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Rule number one: Don’t ask me to upload upcoming/new albums.

363 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Requesting Speedcore Fuckoka by 撲殺少女工房, released in C90 by MADDEST CHICK’NDOM.

  2. Hey, I saw you mention a while ago that you had some of Jerico’s releases.

    I was hoping you had either of these in Lossless

    [M3-31] Jerico’s Law (ジェリコの法則) — Jerico’s Work Selection
    [M3-38] Jerico’s Law (ジェリコの法則) — EDAMAME!!!

    1. If it’s not in the Event batches (searchable on the blog), then I am unfortunatelly don’t have it.

  3. Requesting Weaponized Soul 2.0 by M-Project, released at Comiket 94 in Lossless if you have it.

  4. The audio url of (probably) every sample is missing a slash, hence they won’t play:
    “https://audioforyou.topwp-content/uploads/…” should have a slash before “wp-content”. Can you fix this?

    1. Thank you for the headsup. Totally missed this.
      Now should be fixed for all (169 in total) links

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