The biggest update in Audio-4U history was made a week ago. I will summarize recent work and give you several advices.

Firstly, I had to start splitting flacs in order to use advanced tags.

Secondly, I started renaming scans from perfect dark. Now it’s more useful than it was (Image000n).

Thirdly, I will not convert png cover arts to jpg anymore (if there are such).

Fourthly, I changed q5 vobis aotuv setting to q6.

And few about this blog: 1) Now only previews for posts on the front page. 2) I accidentally looked into “spam” folder and found big amount of real comments. Sorry for everyone who posted a comment and it never appeared on the blog. I will check spam folder sometimes.

Advanced tags will give you all needed information about album and artists. You can read about them here.

That’s how my foobar looks like (info panel and properties).

What do you need to use custom tags on the info panel? As far as I know it works only on Columns UI (foo ui columns), so you need to change your user intrerface (Preferences—Display—user interface module). After that, build a needed foobar layout with “item properties” on it (view—layout—live editing). Right click, options, no problems here. You can also try to use foo_uie_trackinfo.dll, but I can’t say a thing about that. It’s “foobar2000-locked”, but I didn’t plan to make  it more compatible from the start.

To make your foobar display cover.png, you need to add  “cover.png” line to Preferences—Display—Album art.

And polls:

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3 thoughts on “Updates2

  1. Just a to let youknow and helping. The scans you named as “Label” is worng. Those things are called “Obi” or “Spinecard”. :)

      1. I grew up with the learning thought odf being correct to say “spinecard”. These last years I have seen everywhere with the word “obi”. Which is also correct.
        But since we it was something I grew up with, I usually name it “spinecard”.
        When I buy my cds or Lps from japan, I always try to make sure if they come with Spinecard. Because they are really fun in certain cds. Some spinecard are interactive with the cover of the cds. :)

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