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Rule number one: Don’t ask me to upload upcoming/new albums.

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  1. Might be a repost, not sure if I disconnected or commenting system here is based on approving, but yeah..

    Do you happen to have Reg; – Secret Remixes in any form?

    Also when you are gonna release J-core 8.0? I assume month after C88 or so? Just wanting to know when to contact you if u need any of my shit for the jcore pack like before.

    1. I simply forgot to approve your comment, sorry.
      And I don’t have Reg;’s Secret Remixes.

      I think I will release the next j-core batch in the middle of September after my long vacation (Probably I will have to postpone C88 releases as well…). Please contact me around the time, I would really appreciate any of your submissions!

  2. Can you make batch for Foxtaill-Grass Studio and more of their works? I love their workd and would really appreciate it.

  3. Do you have any more clocknote.? The only album I found was Navy;058 and was really impressed with arrangement, if not no biggie. Love your collection

    1. I can find his ButterNotes on the net, but I don’t have anything else. Pretty nice proghouse, aight

  4. Thanks for all the J-Core!
    I love you (づ ・ω ・)づ。。・゜゜・。。・゜❤

  5. please, if someone could help me to find these cds:
    (i can’t find in lossless quality only in mp3, please if could someone have these to sell or share. thank you!)
    Album: PUDDLE
    Alternative Tittle: Air compilation album PUDDLE
    Catalog Number: TRCD-0001
    Published by: tsundeRECords
    (M3-2011 EVENT)
    Album: Euphoric Tears
    Catalog Number: SGNM-002
    Published by: signum/ii
    Album: VAGUE
    Catalog Number: ZTSL-006
    Published by: Code ZTS Label
    (Comiket 62 Event)

  6. I’ve been looking over the net and actually found your release on here for “FROZEN GOVERNMENT WARS VOL.1” after searching ages through private trackers and on PD. Is their any plans to Upload
    I’m willing to pay for the CD’s as well if if for some reason these are sitting in your arsenal.


    1. sadly enough I don’t have the cds itself, but let’s see if I could include them in my J-CORE 8.0 pack I will start to prepare this week

  7. Just to let you know, under your Releases master post, Reitaisai 12 links to the C88 page.

  8. Hi, I’m trying to get a hold of “(C82) ちぃむdmp☆ — 電波娘々 [DMPCD-0004] (flac+scans)” can you reseed this batch please?

  9. Have you ever thought about using waifu2x for upscaling or removing artifacts from scans or art covers?

    1. I haven’t scanned anything in like 2 years and probably won’t do it in the near future. So the answer is no, I have’t

  10. Hi anyone seen a Lossless DL of Reverberations 2 Clean Tears?
    I suppose I should buy the CD, its about time I gave this artist some real credit :)

    1. There are some, but I cannot DL them at the moment.
      I’ll try to contact you thru e-mail if I don’t forget.

  11. I have a request for bermei.inazawa’s studioCampanella batch. I’ve really liked berpop melodies & Remixies 1&2 albums and his works on Voltage of Imagination label. I’d be grateful, if you could do that.

  12. because i’ve seen the non-japanese tag, so can you upload Monstercat discography

  13. Can you please reseed vorbis releases? And thanks for the work you’ve been doing, I really appreciate it!

  14. i dont know if someone before me have asked the same..
    can you please reupload batch and future update to AniDex too?
    since Nyaa frequently had some problem..

    thanks and keep up the good work!
    still waiting any update for foxtail grass, orange coffee, and many other jazz and warm music from you.

    1. yeah, I should do something with mirror trackers for my releases.
      You can download torrent files for every batch from our own tracker (anisource), though.

  15. i know it make me sounds like some sick people..
    but i hope there will be more upload from confetto in the future.
    the vocal is just………………

    keep up the good work!

  16. Yo, by any chance have more of the Lost Garden albums? It’s difficult to find some of that stuff in a lossless format. If not or you don’t feel like uploading any that’s cool, still appreciate all you do.

  17. Hi, I recently downloaded the [Audio-4U] [EAC] (同人音楽) C76 music 1.0 (lossless) torrent and tried to open [EAC] [090815(C76)] [Velvet Sounds] Whispers of the Velvet (tak+Internal Cue+bmp).rar but it appears to be a password protected file. Please, Is there any way you can email me the pass if you know it? Also, if you can’t, do you know any other place I could download Whispers of the Velvet? (album by Velvet Sounds). Thanks!

  18. Hello,

    Thank you for all the contributions throughout the years. Recently with the new batch updates I haven’t been able to download beyond 10% of the files. I was wondering if there are new limitations or policies in place with the torrents now, whether there’s something wrong on my end, or just lack of complete seeders online. I am able to download other files properly but a4u torrents are giving me issues.

    Thanks for any insights that can be provided!

    1. there are sure some unseeded torrents. Just give me the names, I’ll make everything possible to seed them or provide you a new link

          1. Forgot to clarify that it’s the *(flac) version I’m trying to download.

            Perhaps something is wrong on my end =\. Very odd that it’s only happening with a4u torrents. I’ll keep investigating, thanks for the quick response.

  19. The World Supertek Taisen series is not a part of your collection, what can I do to help you include it?

    1. I will include ワールドスーパーテック大戦PRIME, SuperS and Troisieme in the next J-CORE batch.

  20. I do not know did it work so I’ll post again.

    Could you please share Jerico’s Law discography?

    1. I have some albums from him, but not sure if I want to make a discography, sorry

        1. I won’t have an access to my music drive for a long time.
          Moved recently.

  21. Could you reseed or upload (C89) BlackY’s BEATFLOOR — Blazeful-crackY [BYBF-0006] (flac) if possible?

  22. I would like to say thank you soo much for providing everyone with such wonderful albums and the dedication to do this~ ^^

    I have a simple request if you don’t mind hearing but care to share with any salvation by faith records album that you have in possession?

    1. Sorry, I really don’t have much. Probably the same you can find on the internet.

  23. I’ve been downloading a lot from here and I must say THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR PROVIDING AWESOME MUSIC. The Tokyo Audio Waffle series is one of the best I’ve ever listened to and I’m waiting for more.

    If possible could you share ALVINE’s album, preferably in lossless?

  24. First of all, thank you for all your work. The quality of your uploads is the best I’ve seen on the internet.
    My question is: Are there any plans on doing RD-Sounds discography?

  25. Are you still updating this site? I haven’t seen anything new for a while and some of the compilation/collection torrents are getting pretty outdated.

  26. Hello,

    I love you. Is there any way to contribute? I’d love to have a C-Media Records discog on the internet for example.

    1. Hey, what about contribution – you can upload your cds if you have some, it is always appreciated.
      If you don’t have any, there is a way to donate (info here
      C-Media Records – I had a lot of releases back then, but now I don’t have any, sorry. If there is anything else you’d like to see – just tell me

  27. I love your blog so much!What a great number of loseless resources you have got!And thanks for your painstaking upgrading.I’ve been attracted by the loseless torrents deeply.I’ve downloaded very much and I will keep seeding them,too.All in all,Thanks for your work!And I have a little bit request:Could you please upgrade Halozy Series?It seems that it has got no upgrade for a long time.And how about upload EXIT TUNES records?If you have done these I’ll be more grateful.Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your feedback!
      I will updaty Halozy one day, do not worry.

      And sorry about EXIT TUNES – I have deleted all albums long ago and do not have plans to batch it

      1. Ah…that’s OK.hmm…I’m a loyal fan of EXIT TUNES……Hope one day you would batch it……And how about HARDCORE TANO*C? btw,thanks for your works again!

  28. Hi could you please reseed the STRLabel batch for a bit? Thanks for the hard work.

  29. Requesting Far East Dystopia Vol.1 (M3-39), Far East Dystopia Vol.2 (M3-40), and Far East Dystopia Vol.3 (M3-41) in FLAC.

    1. hmm, it’s not selling on suruga-ya, but lel me see if I can get it some later date

      1. Alright, been looking for the lossless versions despite the three albums released recently.

  30. Since C94 is coming, are you going to add the albums that are releasing for those three days?

  31. Can you upload all pastyle discography?

    Or atleast you could get me this : 唱廻系パラレルミッション

    Thank you!

  32. Hello, just thought I would ask if you still had the files for [Audio-4U] [EAC] (同人音楽) C76 music 3.0 (lossless). Would appreciate the re-seed if you could. More specifically I really only need the cue file for [あすとらるTrip] 幻想郷ミソギバラ.
    Thank you for the music over the years.

    1. sorry, I don’t have it anymore! C77 is the first event I have all my releases saved

      1. Thanks for looking. I actually was able to find it in the Touhou lossless collection.

  33. You have THE BEST OF PSYCHO FILTH, it’s a 2-disc compilation album featuring the best songs from volumes 1-10 of THE PSYCHO FILTH, the album was released at Comiket 88, looking for the album in Lossless format.

    1. sorry, I don’t have it yet.
      I am checking all old albums and buying it if they are cheap, but I guess it’s not old enough

  34. Hey.

    Do you happen to have LINEAR – Lifty Accelerator from C76? I was almost 100% sure I got it from the j-core compilation many years ago, but now that I checked, it’s not there.

      1. bad rips yo

        “Defeat audio cache” should be yes (-10 points)
        C2 pointers were used (-10 points)
        Null samples should be used in CRC calculations (-5 points)
        Could not verify gap handling (-10 points)
        Could not verify id3 tag setting (-1 point)
        Range rip detected (-30 points)
        Test and copy was not used (-10 points)

    1. sorry, I don’t have any albums
      also trie to search for the album mentioned and it’s not selling anywhere

  35. You have X RETURNS by SOLIDBOX RECORDS, all I found was a lossy transcoded FLAC and its not sold in Bandcamp by Attack The Music, you have a clean rip?

    1. I have my own rip and will release it with J-CORE 10.0 next year… do you need it earlier?

  36. Hi. Do you have:

    [EAC] (C76) (同人音楽) [AlliumProject] Special Present Disc -Progressive Electronic Sounds ; Hard Beep and Deep Trancy VOCALOIDERS ANTHEM- (flac+cue).rar

    I tried to find this from the Chinese C76 EAC torrent, but it is completely dead. There is a 320kbps version, but I’m looking for lossless.

    1. Are you still seeding the torrent? I haven’t completed the download. could you leave it seeded for at least 2 days. I’ll post again when I have completed it. Thanks

        1. lol, finally finished it today. I left it untouched for weeks. Initially I’ve completed everything except radio drama. idk why I cant connect to some of the peers.

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