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  1. Just to mention, in the Audio-4U J-CORE 12.0 torrent

    the logs associated w/ the following releases are incomplete (corrupt)

    Avex Trax (teranoid & KOJA YUKINO) – teranoid overground edition KOJA YUKINO [AVCD-23117]
    Avex Trax (teranoid & MC Natsack) – teranoid overground edition [AVCD-17924]
    SHOT MUSIC – SUPER SHOT -美少女ゲームリミックスコレクション‐ [SHOT-001]
    SHOT MUSIC – SUPER SHOT3 -美少女ゲームリミックスコレクション‐ [SHOT-005] (C79)

    I know at some point they were complete because I was able to find a complete version that matched the bit that was available in the teranoid overground edition KOJA YUKINO log.

    You might want to batch check everything and confirm this doesn’t affect more of the rips being shared, I imagine (hope) you have the complete logs locally..

    — Also, I think I sent this message before but I can’t remember lol, sorry if this is a duplicate and the other one is pending approval.

    1. luckily, there were not too many, would be easy to fix.
      This is what PowerShell gave me:

      Avex Trax (teranoid & KOJA YUKINO) – teranoid overground edition KOJA YUKINO [AVCD-23117]
      Avex Trax (teranoid & MC Natsack) – teranoid overground edition [AVCD-17924]
      SHOT MUSIC – SUPER SHOT -美少女ゲームリミックスコレクション‐ [SHOT-001]
      SHOT MUSIC – SUPER SHOT3 -美少女ゲームリミックスコレクション‐ [SHOT-005] (C79)
      east breaks in thousand – Avalon Breaks EP [ABCD008] (C80)
      Druggy’s Acid RacK – Virtual Oblivion [DARKCD-0006]
      Druggy’s Acid RacK – Physical Disconnect [DARKCD-0008] (C78)

      Get-ChildItem -include *.log -recurse | ForEach-Object { if( !(Select-String -pattern (“End of status report”,”ステータス報告完了”,”状态报告结尾”,”ステータスの報告終了”,”ステータスの終了報告”,”None of the tracks gave any problems”,”Ende des Statusreports”) -LiteralPath $_.FullName)) { $_.FullName}}

  2. Almost perfect. Only thing one could ask for is .cue files with gaps, but this is already such a massive achievement.

  3. Missing Track! [Kinzok On – Sol Negro by moro – Track 9 – Kwillana]
    Track is using the wrong audio, it is the same audio as Track 8 – Horke)
    I don’t know how I had missed this error for sooo long, guess I glossed over it somehow. If you could post a high quality file of Kwillana that would be great 🙂

  4. Do you by chance still have a copy of:

    [Audio-4U] (ふぁーすと3) salvation by faith records — Raichu FanDisc [SBFR-0029, SSEB-0019] (flac+scans)

  5. In the J-Core compilation page, section “*12→13 upgrade” you ask us to delete “Psycho 2”, and on the “folder name changes” point you ask us to rename “Psycho 2”.
    I obviously couldn’t since I already deleted it, but I think those instructions are contradictoy. I guess only of those should be up.

    Thanks for all your effort.

  6. Hi. Thank you for your work.
    Letting you know that in your j-core releases “rename folder” instructions, the new foldernames do not contain a valid – (minus) character, but a widened/long – character (i bet you can trigger it with a double –).
    The torrent, however, contains only the normal short – minus.
    I guess this is a wordpress thing, Word 265 does the same with – in lists sometimes. Not sure how this comment will turn out, i post small (-) and long (–) here again.

  7. Hi. I’ve noticed an issue in the J-Core comp 13.
    “Attack The Music – Synergy 2015 EP [ATK-0006]” has tracks 8, 9, & 10 jumbled up (in the filenames and tags.)
    What the torrent has:
    08 – Pa’s Lam System — Color (KI∇YO MOND∀I Remix)
    09 – Pa’s Lam System — Color (Pete Ellison Remix)
    10 – Pa’s Lam System — Color (Mossari Remix)
    The files themselves are in the right order, but the names and tags need to be edited so that you have:
    08 – Pa’s Lam System — Color (Mossari Remix)
    09 – Pa’s Lam System — Color (KI∇YO MOND∀I Remix)
    10 – Pa’s Lam System — Color (Pete Ellison Remix)

    I’m sorry if that’s confusing haha. Here’s the bandcamp release that has the appropriate names with the music so you can hear for yourself.

  8. `[Audio-4U] J-CORE 13 (flac)/Notebook “Delight” Records – 超!!爆笑ハードコア [NBDCD-004] (C87)/03. P*Light — kana*kana.flac` fails to decode, resulting in “*** Got error code 0:FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_ERROR_STATUS_LOST_SYNC” with the `flac` command and a null output with ffmpeg.

    However, the data appears to still be there; I can force it to decode with the `–decode-through-errors` option, and the md5 of the resulting audio matches the md5 stored in the flac file. So no data is lost, but I recommend re-encoding this file on the next release so that players don’t fail on it.

    Thank you so much for this amazing collection (and for removing the id3 tags from flac files with this release)!

  9. Heya, you have a REDALICE remix included in the bonuses folder from the release ‘honey☆bitter.anima – NON STOP☆HEROINES!!’

    do you happen to still have the complete album? Was originally shared as ‘(C74)(同人音楽 keyアレンジ)[honey☆bitter,anima] NON STOP☆HEROINES!! (ape+cue)’ in case that helps find it locally.

  10. Hi again

    Another request, you have “sun3 — Morning moonlight” in the !bonus folder of your J-CORE 13 torrent. Do you still have the complete [C82] ツンデレ漁業組合 — Light! Light! Light! {TFMU-0003} release?

    It was shared as ‘[EAC][自抓][C82][ツンデレ漁業組合] Light! Light!! Light!!! (wav+cue+log+bmp)’ by 水道水 on toast, I assume you downloaded it from there at the time.

  11. do you have any copy for exit trance albums? (exp. EXIT TRANCE PRESENTS SPEED アニメトランス COMPLETE BEST 2) if you have it im please upload it 😀

  12. Sorry for bothering, incorrect track metadata found across the following album.
    All tracks in this album are mislabeled
    eg. finishing attack by Kobaryo has the audio from Crusade by Spire.

  13. I would like to request the missing item here,
    SKETCH UP! Recordings (DJ Noriken) – ZODIAX EP2[SUEX-005]
    Thank you in advance!!

  14. hello, do you happen to have LU-I – Flash Point [OMKL-01], Tokyo Hard Dance – THD03 EP, or DJ Shimamura – Merry X-Mess 2019!! (was a free pack formerly available on his website)? i was not able to find these anywhere

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