Electronic Dance 3 (M3-33)

    [DVSP-0110] AD:GUITAR (M3-33)

    [DVSP-0111~2] works.4 (C86)

    [DVSP-0113] works.tigerlily (C86)

    [DVSP-0114~5] AD:HOUSE 3 (C86)


    [DVSP-0118] Roots of Rhythm

    [DVSP-0119] fig.1 VEIL (M3-34)

    [DVSP-0120~3] AD:TRANCE 4 (C87)

    [DVSP-0124~5] AD:Drum’n’Bass 2 (C87)

    [DVSP-0126] AD:PIANO 3 (C87)

    [DVSP-0127] fairythm (C87)

    [DVSP-0128] Binary Blue

    [DVSP-0129~30] works.5 (M3-35)

    [DVSP-0131] AD:Nearly 120 seconds (M3-35)

    [DVSP-0132~3] AD:HOUSE 4 (C88)

    [DVSP-0134~5] AD:EDM 4 (C88)

    [DVSP-0136] AD:PIANO VIVACE (C88)


    [DVSP-0138] AD:TECHNO 2 (M3-36)

    [DVSP-0139] fig.2 SINGULARITY (M3-36)

    [DVSP-0140] BADASS (M3-36)

    [DVSP-0141~2] AD:TRANCE 5 (C89)

    [DVSP-0143] ZheleNaught (C89)

    [DVSP-0144] LAST DANCE (C89)

    [DVSP-0145] World Fragments (C89)

    [DVSP-0146~7] works.6 (M3-37)

    [DVSP-0148] 星を数える (M3-37)

    [DVSP-0149] beatless challenge (M3-37)

    [DVSP-0150~4] RADIAL (C90)

    [DVSP-0155] works.thE (例大祭13)

    [DVSP-0156~7] AD:HOUSE 5 (C90)

    [DVSP-0158] ULTRA BADASS (C90)

    [DVSP-0159] Fly into the Sky (M3-38)

    [DVSP-0160] Tsukishiro Hikari – Everything (M3-38)

    [DVSP-0161~2] AD:Progressive House (M3-38)

    [DVSP-0163~6] STREAMS -AD:TRANCE BEST- (C91)

    [DVSP-0167~8] AD:PIANO IV Monochrome (C91)

    [DVSP-0169] Evolved Chronicles (C91)

    [DVSP-0170] Saqriphrx (C91)

    [DVSP-0171] Intensely EP

    [DVSP-0172~3] works.7 (M3-39)

    [DVSP-0174] Dear, Mr.HIROSHI WATANABE (M3-39)

    [DVSP-0175] fig.3: wave (M3-39)

    [DVSP-0176] BADASS絶叫爆音上映OST

    [DVSP-0177] Inside of monochrome (COMITIA 120)

    [DVSP-0178~9] AD:HOUSE 6 (C92)

    [DVSP-0180] AD:Drum’n Bass 3 (C92)

    [DVSP-0181] AD:DUBSTEP 2 (C92)

    [DVSP-0182] Ujico* – [FLOWERS] (C92)

    [DVSP-0183] AD:TECHNO 3 (M3-40)

    [DVSP-0184] Nardis – Call (M3-40)

    [DVSP-0185] Blacklolita – アアル (M3-40)

    [DVSP-0186] Sampling Challenge (M3-40)

    [DVSP-0187~8] AD:TRANCE 6 (C93)

    [DVSP-0189~90] AD:PIANO V Noir (C93)

    [DVSP-0191] Feryquitous – Irui (C93)

    [DVSP-0192] DEPTH (C93)

    [DVSP-0193~4] works.8 (M3-41)

    [DVSP-0195] fig.4 -Adolescence- (M3-41)

    [DVSP-0196] Feryquitous x 藍月なくる – IdenTism (M3-41)


    [DVSP-0198~200] Clearly -AD:HOUSE BEST- (M3-41)

    [DVSP-0201] Colors -AD:HOUSE VOCAL REMIXES- (C94)

    [DVSP-0203] Celt Challenge 2 (C94)

    [DVSP-0204~5] AD:Progressive House 2 (M3-42)

    [DVSP-0206] AD:PSYCHEDELIC (M3-42)

    [DVSP-0207] Xacla – orbital revolution (M3-42)

    [DVSP-0208] EXCLUSIVE WAVES (M3-42)

    [DVSP-0209] fig.5 -FOREVER- (C95)

    [DVSP-0210~1] AD:TRANCE 7 (C95)

    [DVSP-0212~3] AD:PIANO VI -Punishment- (C95)

    [DVSP-0214] xi – Quietus Ray (C95)

    [DVSP-0215~6] works.9 (M3-43)

    [DVSP-0217~8] MAYA AKAI – VIOLET (M3-43)

    [DVSP-0219] AD:TRANCE REMIXES 2 (M3-43)

    [DVSP-0220] Breaks Challenge (M3-43)

    [DVSP-0220a] BADASS絶叫爆音上映4DX オリジナル・サウンドトラック 体験版 (M3-43)

    [DVSP-1002] from BMS. (とら祭り2010)

    [DVSP-1003] Fusion Challenge (C84)

    [DVSP-1004] Celt Challenge (M3-32)

    [DVSP-1005] C87 LimitedRemixes (C87)

    [DVSP-1006] Triangle (C89)

    [DVSP-1007] Freedom EP (C95)

    [MOSE-0001] anima I 東方 (コミケットスペシャル4)

    [MOSE-0002] anima II 東方 (C69)

39 thoughts on “Diverse System

  1. Diverse System, eh? This reminds me of this weird chat that I (and other torrenter) had with which seems to be the circle director:


    Yes, on a torrent page. It seems that the guy was really pissed not by overseas leechers, but by japanese guys that are too cheap for spending ¥1000 (or less!) on a disc that they just could mail-order. Still, he seems to share our pro-copyright-reform ideas (and now seeing that Konami tried to bring them down, I can understand even better his point, despite the fractured Google Translate Engrish :P).

    Will buy someday (when my goddamned country kills our crippled currency exchange control for good), but in the meanwhile I need to sample better these works. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I have no idea how you came up with the Diverse System guy being pro-copyright-reform. I read the whole exchange more than twice and all I could conclude is that google translate is absolutely horrifying for translating from/into japanese. It’s surprisingly good for russian and chinese, though.

  2. When will you guys update this release? It’s been more than 1 year for the release :)

    Great quality as always ^^

  3. Not sure whether or not it’s a mistake but ULTRA BADASS is in mp3 format in the lossless torrent.

    1. I put mp3s when I don’t have lossless so it is OK.
      AND I would appreciate if someone have it and will share with me!

      1. I was planning to scan then upload my rip for a while now, but kinda forgot about it. Your post reminded me :P

        As complete as I could make itーincluding scans and the bonus content the QR code in the back pointed to. Notify me if there’s anything wrong!

  4. I’d intended to buy AD:PIANO3 but found it so hard to get, so it’s of great help, thx for sharing.
    A Long live and prosper from China.

      1. Well…I mean that I can’t get an AD:PIANO3 album and I’ve downloaded all from this torrent, so it’s just to express my appreciation.

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