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Rule number one: Don’t ask me to upload upcoming/new albums.

378 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Requesting Speedcore Fuckoka by 撲殺少女工房, released in C90 by MADDEST CHICK’NDOM.

  2. Hey, I saw you mention a while ago that you had some of Jerico’s releases.

    I was hoping you had either of these in Lossless

    [M3-31] Jerico’s Law (ジェリコの法則) — Jerico’s Work Selection
    [M3-38] Jerico’s Law (ジェリコの法則) — EDAMAME!!!

    1. If it’s not in the Event batches (searchable on the blog), then I am unfortunatelly don’t have it.

  3. Requesting Weaponized Soul 2.0 by M-Project, released at Comiket 94 in Lossless if you have it.

  4. The audio url of (probably) every sample is missing a slash, hence they won’t play:
    “https://audioforyou.topwp-content/uploads/…” should have a slash before “wp-content”. Can you fix this?

    1. Thank you for the headsup. Totally missed this.
      Now should be fixed for all (169 in total) links

  5. Sorry to ask one more time but do you have THE BEST OF PSYCHO FILTH by Psycho Filth Records, it was released at C86 or or something.

  6. Requesting “Gachihomo Hardcore” by various artists.Released in 2010.
    The album was free but it got lost in time.

  7. Is it possible to get seeds for the following:

    [Audio-4U] (M3-28) AsianDynasty Records — 震電 -SHINDEN- [INBT-1101] (flac+cue+scans)
    [Audio-4U] (M3-27) AsianDynasty Records — HEAVY ARMOUR [ADDJ-0003] (flac+cue+scans)
    [Audio-4U] (M3-27) AsianDynasty Records — FAST ATTACK [ADDJ-0002] (flac+cue+scans)

  8. Sorry , it’s me again. I’m still looking for the Condition Red album from GUST Sound Team.
    Can you upload to drive this time?

    Sorry for the inconvenience. >_<

  9. Will you upload all of the SCALD Records albums, requesting SCALD -greed- and SCALD -zero-.

  10. Hi and thanks for everything,

    I just downloaded some DJ Shimamura albums from the V10 lossy torrent, and in Orthodox (DNCD-012) the tracks 7 and 8 are flipped, also the featuring on track 7 is incorrect (it’s MC STONE).

    Thought you’d want to know ;)

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