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Rule number one: Don’t ask me to upload upcoming/new albums.

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  1. Requesting Speedcore Fuckoka by 撲殺少女工房, released in C90 by MADDEST CHICK’NDOM.

  2. Hey, I saw you mention a while ago that you had some of Jerico’s releases.

    I was hoping you had either of these in Lossless

    [M3-31] Jerico’s Law (ジェリコの法則) — Jerico’s Work Selection
    [M3-38] Jerico’s Law (ジェリコの法則) — EDAMAME!!!

    1. If it’s not in the Event batches (searchable on the blog), then I am unfortunatelly don’t have it.

  3. Requesting Weaponized Soul 2.0 by M-Project, released at Comiket 94 in Lossless if you have it.

  4. The audio url of (probably) every sample is missing a slash, hence they won’t play:
    “https://audioforyou.topwp-content/uploads/…” should have a slash before “wp-content”. Can you fix this?

    1. Thank you for the headsup. Totally missed this.
      Now should be fixed for all (169 in total) links

  5. Sorry to ask one more time but do you have THE BEST OF PSYCHO FILTH by Psycho Filth Records, it was released at C86 or or something.

  6. Requesting “Gachihomo Hardcore” by various artists.Released in 2010.
    The album was free but it got lost in time.

  7. Is it possible to get seeds for the following:

    [Audio-4U] (M3-28) AsianDynasty Records — 震電 -SHINDEN- [INBT-1101] (flac+cue+scans)
    [Audio-4U] (M3-27) AsianDynasty Records — HEAVY ARMOUR [ADDJ-0003] (flac+cue+scans)
    [Audio-4U] (M3-27) AsianDynasty Records — FAST ATTACK [ADDJ-0002] (flac+cue+scans)

  8. Sorry , it’s me again. I’m still looking for the Condition Red album from GUST Sound Team.
    Can you upload to drive this time?

    Sorry for the inconvenience. >_<

  9. Will you upload all of the SCALD Records albums, requesting SCALD -greed- and SCALD -zero-.

  10. Hi and thanks for everything,

    I just downloaded some DJ Shimamura albums from the V10 lossy torrent, and in Orthodox (DNCD-012) the tracks 7 and 8 are flipped, also the featuring on track 7 is incorrect (it’s MC STONE).

    Thought you’d want to know ;)

      1. Been looking for Stepmania Panzer Force Original Soundtrack in Lossless plus scans everywhere.

  11. I just discovered this site and my jaw hit the floor, you are a hero! Thank you for your hard work!

  12. Hey, in J-CORE 3.0 you had
    LINEAR – FREE FALL EP [LNEP-0004] (C77)
    But were removed in 4.0+, do you still have either of them?
    And if so, could you re-upload them somewhere?

  13. Hey, it occured to me you might not be aware of another resource that shares Doujin albums publicly. I assume you know about Doujinstyle discord, but there’s another discord called “Doujin Music”, there’s around 9k or so albums in there currently, some of which I was surprised to not see included in the Jcore 10.0 batch.

    I’m not sure if you personally see the email field, but I put the discord invite there for you, in case you have any interest.

  14. Any chance you have any of these Otaku Record albums?
    Otaku Record (Groovetune) – 5xRxEx [OTR-07~8] (C79)
    Otaku Record (Groovetune) – B.O.T [OTR-11~12] (C80)
    Otaku Record (Groovetune) – Shut Up’n Play Yer Decks [OTR-13] (C81)

    I know you have some in the leftovers section, but none are these.

  15. Do you by chance have
    (M3-26) AsianDynasty Records – Industrial Hard Minimal {ADDJ-0001}

  16. Hi everyone.
    I’am looking for 2 old remixes, and it seems this blog is my last hope of finding theses rare remixes.
    I’m searching the 2 Misono – Konomama (Shadow K remixes).
    I hope a good soul will rise ^_^
    Thank you all.

  17. Yo guys, have been looking for the FLACs of USAO CD Vol.2 & 3 for months. If anyone has the CDs or knows where I could buy it, let me know :)

      1. Could you add some albums about “Sota Fujimori” ?
        Here just find three albums,please!

  18. Hi, do you happen to have [M3-27] paraoka – ぜんまし (KOCD-0009)? I posted a comment a few minutes before but it didn’t appear on this page…
    Thank you!

  19. New to this website. Discovered by searching “Diverse System” on ^_^ . Since the only rule is to not upload upcoming/new albums. I think the following request is allowed?

    May I request to seed one of your old uploads from website? Torrent name is:
    [Audio-4U] (C88) Mournfinale (void) — Artifiction [VSDA-0006] (flac)

    I’ve noticed there are very little completed downloads in there, so I think a chance of seeders are just very unlikely.

  20. Hi. I’m looking for an album – “Lopears vs. STRLabel”.
    I found the torrent file – “[Audio-4U] STRLabel 1.0” – but I think it is not working.
    May I ask you for reseeding this one? Thank you.

  21. Do you by any chance have Ayumi Nomiya’s older works released under her circle honey☆bitter,anima? I’ve searched everywhere, but found only dead DDL links and torrents with 0 seeds.

      1. Thank you, wasn’t expecting anyone to have this album. However, I can’t download it from Baidu, because I can’t create an account from my country. Can you please upload it to some other filehost, e.g. Mega or Mediafire? If you don’t have/don’t want to create an account, use Zippyshare or, they don’t require registration

        1. I can’t download from baidu either, which is why I linked it for you/anyone else to grab and re-upload or just grab.

          I’m sorry.

        2. Here, grabbed it and uploaded it to mega for you.

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