Cécile Corbel

Current version: 2.0.
Upgradable: yes.
Overview: Graceful, beautiful, subtle, delicate, charming — you cannot describe her music even with those words, you just need to listen to it. Cécile Corbel is a harpist, as well as a singer, born in France. Besides leading celtic harp, you can find a lot of folk and classic instruments in her music: bagpipes, bodhran, bombard, bouzouki, various guitars and drums, flutes and whistles, cello, violin, piano etc. She sings in many languages including french, english, breton, irish and japanese. Her group arranges traditional songs and composes original, too. Turning point in her career was a proposal from Ghibli Studio to compose soundtrack for Karigurashi no Arrietty movie. After the successful “debut” in Japan, many people around the world fell in love with her music and voice.

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Changes: New albums, fpl playlists has been replaces with m3u8 ones, delete fpl files after updating.
Notes: the Terre des ours OST doesn’t have two additional tracks, I hope someone will rip the full CD version one day.

  • Content:
[2005.11.15] harpe celtique & chants du monde
[2006.10.02] songbook 1
[2008.11.17] SongBook vol. 2
[2010.04.07] Arrietty’s Song
[2010.04.20] Kari-gurashi
[2010.07.14] 借りぐらしのアリエッティ サウンドトラック
[2011.05.25] Songbook vol3 – renaissance
[2013.06.24] Songbook vol. 4 – Roses
[2014.02.24] Terre des ours Soundtrack
[2014.10.06] La Fiancee
Stanislas & Cécile Corbel — Les Nuits Urbaines.flac

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