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Recently, I started thinking how to improve tagging quality. To do this, I need to stop using “audio-image” system and start to split flacs. Instead, we will get a possibility to attach advanced tags like <ARRANGER>, <LYRICS>, <COMPOSER>, <REMIXED BY>, <EVENT>, <ORIGINALTITLE>, <LABELID>, <VOCAL>, <CHOIR>  and maybe something else (<MASTERING>, <SUPPORT>, <GUITAR> etc).




<ORIGINALTITLE> = 原曲, especially useful for toho arranges

<ORIGIN> = 原作, game or anime, when the info is available

<CATALOGID> — obvious enough, will save a space in a <COMMENT> tag. The <COMMENT> will be used for  something like “X’s second album”.

Maybe will add <SUPPORT> tag, it could be a supporter for making tracks.

No radical changes in old tags.

<ARTIST> will mean a band or a singer (<VOCAL>). Otherwise, <COMPOSER> or <ARRANGER>.

<ALBUMARTIST> will mean a circle, label. For commercial releases, album artist/group/band name. No changes here so far.

Event information will be excluded from the <DATE> tag.

I will not add <GENRE>. Ever.

Will use <DISCNUMBER> with <TOTALDISCS>, too. I’ve already started to do this for vorbis.

Audio filenames: %track%. %artist% — %title% , no changes here. “” is a good separator when you have “-” in the track or artist name.

Cue as a playlist for each album. Not sure if I need to add m3u(8) playlists.

Perfect compatibility for Foobar2000. I can’t guarantee anything else.

That’s all. All specifications are a subject to change. Comment if you have a suggestion.

5 thoughts on “Level up

  1. Damn, I liked the audio-image system. Makes for easy burning and shorter filenames where things like Windows character limit errors won’t happen.

    1. I should think about the character limit, yeah. (and had no idea someone burns music to cds these days lol)

      1. Well, that’s for CDs in the car and for wasting all the CDs I still have which I bought a long time ago and never used. :P

  2. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I am not sure what to do with the existing old releases.
    I am thinking to split the flacs myself with foobar but the tags will probably be lost. :(

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