Voltage of Imagination

Current version: 2.0-2.1.
Upgradable: no.

Overview: Big label, which works with well-known vocalists such as Haruka Shimotsuki, Chata, Katakiri Rekka, Aki Misawa, Chie Fukami, Noriko Mitose, Annabel and composers like onoken, bermei.inazawa, Hiroyuki Ooshima etc.
ACI, VAD, VAF are the series with mainly relaxing music. VAT series have lots of electronic tracks made by onoken. VOI is the main series, containing more poppish and rock music.
The latest works (in the 空想活劇 series) include tracks by various artists working in a wide range of genres (from kukui and butaotome to Rokugen Alice and beatmario). This label is also known for Higurashi no naku koro ni series songs.

Links: lossless (mirror), lossy (mirror)

Changes: New albums & singles, separated flacs + advanced tags system, new cover images, scans, ISOs etc.
Lossless torrent has been updated to 2.1. Please remove all ogg files from the folder if you have downloaded the 2.0 release.



  • Original
[2004.08.13] Ancient Colors Infinity vol.1 泰東ノ翠霞
[2004.11.30] Ancient Colors Infinity vol.2 蒼昊ノ恋歌
[2005.03.31] Ancient Colors Infinity vol.3 饗旺ノ烈火
[2005.09.30] ORBITAL MANEUVER phase : one geotaxis
[2006.02.10] ORBITAL MANEUVER phase : two anemotaxis
[2006.08.11] ORBITAL MANEUVER phase : three phototaxis
[2007.01.01] あさやけぼーだーらいん
[2008.02.29] Yggdrasill Minstrelsy – The Eternal Skywalker –
[2008.08.15] Blue Canopy
[2008.12.17] natal
[2009.12.29] 空想活劇
[2010.04.15] 花の涯
[2010.08.13] monotone
[2010.08.13] ダブルブリッド Depth Break
[2011.08.12] 空想活劇・弐
[2011.12.29] 空想活劇・参
[2012.05.18] 星海のアーキペラゴ
[2012.08.11] Tachyon
[2013.01.23] プラネット・ジャーニー -Wayfarer and 11 precious treasures-
[2013.06.05] ombre
[2013.08.10] VOI BEST SELECTION – caelum –
[2014.03.19] Back-alley Spiders

  • Media mix
[2006.06.28] why, or why not
[2006.09.27] かけらむすび
[2007.08.22] 対象a
[2007.12.21] こころむすび
[2008.08.15] GET SET ? TEAM LEVIATHAN CHRONICLE / 全竜交渉部隊戦闘記録
[2008.10.05] AHEAD ? TEAM LEVIATHAN CHRONICLE / 全竜交渉部隊戦闘記録
[2009.04.28] BREAK ? TEAM LEVIATHAN CHRONICLE / 全竜交渉部隊戦闘記録
[2009.06.24] まなざし
[2009.08.14] GO AHEAD ? TEAM LEVIATHAN CHRONICLE / 全竜交渉部隊戦闘記録
[2009.10.04] 存在の正しさは不在
[2009.11.07] 幻想の在処は現実
[2011.09.01] ミクロコスモス
[2011.09.01] 朗読少女 乙葉しおりの音楽日和

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