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Overview: AYUTRICA is a doujin circle established in 2008, hard rock/metal with a mature female vocal is the main dish. It also has a fantasy and a gothic elements. At the start, they did lack quality, but the latest album, for example, has really epic songs.
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[DYVK-0001] 二つの影 -Zwei Schatten- (mp3)
[DYVK-0002] Ende der Trumerei
[DYVK-0003] 眠りの森の金糸雀
[DYVK-0004] 紅のLast Dance
[DYVK-0006] The Rose Garden of Nightmare -薔薇庭園は悪夢(ゆめ)を見る-
[DYVK-0007] 黒曜石の歌 -Das Obsidianenlied-
[DYVK-0008] 眩惑の霧(ネーベル) -Dër Nēbel dës Trugida-
[DYVK-0009] ベルンシュタインの王冠 -Die Krone von Bernstein-
[DYVK-0010] 氷の檻、連珠の枷

PS I have no info about 0005 album, 白き祈りの交響曲 is probably 11th or 12th since there is a drama CD (missed) released before that.

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