Event batches

Event batches page include all Audio-4U doujin releases, excluding those that had already been released in the respective discographies. Please download event-related music from the batches below and don’t ask me to seed old separate torrents.
October 2018: all event batches have been updated – all duplicate albums removed, added never-released unsorted albums. Please re-download, re-hash. No more vorbis torrents, sorry.

Total Size: ~340GiB


DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [2-dimension] parade (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Alternative ending (miko)] Everlasting Snow (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [BLANKFIELD] Fast Forward To End Of East [BFCD-0002] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [C.H.S] Unconnected. [CHS-0007] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [C9] Another History [C9CD-0002] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [chipion] ELECTRiC Re:View [CPON0003] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Cis-Trance] 200%東方ハードコア [CTCD-0013] (東方) (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [CROW’SCLAWspo] ORIGINAL INTENTION [PAEG-0011~12] (東方) (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Dark PHOENiX] Arrow Realize (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Demetori] 曼衍珠汝華 ~ Nada Upasana Pundarika [DECD-0006] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [eS=S] テクニカメリア -TechniCamellia- [ESSD-0007] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [False&Trues] techmatrix [FTCD0002] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [IRON ATTACK!] Miss Understanding [MIA015] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Kleio] 狂妄ドルチェ (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Pizuya’s Cell x MyonMyon] Resurrection Ballad [PCMM-0005] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Sound Online] Hydrangea [IBCD-0011] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Sound.AVE] Lotus ~ロータス~ [SACD-0008] (東方) (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [Sound∞Infinity] Conclusion [SDFN-0010] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [SYNC.ART’S] Alternative2009 -winter- [SACD-0003] (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [TatshMusicCircle] FAR EAST OF EAST II (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [TatshMusicCircle] WHITE MUTATION (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [YMBPR] YMBPR00 sampler [YMBPR-00] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [zephlabel] zephlabel + STR ep. (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [イオシス IOSYS] ワァオ! ハイパー電波チャン – ARM商業作品集 – (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C77) [少女病] 蒼白シスフェリア [LACM-4681] (flac+cue+png+iso)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 2-dimension – sweet time (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) Alternative ending – mavis [AECD-0002] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C78) C.H.S – Honey I Scream! (東方) [CHS-0008] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) CROW’SCLAW – Over The Rainbow (東方) [PAEG-0013] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) Einherjar Records – transit [ERCD-0003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C78) fromadistance – historie (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) LOOPCUBE – さよならユートピア [LPCD-1078] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C78) Whisper Records – Over S. [WPRL-0010] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) いえろ~ぜぶら – 東方愁爽歌 ~Landing of Truth~ (東方) [YZCD0014] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) とらのあな – ALL SEASON MIX BEST [TORA-00042~00044] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) ユウノウミ – 東方インデペンダンス (東方) [IOY-0005] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 天然素材 – eXceed3rd-JADE PENETRATE- BLACK PACKAGE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK [TSP-1001] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 有限会社るざりんxいえろ~ぜぶらxFalse&Trues – 東方TRITONATION (東方) [YZSP0003] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 橙汁 – ソラノカケラ (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C78) 鳩小屋 – ステラドロップ (東方) [HSCD-0009] (flac+cue+jpg)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Black Onyx — SOPHISTICATED (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Camphor — Camphor Music side create collection #3 Outpost (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C79) CODE-49 — CODE-49 White CD vol.1 (半分東方) [49EX0001] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C79) CROW’SCLAW — From The Bottom Of The Heart (東方) [PAEG-0014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) encounter+ — Wanderlust [LM-101231] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Floating Cloud — 東方アイリッシュ (東方) [FLCD013] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) FOX RAVEL — FINALE Vol.1 (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) k-waves LAB×オーライフジャパン — ゴツまさ倶楽部 (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) LINEAR — Assaultworks [ichi] [LNAW-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Lolita Comp Records — 妖精酒乱大戦 (東方) [LCCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Musical Jarβ — 古来風芸 [MJ‐002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) Sound∞Infinity — Vacabond (東方) [SDEN-0016] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) TRakker — TRanswing -The Inner Gaze- [IMAE-00046~47] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) void — Disclude [VSDA-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) いえろ~ぜぶら — 東方詠劫歌 ~Point and Eternity~ (東方) [YZCD-0015] (2flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) ロータスルートオーケストラ — 彩光モノクローム (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C79) 俺++ — 慣 -TRADITION- (東方) [ORECD-02] (flac+cue+scans)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C80) ALBATROSICKS — AERAS [IO-5007] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Black Onyx — DEVOURERS (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) C.H.S — Samplejunk (東方) [CHS-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) C9 — Desire (東方) [C9CD-0005] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Camphor — Malignant“X” (東方) [CAMP0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) CODE-49 (LV.4) — CODE-49 White CD vol.2 (東方) [49EX0002] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C80) FELT — Blue Drop (東方) [FELT-004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Floating Cloud — CARNIVAL (東方) [FLCD015] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) FOX RAVEL — FINALE Vol.2 (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) fractaleline — gift (東方) [FRCT-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Frozen System Records — ICEBOUND (東方) [FSRD-014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) k-waves LAB — 幻想郷に恋したミューズ (東方) [KWL-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) laughing out loud — I’ve Instrumental Remixes vol.Ⅰ (I’ve) [LOCD-1031] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Login Records — AGGRESSIVE MAIDENS (東方) [LOGCD-002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) N-tone — Ghost ride acceleration (東方) [NDCD-0007] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) pastyle — Unconscious Step (東方) [PLCD-0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) S.C.X (Clean Tears) — Remind -2011 NATSU (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C80) salvation by faith records — ホワイト・サン & ブラック・ムーン [SBFR-0022~3] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) schwarzwald — per speculum in aenigmate (東方) [SCHW-0008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Sequence Club — Experience -Act.2- (東方) [SCCD-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) Sound∞Infinity — Love Game (東方) [SFDN-0019] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) StarDrops — make a star (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) SYNC.ART’S — X-MATERIA クロスマテリア [SACD-4008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — 東方儚航路 (東方) [LYCD-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — 東方颯封歌 ~Paint and Probity~ (東方) [YZCD-0017] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) はちみつれもん — Light Night Beat (東方) [HLCD-0022] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) ばんだいく — ローリング★テクノ! (東方) [VD-017] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) ぷんこちん — リツナナCD – マジカルナイト – [RKMN0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 俺++ — 宴 -BANQUET- Vol.1 (東方) [ORECD-04] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 橙汁 — Accelerator -AoS2 original sound track- (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 舞風 — 東方幽靜響 (東方) [MKTD-1101] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 荒御霊 — Purple Purpose (東方) [ARAM-9992] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 蒼咲雫 — Sun Flower [AOSHIZ-009] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C80) 黒夜葬 — 眞紅ノ眷屬ハ圓環スル螺旋ヲ嘆ズル (東方) [KKYS-0006] (flac+cue+scans)

electro planet – PLANETS (flac)
fromadistance – Duende (flac)
GEOGRAPHIC – Visibility (flac)
GWAVE Clubsound Project (TRäkker) — Somersault [IMAE-00050] (flac)
IZMIZM – Give Back (flac)
lawy-エルジ – salabowl;sampler (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 2-dimension — Colorpop (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Adresse (仲村芽衣子) — 蒼穹リアライズ [ARPK-3001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) ALBATROSICKS — rebirth era [IO-5008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) AQUASTYLE — 幻想フォークロア -illusion folklore- (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Arte Refact — 幻想遊園郷 -Fantastic Park- (東方) [ARTE-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) bassy — ピアノムシが孵ったら [BASH004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Black Onyx — Black Onyx Remixes (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) C9 — Connected Words [C9CD-0006] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Chromesphere Records (syatten) — Colorium [CRCD-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) circle-rw —Radiant Pink (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) CODE ZTS LABEL — うみねこのなく頃に 散 musicbox Red (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Cordelia (花たん) — ノスタルジア [HNKS-0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) CROW’SCLAW — Blackened Fangs And Bloody Claws [PAEG-0015] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) dBu music — 蘇弾奏結界 尸解変奏曲 Undead Variation (東方) [DBCD-0017] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Demetori — BEGIERDE DES ZAUBERER (東方) [DECD-0007] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Draw the Emotional — Ghost and your heart (東方) [YYYP-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) electro planet (Junk) — euphorise [JKCL-0001] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) FELT — Silver Drive (東方) [FELT-006] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Floating Cloud — 幻想郷事変 (東方) [FLCD016] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Fluid-Tek Recording — Feel 4 the Origin [FTKRCD-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Foreground Eclipse — Each And Every Word Leaves Me Here Alone (東方) [FGE-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) fractaleline — NoTRicky Sequel [FRCT-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) GILDIA×猫の福音 — GILDIA×猫の福音 特典CD (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) GWAVE (Electro.muster) — The Personalizer [IMAE-00057] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) GWAVE (U) — ULTRA★U -GALAXY- 感謝祭! [IMAE-00058] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) GWAVE — GWAVE 2011 1st Chronicle [IMAE-00056] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) HEKATONCHEIR BEATS — 東方酒乱集・弐 (東方) [HKCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) HOEHOE RECORDS — アイドル八犬伝☆ホエホエとらっくす (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) IZMIZM — Nostalgia (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) kaede.org — 酣歌 Vol.1 [KAED-0006] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Kissing the Mirror — SCREAMING DEAD HEAT (東方) [AOD021] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Liz Triangle — reunion (東方) [LTCD-0014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) M.Graveyard & Cilcletempo — 彼岸花の咲く夜に Original Sound Horror… 愛しを渡るは黄昏ぞ/Spider Lily [MGRA-0002] (fl…
[Audio-4U] (C81) Melodic Taste — Anime Song Orchestra II [MTCD-0005] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Meno — Prologue (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) MISHAORU — さよならの森 [SMKA-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) monoROSETTA — 恋のレシピとエトセトラ [MONR-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) natal — an viento [NATAL01] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) necozuka — Cross⇒Connection (東方) [NZCD-0006] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Noir — Noirism -Ark- [NOIR-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Paradise Eve — 騎士エメラルド [PEVE-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) pastyle — Dimension of Bottom [PLCD-0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Pizuya’s Cell — Merciless Lazuli Rose (東方) [PSYC-0005] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) queens label — IA/00 [QLCD-0023~4] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Rolling Contact — ELECTRO CUTE (東方) [LOLI-0025] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Rolling Contact — HARDCORE BARRAGE 2 (東方) [LOLI-0026] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) salvation by faith records — We Bros X [SBFR-0027~8] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) SEA SPARROWS — Scarlet Vampire with fathful dog (東方) [SSTC-0005] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) SUBROC RECORDINGS (MINDBLAST P) — PAIN / PRAY [SBRC008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) SYNC.ART’S — CLAUDIA (東方) [SACD-5032] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) TatshMusicCircle — FAR EAST OF EAST VI (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Thousand Leaves — IMMORTAL VENGEANCE (東方) [TIBA-010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) TRiANCE CODE — Half the Beat (東方) [TRCD-0016] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome — 嚮導する聖女は屍骸の椅子で奇蹟を謳う [VDEP-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Yonder Voice — SEEKING (東方) [YVCD0003] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) Zero-Shaft — ZeroShuffle [ZSCD-003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) いえろ~ぜぶら (Yellow Zebra) — いえろ~ぜぶら ふぃな~れBOX (東方) [YZFB0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) うたのは (小鳥遊まこ) — 渡り鳥のリン [UTCD-010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — ろりーたプラネット★ミ [OPCD-1007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) こなぐすり — Thalia Aggregation (東方) [CNCD-0019] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) とらのあな — 東方マヨヒガTV~博麗神社☆プロデュース~ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) サリー — サドマゾヒズム (東方) [SA-002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) ポヤッチオ — プチリズムふぉお/// [KTHT-0014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) ユウノウミ — 東方人妻ようちえん (東方) [IOY-0008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 俺++ — 智 -WISDOM- (東方) [ORECD-06] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 凋叶棕 — 綴 (東方) [RDWL-0007] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 少女病 — Vision -誓約の閉回路 桎梏の乙女- [GIRL-2002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 橙汁 — SUGURI THE BEST (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 舞風 — 東方青旋香 (東方) [MKTD-1102] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 葉月ゆら×キラ星ひかる — 幻恋楼閣談集 [ROSE-003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C81) 麻枝准 x やなぎなぎ — Killer Song (flac+cue)

electro planet – Reajue Remixes (flac)
GEOGRAPHIC – utopia (flac)
mournfinale (void) – Altersist (flac)
Plug–8 – 正月感EP

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C82) – Sohmatoa – — ミルエス写本 -滅びを唄う5つの音- [SMTC-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 10th Avenue Cafe — 幻想郷茶房 ~tea for two~ (東方) [10TH-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 5150 — 東方合体ゲンソウオー参式 (東方) [Ryu-A009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.6 PHANTASMAGORIA OF FLOWER VIEW (東方) [AONE-0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) a-TTTempo — TOHO FULL SWING 3 (東方) [AT-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Adresse + L-TYPE — SQUASH★LIFE [ARPK-3002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Arte Refact — 「FLIGHT STEP」先行版CD-R (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) As/Hi Soundworks — ピアノのための東方小品集 Op.3 (東方) [ASHI-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) autumn-grass — hematite (東方) [AGCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) bassy — ワールド・ワイド・ボクシステム [BASH006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Black Onyx — Elements (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) C-CLAYS — 水斎 -Prism- (東方) [TOCD-0035] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) C.H.S — So Many Materials (東方) [CHS-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) CODE-49 — Girl’s Doll Resurrection EP [49CDEX-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Confetto — ななみっくす! -nanamix- [CFCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) CROW’SCLAW — アコースティック・エピソード (東方) [PAEP-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) dat file records — 萃 – 好きなことをあつめてみた- (東方) [datfile-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) DiGiTAL WiNG — Eternal Fantasia (東方) [DWCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) DiGiTAL WiNG — Eternal Fantasia Instrumental (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) DiGiTAL WiNG — JULIANA’S TOHO Vol.1 (東方) [DWCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) electro planet — samurai DANCEHALL [EPCD-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) extracode — extra.SQUARE vol.1 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) FELT — Little Planet (東方) [FELT-008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) GoldFish — 9*Nove (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Innocent Key — TOHO Innocent Beat!! (東方) [IK-22] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) k-waves LAB — 妖かしのまほろば (東方) [KWL-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) kaede.org — 酣歌 vol.2 [KAED-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) KLAMNOP — 新世紀フュージョン破 [KLMN-0006] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) laughing out loud — lol compilation album “TRANCE” [LOCD-1039~1040] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Login Records — Sacred Beatz (東方) [LOGCD-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Melodic Taste — Melodic Battle (東方) [MTCD-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) monoROSETTA — Lotus Land St. (東方) [MONR-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Obscure Music Team — DECADE (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Pizuya’s Cell — CORONeT (東方) [PSYC-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Pocket AD — LAST NIGHT ON 幻想郷 (東方) [POAD-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Queen of Wand — 明滅王女 [S806-QUEEN] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) R-Note — Comic Market 82 R-Note おまけCD (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) R-Note — 東方粋蓮響 ~Trick of Brilliance~ (東方) [RNCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Rainy Garden (kaoling) — 七つの記憶を失くした世界 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) S.C.X — 〆Deadline (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SOUND HOLIC feat. 709sec. — Energy Breaker (東方) [SDHC-0031] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SOUND HOLIC — 神 -KAMUI- (東方) [SDHC-0032] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) sound sepher — GothicLolita ORCHESTRION [SEPR-0015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SOUNDOT RECORDS — 青春のヒトコマとさよなら [DOTR-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SYNC.ART’S — FRAGMENTS (東方) [SACD-5033] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) SYNC.ART’S — Pieces [SACD-4010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) TAMUSIC — 東方四重奏7 (東方) [TAM3-0095] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) Team ZUMMER — Z:2 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) UNDEAD CORPORATION — 紅染の鬼が哭く (東方) [ANCO-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) WhiTECHNO — C82 無料頒布CD (東方) [WHTC-0008.5] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) うんちく商事 — 絃蒼の空 (東方) [UCEX-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — らぶでんぱ [OPCD-1009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ちぃむdmp☆ — 電波娘々 [DMPCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) とらのあな — 東方レイマリQUEST ~霊夢「この我のものとなりなさい、マリサよ」 魔理沙「だが断る!…だぜ!!」 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ふぉれすとぴれお — FRAN×POP (東方) [FPR0020] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ふぉれすとぴれお — Perfect Pretty Phantom (東方) [FPR0021] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) まらしぃ — 幻想遊戯 <眠> (東方) [MRCD-010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) オーライフジャパン — 壮快廟探訪(仮) 試聴版 (東方) [OLJA-0011a] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ササクレイション — MetroJackz (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C82) サリー — 【アイス】 (東方) [SA-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) ジェリコの法則 — Overdone Progression (東方) [JER-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 俺++ — 宴 -BANQUET- Vol.2 Juliana’s TOHO vs Scouse! TOHO (東方) [ORECD-08] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 少女病 — 創傷クロスライン [GIRL-1009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — 東方志奏 12th Spell -Trick Shooter- (東方) [XITH-0013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 東京アクティブNEETs — 東方爆音ジャズ3 (東方) [ANCD-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 永遠☆少女 — 東方少女歌劇団 お披露目CD (東方) [ELG-0000] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 発熱巫女~ず — Starlight Prelude (東方) [HTNT-014] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 葉月ゆら×Tetsushi — RAPT AQUARIUM [HATE-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 葉月ゆら×月子 — Fromage [TUHA-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 豚乙女 — 8 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 豚乙女 — ボウリング [BUTAGAME-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 豚乙女 — 東方猫鍵盤5 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 電奏楽団 (天門) — CHRONICLE [DENG-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C82) 音召缶 — Gensou Raving! (東方) [OMK-19] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (С82) Rolling Contact — Progressive Starbow (東方) [LOLI-0029] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (С82) Technomy — MONOSTREAMS [THCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (С82) 荒御霊 — SpellTech7 (東方) [ARAM-0026~27] (flac+scans)

MAYA AKAI, lawy – Southern Island (flac)
MISHAORU – 空話 -kuuwa- (flac)
signum-ii – Euphoric Tears (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 556ミリメートル — precious -singing beautiful girls- (東方) [MMCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.7 MOUNTAIN OF FAITH (東方) [AONE-0017] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) AGENT 0 — Mechanical Genocide and Empiric (東方) [AGENT-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) alinut — Soft Lime EP [ALNT-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) AQUA STYLE — 悠久フォークロア -eternity folklore- (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Arte Refact feat. 真崎エリカ — FLIGHT STEP [ARTE-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Assaultdoor — Dominant World (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) bassy — ロッキン・ラッキン・グッドバイ [BASH007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Black Onyx — Superstar Anthems (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) CODE-49 — Bon Voyage!! (東方) [49CD-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Demetori — Tendre est la Mort (東方) [DECD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) dennoh-STYLE — Club in the XANADU (東方) [DNST-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) DOWNFORCE — Airfoil e.p. [DOFR0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) FELT — Ground Snow [FELT-009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Floating Cloud — Floating Cloud C83 Special (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Foreground Eclipse & Draw the Emotional — Seated With Liquor (東方) [YPFE-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) fractaleline — ナナイロチック (東方) [FRCT-0014] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) HEKATONCHEIR BEATS — Far East Collapse Assault (東方) [HKCD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) kaede.org — 酣歌Ex Alc.0% [KAED-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) laughing out loud — I’ve Instrumental Remixes vol.Ⅱ (I’ve) [LOCD-1045] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) LYDIA GRAVE — Kaleidoscope [LGCD-008] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C83) R-Note — Comic Market 83 R-Note おまけCD (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C83) R-Note — 東方蓬千響 ~Trap of Labyrinth~ (東方) [RNCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) rtrax (Remo-con) — Unreleased & Rare Remixies [RT-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Snow*Mark — Ogre’s HARDCORE (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) sound sepher — 東方幻奏祀典10 -Kalpa- (東方) [SEPR-0017] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) T.Piacere — Drizzle Doll (東方) [T.P-00002] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Undead Corporation — O.D. [ANCO-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) VisualArt’s — VA Compilation CD Panorama Vol.4 [VA-C83-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) Xenoglossy — distorted incident (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆幼女合唱 [OPCD-1011] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) サリー — ピグマリオン (東方) [SA-005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) ネコノツカ — Femt Fiber (東方) [NZCD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) ボストン東方樂団 — Sakura Nocturna (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 俺++(Includeore) — 標 -MILESTONE- (東方) [ORECD-09] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 埼玉最終兵器&Aether — Frenzy Frenzy (東方) [SHAT-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 実谷なな — 実谷ななぶんのいち (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — 風彩旋律 -ふうさいせんりつ- (東方) [XITH-0014] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 永久立体<キュービックルュープ> — Is anyone there? (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 発熱巫女~ず — Aria of Innocence (東方) [HTNT-015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 秋葉工房 — SUPER EURO SMASH Vol.2 [ASES-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C83) 電奏楽団 — 電界紀行 [DENG-0007] (flac+scans)

C-hicken工房 – その素敵な音楽を…Vol.2~薔薇の園~ (flac)
CCx=Style – DiSTANCE (flac)
Electro Planet – BPM FxxKER (flac)
Electro.muster – Slow Step -First Love Comes Again-v (flac)
extracode – extra.SQUARE vol.2 (flac)
HSP feat. Miku Hatsune – Unfragment Remixes (flac)
ulu – Alma (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 556ミリメートル — emotion -strong feeling girls- (東方) [MMCD-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.8 – SUBTERRANEAN ANIMISM (東方) [AONE-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Chromesphere Records (syatten) — Spherepolis [CRCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) CODE-49 — Free Fall Future [49CD-0011] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Digital Logics (Alinut) — The Walker EP [ALNT-0004] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) FloatingCloud — Nersery Stories (東方) [FLCD017] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Hoshikuzu Container — EDM Challenge:House/Trance [HCCD0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) k-waves LAB — 幽かのたまゆら (東方) [KWL-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Karashic Records — DIGITAL PHANTASM (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) pastyle & Casket — Druma ’gus dord (東方) [PCCD0001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) R-Note — Comic Market 84 R-Note おまけCD (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) R-Note — 東方天姫響~Truck for Lightness~ (東方) [RNCD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) Rolling Contact — HARDCORE BARRAGE 4 [LOLI-0037] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) S.C.X — Reverberations [CT18-OR13] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) sasakuration — [i:d] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) SOS Sound Of Swing — Cat’s House (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) T.Piacere — Reizend Farbe (東方) [T.P-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) UNKNOWN-DIMENSION — 雨あがりの日差し [UDOR-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆夏祭り~でらっくちゅ~ [OPCD-1013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) ちぃむdmp☆ — 電波CHU×違法 [DMPCD-006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) シャノの気持ち — Caramel (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) ジェリコの法則 — Arrenged Explosion (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) メタファジックチャイルド (菊田裕樹) — 人狼伴奏音楽集 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — LOTUS -ロータス- (東方) [XITH-0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 桃箱 — mofumofu [MMBK001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 梶迫小道具店 — J1000 (東方) [CJVK0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 沙野カモメ — 夏の星空+beta_20130812 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 紅い流星 — ボカロ爆音ジャズ2 [ARCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 荒御霊 — 心娶 Kokorometry (東方) [ARAM-2105] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C84) 電奏楽団 — 導きの少女と運命の日 [DENG-0008] (flac+scans)
07. ℃iel — Wacky Acquaintance.flac

Digital Logics – Harmony on the Palette (flac)
electro planet – PLANETS 2 (flac)
kaede.org – 目にはさやかにみえねども子どもたちは時待つ花の夢をみるか (flac)
MISHAORU — Futura-永遠の記憶装置- (flac)
Sprite Recordings — LEVIASTORATOS (flac)
Vanguard Sound — Dual Sight (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C85) A-One — THE BEST OF NON STOP TOHO EUROBEAT 2012-2013 (東方) [AONE-0020] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) AQUA STYLE — 天宮廻廊 (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) AQUA STYLE — 蒼穹フォークロア -Firmament Folklore- (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) CROW’SCLAW — Sepia Recollections [PAEG-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ECE-SMZ — R. (ランス) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) electro planet — EPM -electro planet music- [EPCD-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) electro planet — FXXKIN’ AWESOME NONSTOP EPM!! -Mixed by Personative- (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Eru & ECE-SMZ — L&S’s (世界樹) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ESQUARIA — reproduction (東方) [EQ-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Eve Hates Me — Veni, Vidi, Mitakihara -Eve Hates ”M” Vol.1- [EHME-0002] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) FELT — Grow Color (東方) [FELT-012] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Foreground Eclipse — Stories That Last Through The Sleepless Nights (東方) [FGE-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) fromadistance — 生年不滿百 (東方) [FROM-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) IZMIZM — Codependent Rabbit (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) k-waves LAB — EORZEAN MINSTRELS’ STORY (FF) [KWL-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) kaede.org — Old navy never die. (艦これ) [KAED-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Levo Lution — Photon [Lvlt-0015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Madstiff Tracks (MAD CHILD) — Children’s Madness [MSTFCD-001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Rolling Contact — Progressive Starbow 3 (東方) [LOLI-0038] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Rolling Contact — TOUHOU meets HARDCORE 2 (東方) [LOLI-0039] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) Sharp Eight & Eve Hates Me — Desire S-T (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) surreacheese — Comte (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) T.Piacere — con spirito (東方) [T.P-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) UrutoraElectronicCorporation — UrutoraElectronicCorporation SAMPLER Vol.1 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) とらのあな — 東方幻奏響UROBOROS ~fANTASIAsPIRALoVERdRIVE~ (東方) (flac+BK)
[Audio-4U] (C85) はちみつれもん — 艦隊ティータイム (艦これ) [KNCL-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ばんだいく — 暁ニ響ク電子ノ雷 (艦これ) [VDK-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ジェリコの法則 — Frantic Acceleration (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) トマト組 — Midnight (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) ボストン東方樂団 — Scarlet Daydreams (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 俺++(Includeore) — 宴 -BANQUET- Vol.3/Juliana’s TOHO Special (東方) [ORECD-10] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 帝國交響楽団 — 陽はまた昇る (艦これ) [EMPE0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 東京アクティブNEETs — 東方爆音ジャズ5 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 白いしましまうさぎ — 艦娘忘勿歌 (艦これ) [SSU-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C85) 羽っ鳥もさく共和国 — 艦響 (艦これ) (flac+scans)
05. Pizuya’s Cell feat. 普透明度 — Farce Silhouette.flac
07. Lyn-A — A l’oree du bois.flac

Bassy – 青春サラバイ·前編 (flac)
Electro.muster – Electro.sinker (flac)
GEOGRAPHIC – touch (flac)
QUADROPHENIA – Play (flac)
Rita×MISHAORU – Cradle Garden (flac)
島みやえい子 – 5TEARS Vol.3 ~SWEET DRAGON~ (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C86) 556ミリメートル — invincible – perfect beautiful girls – (東方) [MMCD-0008] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Attrielectrock — nic@log e.p. [PAER-0060] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) CODE-49 — BEYOND AROUND (東方) [49CD-0012] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) DA Recording — SATURDAYS [DARC-003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Ether — 幻想世界シルフィネス (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Futon. — GRAVITATION [FTON-0020] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Garnet Cathedral — Gudomliga Dawn (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Jerico’s Law — Insane Habituation (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) M.Graveyard — ひぐらしのなく頃に奉 Original Sound Version & Arranged Tracks 「あの日へ-you」 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) NanoSounds/SuperSweep — Nanosweep18 [NS-018] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) Pizuya’s Cell — 電幽バイオメトリクス (東方) [PSYC-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) PROSCIUTTO — Amethyst-EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) QUADROPHENIA — NEAR (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) S.C.X — Reabsorb (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) ulu project — Fortuna [ULU-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) ViA Factory — PLATFORM EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) ちぃむdmp☆ — でんぱschool☆ [DMPCD-007] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) ラクエスク — Flowers Unfold [RQCD-001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C86) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — BANQUET -バンケット- (東方) [XITH-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C86) 深眠症 -insomnia- — 眠りのための幻想音楽 The Best of Sleep Music (flac+scans)

AcuticLogics(AcuticNotes + Digital Logics) – PUELLABYTE (flac)
Alinut – Some Stories EP (flac)
electro planet – EPM2 -electro planet music 2- (flac)
electro planet – Reajue Remixes 2 (flac)
GEOGRAPHIC – Exposé (flac)
Junk-Channel – Forget a Scenery (flac)
Light Notes Recordings – OF (flac)
MISHAORU – うなばらの繭 (flac)
Mournfinale (void) – Remind a Locus (flac)
tabgraphics – HSP WORKS11-14 (flac)
沙野カモメ(kamome sano) – beta_20140817 (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C87) 556ミリメートル — revolution -rising rebellion girls- (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) AQUA STYLE — 紅涙フォークロア (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) arcane — ノウェム (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) axsword (onoken) — Testimony [AXSD-0003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) Baguettes Ensemble — KanColle Jazz Sessions type SGB (艦これ) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) bassy — 夜明けのピアノムシ [BASH014] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) Disciples — CIERA [DSPS-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) Eclipseed — 漆黒のDhampir [DYVK-0022] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) ESQUARIA — EMOTIONAL CHAOS (東方) [EQ-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) Mikazuki Sofa (millie) — ほしいろトラベル [MLCD-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) minimum electric design — ORIGINAL WORKS introduction [ALMR-026] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) nanosounds, Supersweep — Nanosweep19 [NS-018] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) SPACELECTRO — 東方ボーカルEDM2 (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C87) ViA Factory ft. misha — Electric Voyager [VIAF-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) ちぃむdmp☆ — 箱入りむちゅめ [MMBK-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) とらのあな — 東方幻奏響uroboros弐 ~fAIRYtAILoVERdRIVE~ (東方) (flac+lyr)
[Audio-4U] (C87) ピクセルビー × よしづきくみち — Panoram A Leaf [PXB-012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) 交響アクティブNEETs — 第二次艦隊フィルハーモニー交響楽団 (艦これ) [KNCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) 東京アクティブNEETs — 東方爆音ジャズ7 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C87) 電奏楽団 (天門) — THE EARTH SIMULATION [DENG-0011] (flac+scans)

シャノ – Berry

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C88) CODE-49 — 電脳街 ”Reboot” (東方) [49RE-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C88) electro planet (Junk) — Contents [JKCL-0003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C88) MEGAREX — Ultra Hitech 01 [MRX-008] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C88) Mournfinale (void) — Artifiction [VSDA-0006] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C88) wavforme — newwav [WAV-001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (С88) ESQUARIA — PLATONIC SOUL (東方) [EQCD-0007] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (С88) とらのあな — 東方幻奏響UROBOROS肆 ~dEATHtINYoVERdRIVE~ (flac)
[Audio-4U] (С88) 電奏楽団 (天門) — 電界の地図 [DENG-012] (flac+scans)

arcane – アイオン
Asian melancholic — at first (flac)
Compllege — From 2 Planets (flac)
Digital Logics — Rendezvous (flac)
Madstiff Tracks — Neuropolis II (flac)
pastyle — Prismatic Aquarium (flac)
S2TB Recording – Beats!! (flac)
ラクエスク — Euphoric Tourism (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (C89) Binzokomegane Girls Union – DRILL [MNTL-001~2] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C89) CC*=Style — EYE (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C89) De-beL4 — GEMINI (東方) [db4-0002] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C89) Digital Logics (Alinut) — Milky Way [ALNT-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C89) Electro.muster — El Dorado [CORE-00029] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C89) Riparia Records — SOARING [RPCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C89) tabgraphics (HSP) — Works15 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (C89) 電奏楽団 — MEMORY OF THE GREEN [DENG-013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (C89) 音楽少女 — Justability [NKCD-6730] (flac+scans)

Binzokomegane Girls Union – Arc Of The Colourless (flac)
good-cool — precious housekeeper (flac)
kamome sano – archive002-songs for [t] (flac)
wavforme — HIGH & LAW (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
Digital Logics – Solaris Express (flac)
Lilium Records – POPOVER+TEATIME2 (flac)
MAD CHILD vs RoughSketch – Aboot Phaze ~Madstiff Aboot~ (flac)
MEGAREX – Ultra Hitech 02 (flac)
mishaoru – Rainy (flac)
pastyle – アマガミ☆スイートサマー!! (flac)
RaqesQue – Delicious Solaris (flac)
Tomohiko Togashi (Katana Bits) – VISTA 3 (flac)
wavforme – Back 2 Summer – Modern 80s Compilation – (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
ADSRecordings – VOCALOEDM Works (flac)

As Like Music – snowflakes [ALMR-0003] (flac)

Binzokomegane Girls Union & strtsphr – Alt(ernative)+En(coun)ter (flac)

compllege – Phant (flac)

Digital Logics – Winter Stillness [DGLG-0015.5] (flac)

Kanae Asaba – Happy Birthday!! (flac)

Movement on the FLOOR – MATTARI on za FUROA [MOTF-0008] (flac)

Primrose Records – Karo[Re]mix festa vol.7 -Doll Eye- (flac)

Riparia Records – Aquarium [RPCD-0006] (flac)

S.C.X – Vermillion Sky [CT26-OR19] (flac)

Sy4In Records – BLA2E (flac)

Unitone – Apolo e.p.2 (flac)

wavforme – PARANOID EUPHORIA [WAV-009] (flac)


DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) Alternative ending – Narcissus [AECD-0002prev] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) Bitter Quartz – MENTALISTS (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) chipion – BLUE AND SUMMER DEMO CD (東方) (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) [muon] Chronus [MUON-0003] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-25) [SYNC.ART’S] Alternative201005 [SACD-0004] (東方) (flac+cue)
DL: Lossless (mirror)

[Audio-4U] (M3-26) Alieson – WIZARD~混沌を統べる魔術師と月虹の傀儡~ ANASTASIS [ALSY-0012] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-26) bellmonte – message (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-26) Bitter Quartz Vs mono music — Pathetic Girls (東方) [BiMO-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-26) LUNA﹡RUMA – マウカリタ (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (M3-26) Studio Lepus – Misty Cage (flac+cue)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Adresse (仲村芽衣子) — EVITATION [ARPK-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) AsianDynasty Records — FAST ATTACK [ADDJ-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) AsianDynasty Records — HEAVY ARMOUR [ADDJ-0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Bassy — 音楽ピューパとやさしい世界 (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Eyeks Records — anteDoze [EYEKS​-​05] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) monoROSETTA — GREATEST HITS(予定) Vol.1 (東方) [MONR-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) my sound life — new way to the star [MSRC-046] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) PolyphonicBranch — The Blue Album (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Soranetarium — 時が廻る、世界の向こう (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Teadrops — Labradrite -noll- [TDDC0009] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) Whisper Records — Crossia [WRPL-0011] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) いえろ~ぜぶら — いえろ~ぜぶら べすとあるばむ Vol.2 (東方) [YZEX0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) いえろ~ぜぶら — いえろ~ぜぶら べすとあるばむ Vol.3 (東方) [YZEX0004] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) イオシス — 東方IO-BEST BEATS2 (東方) [IO-0192] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) 梶迫小道具店 — Panday@Works (東方) [PNDY0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-27) 清風明月 — 宵闇恋想奇譚 [SIFU-004] (flac+cue)
percent-Age – PARALYZE PARADISE EP (flac)
θ complex – θ complex 2 (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) -LostFairy- — 幽閉されし黒のグリモワール [ARS-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Adresse + L-TYPE — アルパカーニバル Vol.1 (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Adresse — Spilling Star [ARPK-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) AsianDynasty Records — 震電 -SHINDEN- [INBT-1101] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) CueB — Fantastic Four [queb003] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Ether — 13-The wing I was given- [ETCD-014] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Eyeks Records — lostWorld [EYEKS​-​06​] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) fractaleline — we circulate [FRCT-0008] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) fractaleline — 斑葉 [FRCT-0009] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) GEARBOX — KUREHA [GEAR2] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) hagall — fragment [hs-03] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Kamome sano — Happy (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) L-TYPE — twinkle leaves [LTCD-1001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) LC:AZE — LacrimA [LIEN-0009] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Levo Lution — Reconstructor [Lvlt-0013] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) skyer — daydreaming (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Souwer cherry — アオイカゼ/smile at… [SC-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) Teadrops — Labradrite [TDDC-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) tinkerbell sound label (桜blossom) — SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA [TSLCD-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) はちみつれもん — prologue (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) シャノの気持ち — Sugar (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) 空色絵本 — 幾星霜 [PLTD-020] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-28) 蒼咲雫の幻想音楽館 — Minstrinity [AOSHIZ-010] (flac+cue+scans)
THE ROOT OF HEADS – Dastinia (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 5150 — 神竜物語 [5150-A003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Adresse — さくらプリズム [APRK-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) AIHISNA — 少女の理想世界 [kgym-7979] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Akashic Records — 幸せの国 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Arte Refact — Primavera ~ 春色エディット ~ [ARTE-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) AsianDynasty Records (Kuniaki Takenaga) — SILVER SPHERE DRONE [INBT-1201] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Asriel — 淡き夢見る宵闇ノ骸華 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) bassy — 七丸ブック [BASH-005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) CLOSED/UNDERGROUND — モルモティカc (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Club Music Emotion — Club Music Emotion (東方) [CRTX-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) cold kiss — gravitywave [CDKS-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) CrimsonBoots — Party in the Sacred Garden (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Cyberaser Records — Pathos [CRTX-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Dragon Guardian — FAIRYTALE [DRAGON11] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Ether — Ether the Best [ETCD-015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Foreground Eclipse – Foreground Eclipse Demo CD Vol.08 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Forest306 — EAST WEST [F306-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) FTRecords — Broken Border Broadcast (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) GEARBOX — SORALIS [GEAR3] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) HARDCORE OMORO — OMORO Trance Sensation [HOCD-0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) IOSYS — 東方紫雨天獄 (東方) [IO-0221] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) LAD — Drei [LAD01] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Lunatic Gate — Stardust Magic (東方) [LGCD-0015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) MiddleIsland — 弦奏無彩色 [MICD-0105] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) MUON — 1995-1999 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) percent-Age VS SHIFT TUNES — 7X Formula [PAST-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Re-Birthё — セシアの翼 Revision II [RB0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) RMT — 20120430.rar [RMT013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) sound sepher — 幻葬図書館 [SEPR-0013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) SWORD OF JUSTICE×earth Japan SOFT — BLADE OF JUSTICE [eJbj-029] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) TAMUSIC — Fate Violin Zero [TAM3-0089] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) tonic sounds label — NIZIGIRL [TSCD-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome — 妍麗たる讃仰は悲啼喘ぎし蒼焔に炙られ [VDEP-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) θcomplex — θcomplex3 -eYecandy vs. θcomplex- [THCOMP-0003~4] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆学園 初等科 [OPCD-1008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) ちぃむdmp☆ — ちょこっと電波♪ [DMPCD-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) はる*あま*にゃ — haru*ama*nia (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) まろやかMusicMixOrganization — すいかちゃん vol.00003 (東方) [CRTX-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) シロネコビート — 花凛弦樂祭 (東方) [RUNA-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) ジェリコの法則 — SUSPICIOUS PREDICTION (東方) [JER-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ — セブンスワールド [K2-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 無名の群れ (瀧沢一留) — そらもよう [AZCM-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 秋葉工房, A-One — SUPER EURO SMASH Vol.1 [ASES-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 蒼咲雫の幻想音楽館 — Fairy Forest [AOSHIZ-012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-29) 麹町音源 (paraoka) — From Blank (flac)
[Audio-4U] Flowering Night — Flowering Night 2012 -博霊神社紅白歌合戦- SPECIAL LIMITED CD (東方) (flac+scans)
BITPLANE — 不思議の国のアリス (flac)
Digital Logics — Beats Way Sick (flac)
foolen — f for fragility (flac)
gunter10 UNITED Records — Seasons (flac)
kaoling & lily — FREYJA・SYS~システム・フレイヤ~ (flac)
pastyle — Glorious Behavior (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) Altanaphixx × Sprite Recordings — M3 EXCLUSIVE SECRET TRAXX (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) AsianDynasty Records — ALICE IN STEAMLAND [INBT-1202] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) ATOS Records (Blue Train) — ITTOKE BURST [ATOS 14] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) cubegrams — SUPER AURA [CGSP-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) Cyberaser Records — Logos [CRTX-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) JH科学 × TeddyLoid — Electric Alice (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) KANKITSU RECORDS — マジカルチェンジコンピ!! 2A [KRCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) KANKITSU RECORDS — マジカルチェンジコンピ!! 2B [KRCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) LC:AZE — Struggle to end [LIEN-0011] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) moshi moshi (ひななた) — わたしのおてがみ (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) OG-G Music Works — EXtraLife [OGCD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) Sally in the room — Sally in the room [sitr-01] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) Sprite Recordings (cittan*) — Reminisphere [SRCD-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — Lolly’sへようこそ! [OPCD-1010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) ななひら&ひなうさ — 女の子あ・ら・もーど (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-30) 麹町養蚕館 — ロストエア (flac)
arcane – CORDELIA (flac)
MISHAORU – そらいろの棘 (flac)
QUADROPHENIA – slow (flac)
Ryosuke Tomita – The Beginning of Sound Sketches (flac)
Seraphina Recordings – Four Season Clover (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) A-One & 秋葉工房 — SUPER EURO SMASH Vol.3 [ASES-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) AsianDynasty Records — Summer Night Fever [ADMS-1301] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) BITPLANE — Singular Edits (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) Calla Soiled — Grain of Sand Butterfly (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) DA Recording (Dirty Androids) — Wanderlust [DARC-001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) EURO TRANCE PROJECT — EURO TRANCE PROJECT -PHASE 2- [ETPD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) exbit trax ltd. — Crack [xbtcd05] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) GAT — GAT01 [GATCD-01] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) IOSYS — Stellar Nursery (東方) [IO-0243] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) Low Resilience Records — Drip the Bass EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) MEMELOME — 追想風景 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) Oak Flux — Moment (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) sweez — Dash to the Victory! (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) unisonia — 02a カフェ・ヘックス 魔女のいる喫茶店 [UNIS-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) wH-Label — TechnoticMixture06 [WHCD0016] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — おでんぱ☆スタジオ~もう4ちゃい~ [OPCD-1012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) しちごさん。 — 夜を灯すランジェ [L753-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) ちぃむdmp☆ — だめぽじゃないですでんぱですっ!! [DMPCD-005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) ヤヤネヒロコ — 蜂蜜色の宙のした -when I fall in air- [YAYA0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-31) 廃盤制作委員会 — 廃盤 vol.1 [HBCD-001] (flac+scans)
Alinut — Melty Wind EP (flac)
arcane — Igraine (flac)
cubegrams — ULTRA ABUNAI (flac)
Digital Logics — Vernal Hues (flac)
Omni Force Records — Omnifarious2 (flac)
Prhyzmica – Endor (flac)
ryosuke tomita — Winter into Spring EP (flac)
Ryunosuke Kudo – Mellow EP (flac)
蟲とLumpyとミュージックコンクリート — Buggy Wonderland (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) 100sec Records (xi) — Agartha (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Alternative ending (miko) — Lovingly yours [AECD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) cubegrams — NEW SUPER AURA 2013 [CGSP-0005] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Cyberaser Records — Mythos [CRTX-004] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) ginkiha+kamome sano — Oriens-dawn EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) glassmoon — memories (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) IOSYS — 鎮守府に着任したけど質問ある? (kancolle) [IO-0256] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Jerico’s Law — Yggdrasil EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Mass Kaneko Production (Shaman Cure-All) — Magwary (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Melodic Taste × 趣味工房にんじんわいん × Tutti Sound — 艦これオーケストラ! (kancolle) [MTCD-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) NO TITLE — Journey to the other side (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) poleporecords — null [PLPC-003] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Shin Sheena — 一雫-深縹 [LQCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) sweez — Brave Adventure (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) Technomy — ZERO FLEET (kancolle) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) tester studio — 紅瀬ノ城 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) USAO Vs aran — Aftershock [UACD-0001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) WAVE — THE EARTH TOPOLOGIUM (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) おでんぱ☆スタジオ — びっ栗☆秋味ふぇあ [OPCD-1014] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) プチリズム (ななひら) — プチリズム7♭ [KTHT-0021] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-32) 桃箱&ななひら — もーっと☆ちっちゃいのっ! [M&N 002] (flac+scans)
arcane – アウロラ – 交錯点 (flac)
DA Recording – Visitors (flac)
Digital Logics – Astrosynthetics (flac)
Digital Logics – Stibnite EP (flac)
GAT – GAT02 (flac)
gunter10 UNITED Records – Seaside Rest EP (flac)
kanone – Galaxy (flac)
laughing out loud – lol compilation album “HOUSE” (flac)
minimum electric design – fragments 03 (flac)
島みやえい子 – JAIKO (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) A little bit — Sol et Luna [ALCD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Episodes & melody/君の音。 — 写心学 [EPCD-008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Hagall×152Hz — for summon wall of ”ArtinaToss” [hs-05] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Jerico’s Law — Another Law (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) KPDrecords — ダークネスエロゲブート (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) MEMELOME — 月夜の花火 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) PolyphonicBranch — 竜の涙 聲の羅針盤 [PB-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Unknown-Dimension — Agartha -The Fields- [UDOR-005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Unknown-Dimension — I’m with you [UDOR-006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) windy・way — ハーディエニルトと約束の庭 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) Yonder Voice — 闇海リグレット [YVCDN0004PD] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) ZERO SOUNDS — Burning Star Children -星の子アニメソングトリビュート- [ZERS-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) 君の音。 — 朝を終えるために (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-33) 電奏楽団 — 悠久の老木 Lost Empire Saga Remaster+ [DENG-009] (flac+scans)
arcane – arduinna (flac)
BASSY – 僕のスキなうた (flac)
Digital Logics – From Where We Stanв (flac)
GAT – GAT03 (flac)
HOUSE-X – colored-X (flac)
kanone – stella (flac)
Madstiff Tracks – Neuropolis (flac)
minimum electric design – クローゼット (flac)
Prhyzmica – convergence (flac)
RURIIRO GINGA & Lick Dom Records – Honey Cheeks (flac)
Ryosuke Tomita – Highlights EP (flac)
tatsuta recordings(沙野カモメ) – tatsuta compilation 2 (flac)
島みやえい子とゆかいな横田昭 -exchange (flac)

DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) ARKHEMINA RECORDS — ARKHEMINA [DSDA-00001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Digital Logics (BERNIS) — The stars my destination [SETI-0001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Digital Logics — Silhouette [DGLG-0010] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Sakura Recordz! — Synergy-Style Vol.3 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Unknown-Dimension — Agartha -The Towns- [UDOR-007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-34) Unknown-Dimension — Hello, my friend [UDOR-008] (flac+scans)
9bit Log!Q+ – J-Ibiza -Ibiza Club Compilation- (flac)
arcane – Bernicia (flac)
arcane – アルデュイナ Arduinna (flac)
GAT – GAT Friends (flac)
niente – cape (flac)
Qualial – Brand New World EP (flac)
Seraphina Recordings – Sanctuary EP (flac)
tatsuta recordings – tatsuta compilation 3 (flac)
twinklextwinkle – SUPERNOVA (flac)
瓶底眼鏡女子同盟 – 秋奏色フルコース (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) DA Recording — Visitors 2 (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Guava Co. — Moratorium Anthropology [GVCO-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) KrikKrak&2.8mile — 妖精郷まで何マイル (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Qualial — Verdure EP [QLCD-002] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) RTTF Records — Flower Garden [RTTF-0015] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) Seraphina Recordings (Kankitsu) — Galaxy EP (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-35) 等力桂 — Memories Of The 5th Season (flac)
D’va — メイリリィ (flac)
Digital Logics – The Walker LP (flac)
Digital Logics — Somewhere in the distant time (flac)
GAT — GAT04 (flac)
gunter10 Records — Homecoming (flac)
kamome sano — archive001- reworks+ (flac)
Light Notes Recordings — …β (flac)
MEGAREX — VK (flac)
prhyzmica — stream-EP (flac)
Swingrooves – Good Love (flac)
θcomplex – θcomplex4 (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) ADSRecordings (Polyphonix) — O [Obelisk] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) bassy — f/d (flac)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Canopus Sounds — Carina [CSCD-002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Digital Logics — Floating Cloud LP [DGLG-0013] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) NO TITLE — U-29 (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Non-REM Records — fetish.ep (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Non-REM Records — for lose (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) Riparia Records — RIPARIA:01 [RPCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (M3-36) タマミナットレコーズ — Tama Me Nut 01 (flac+scans)
colate – cpu of stars (flac)
Conures – イントロダクション オブ 和製ハウス (flac)
Digital Logics – Floating Cloud EP (flac)
GAT – GAT Friends 2 (flac)
gunter10 Records – Side of Heaven (flac)
Light Notes Recordings – TT (flac)
niente – mi-mollet (flac)
RJT Music – Campaign for Real J-Trance Vol.03 (flac)
Seraphina Recordings – サクラスケープ EP (flac)
tatsuta recordings — archive002_songs for [t] (flac)
tatsuta recordings — tatsuta compilation 4 (flac)
小林研究所 – chipgem (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
ADSRecordings – R [Rain] (flac)
AlphaVersion Records – Vision (flac)
As Like Music – A Myriad Flowers (flac)
Bassy – 本日ハ晴天カ? (flac)
Binzokomegane Girls Union – Conceptive (flac)
DA Recording – MOMENTS (flac)
Digital Logics – your steps make this come true (flac)
gunter10 Records – Voyage (flac)
holtunes – One-Room Planet (flac)
Jun Kuroda – aspects (flac)
pastyle – Vint the Age (flac)
Riparia Records – MIYABI (flac)
Ryosuke Tomita – The Cove EP (flac)
sweez & Meine Meinung – Cheek to Musik (flac)
黒魔 – 魔法 (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
ADSRecordings – Polyphonix Extended Track Collection (flac)
Bernis – On the shore of the Eden (flac)
Polyphonix feat. Kanae Asaba, mana – Polyphonix Countdown vol.01 (flac)
Psynergy Project – Universe in Space (flac)
Riparia Records – RIPARIA:02 (flac)
Shintaro – Nightfall (flac)
USAO vs aran – Aftershock pt.2 (flac)
wavforme – Faint Light EP (flac)
wavforme – Sights (flac)


DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [Cis-Trance] ABNORMAL DANCE [CTCD-0014] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [COOL&CREATE] drizzly again [CCCD-0020] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [SoundChaos] SoundChaos プレビュー版 (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [Sound∞Infinity] Just Push Play [SDFN-0012] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [SYNC.ART’S] Rainbow Face [SACD-5026] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [いえろ~ぜぶら] 東方星聖歌 [YZCD-0013] (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [荒御霊 Feat. モヒカンサンドバッグ] ARAMICORE (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [葉月ゆら] 東方来夢来人Ⅱ~ポップン・ティアラ~ (flac+cue+jpg)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭7) [黒夜葬] APOCALYPSE -穹劫黙示録- [KKYS-005] (flac+cue+jpg)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) CC*=Style — Trance Around The Toho [CCST0003] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) clocknote. — Navy;058 (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) CODE-49 — Cantrip [49CD-0008] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) E.B.S. 0/1 — Frontal Frontier (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) Frozen System Records — BLACK IMPULSE [FSRD-010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) ON’shiraz — ON’gaeshi! ~vol.1~ (東方) [OSOG-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) ON’shiraz — ON’gaeshi! ~vol.2~ (東方) [OSOG-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) pastyle — TriAngle mind [PLCD-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) Sound∞Infinity — Party & Screaming [SFDN-0017] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) SYNC.ART’S — ALTERNATIVE201103 [SACD-0007] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) ZEROSUMGAME TRAXXX — FAR-EAST JUMPFREAKZ [ZGCD-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) いえろ~ぜぶら — 東方閃囁歌 [YZCD-0016] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) イオシス — リ:キャンディッド! ARM東方リミックス [IO-0190] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭8) 永久立体<キュービックループ> — 自殺志願<マインドレンデル> (東方) (flac+scans)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 38BEETS — Edge of life (東方) [38CD-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 5150 — シンフォニック東方Ⅰ (東方) [Ryu-A008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 5150 — シンフォニック東方ガールズサイド (東方) [Ryu-A007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 556ミリメートル — desire -sweetly love girls- (東方) [MMCD-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT VOL.5 IMPERISHABLE NIGHT (東方) [AONE-0015] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) a-TTTempo — TOHO FULL SWING 2.5 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) AQUASTYLE — 天衣無縫 -みらくる★パーティー ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK- (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ARMのArmageddon Records — distant (東方) [ARM-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Arte Refact — 幻想遊戯館 – Fantastic Casino – (東方) [ARTE-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Barrage Am Ring — Barrage Am Ring 2 Arrange/Side (東方) [BANG-0002A] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Black Onyx — Synthtic (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) BubbleRecords — 514 (東方) [BR-0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) C-CLAYS — AGGRESSIVE FREQUENCY (東方) [TOCD-0034] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) C-CLAYS — 桜歌 -OUKA- (東方) [TOCD-0033] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) CC*=Style — Seiren Sense (東方) [CCST0006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) CHRONOS RECORD — 幻想ノスタルヒアス (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) CROW’SCLAW — Lightning Discharge (東方) [PAEG-0016] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) FELT — Stand Up (東方) [FELT-007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) FloatingCloud — 東方アイリッシュ3 (仮) Preview (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) fractaleline — Prism Overture (東方) [FRCT-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Frozen System Records — Violent Dancehall (東方) [FSRD-021] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) GET IN THE RING — Arcadia (東方) [GCHM-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) HellionSounds — Scent Games (東方) [HSCD-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Innocent Key — 東方ぺろぺろ (東方) [IK-21] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) IOSYS — 東方アゲハ NIGHTMARE (東方) [IO-0218] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) IOSYS — 風櫻 SECOND PHANTASMA -IOSYS TOHO COMPILATION vol.21- (東方) [IO-0214] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) IRON ATTACK! — Star Dust (東方) [MIA026] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) IZMIZM — Come Back (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) k-waves LAB — 東方Projectごちゃまぜアイリッシュ風プレ版楽曲CD ~その参~ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) K2 SOUND — 天津星 -Amatsu Hoshi- (東方) [K2SD-008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) KURO-HACO Nation — Touhou Animism (東方) [KHCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) laughing out loud — TH REMIX -lol style- vol.2 (東方) [LOCD-1038] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) LiveLiqueur — ときにやさしく、ときにかわいく (東方) [LiCD-04] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Magical Hazard — お試し、橋呑み (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) monochrome-coat — es (東方) [MCCD-008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Nabeinstein — Boozer Banquet (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) NJK Record — TOHO EURO FLASH Remixies (東方) [NJK-006] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) OG-G Music Works — Do Your Face (東方) [OGCD-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) pastyle vs IZMIZM — Chiasma (東方) [PICD-0001] (flac)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) pikapika — Chocolate Pain (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Pizuya’s Cell — Excelsior (東方) [PZTR-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) R-Note — 東方彩醒響 (東方) [RNCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) R-Note — 第九回博麗神社例大祭 あ~るの~と おまけCD (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Rico Rico Alice — 東方混ニ色 (東方) [PRA-11] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Rolling Contact — HEAVEN’s SOUND 03 (東方) [LOLI-0027] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Rolling Contact — 玉響宴奴 (東方) [LOLI-0028] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) salvation by faith records — 魔法少女 にとり★マギカ (東方) [SSEB-0022] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) signum/ii — INVITATION SiGN (東方) [SGNM-001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Silver Forest — Silver Forest 2006-2012 BEST (東方) [SFNC-0035~40] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Sound CYCLONE — Sparkle! (東方) [SDCY-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) SYNC.ART’S — Alternative201205 (東方) [SACD-0011] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TAMUSIC — MAGIQ (東方) [TAM3-0091] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TAMUSIC — 東方四重奏6 (東方) [TAM3-0090] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TaNaBaTa — TaNaBaTa例大祭9手焼きCD (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) TRiANCE CODE — AYAKASHI (東方) [TRCD-0018] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) Xenoglossy — ParaBox (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) α music — 紅き夢~Purpurnen Traum~ (東方) [amus0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) っ´Д`)っゼロ式の処刑場 — 東方ファッキンガム宮殿 (東方) [ZERO-TOHO-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) はちみつれもん — Rainbow Spell (東方) [HLCD-0026] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ばんだいく — happy lab. (東方) [VD-018] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ふぉれすとぴれお — T★GIRLS.03 (東方) [FPR0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) まらしぃ — アレンジのあれんじ<再> (東方) [MRCD-009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ゆりいろ — YURI-IRO ZUKAN (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) オリエンス — 宴 -UTAGE- (東方) [ORNS-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) オーライフジャパン — 特臭幻想狂 (東方) [OLJA-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) サリー — シンドローム (東方) [SA-003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) スタジオネネム — 東方任天音2 (東方) [SNTH-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) トマト組 — TOMATO AND BITTERS (東方) [TGCD-0005] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) バター工房 — TOHO MUSIC BOX (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ユウノウミ — ENCYCLOPEDIA<人>human beings (東方) [IOY-0009] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) ユウノウミ — ENCYCLOPEDIA<魔>magical beings (東方) [IOY-0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 俺++(Includeore) — 纏 ARCHIVE Vol.1 (東方) [ORECD-07] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 凋叶棕 — 彩 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 君の美術館 — ataraxia2 -ep edition2- (東方) [MUSE-0019] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 岸田教団&THE明星ロケッツ — .JP (東方) [K2-0010] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 彩音 ~xi-on~ — 東方志奏 11th Spell -Overflow- (東方) [XITH-0012] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 時遊戯画 — 忘憂捧曲集 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 梶迫小道具店 — 兼知未然 (東方) [CJVK0010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 森羅万象 — あの日の夢のアリス (東方) [SBCD-0002] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 永久立体<キュービックループ> — 戯物語 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 流派未確定 — Forget-me-not -忘れな草- (東方) [RMCD-0007] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 狐夢想屋×ゼッケン屋 — 電子弦奏 -Phantom Electronique- (東方) [KMZK0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 発熱巫女~ず — ”Flower of Life” The best selection 2008-2011 (東方) [SPHM-001~2] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 第4回全力でピチュれ連盟 — 東方長髪娘 ~LongHairGirls~ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 第5回全力でピチュれ連盟 — 東方短髪娘 ~ShortHairGirls~ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 荒御霊 — SpellTech6 (東方) [ARAM-0024~25] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 荒御霊 — SSD (東方) [ARAM-0112] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 豚乙女 — 実は繊細な貴女とたまに勇敢な私のなんだか騒いでるって話。 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 豚乙女 — 豚BEST アブラカラメコンピマシマシ (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭9) 龍胆 — For All Terrible Souvenir (東方) (flac+scans)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) A-One — TOHO EUROBEAT presents THE REVIVAL MIX (東方) [AONE-0018] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Aleile & Crest & 魂音泉 & DDBY — ~癒しの風~ Vol.1 大空魔術 (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Barrage Am Ring — Barrage Am Ring 3 Arrange-Side (東方) [BANG-0003A] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) FELT — Icicle fall (東方) [FELT-010] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) IOSYS — RoughSketch TOHO WORKS 2007-2012 (東方) [IO-0250] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) K-waves LAB — 東方Projectごちゃまぜアイリッシュ風プレ版楽曲CD ~その四~ (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Melodic Taste — Blue Regret (東方) [MTCD-0008] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) R-Note — 東方奏華響 ~Trip in Distance~ (東方) [RNCD-0004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) R-Note — 第十回博麗神社例大祭 R-Note おまけCD (東方) (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Rolling Contact — HEAVEN’s SOUND 04 (東方) [LOLI-0034] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) signum/ii — Brighter Oath (東方) [SGNM-004] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Swing Of the Dead — TOHO JAZZY VOCALⅠ (東方) [SOD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) T.Piacere — STiLL MOMENT (東方) [T.P-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭10) Unity-Gain — a Lack Unity Plastic… 2 (東方) [UTGN-0010] (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭11) ESQUARIA — extreme (東方) [EQ-0003] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭11) IZMIZM — While the Shooting Star Ends EP (東方) (flac)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭11) Jerico’s Law — Primitive Ignition (東方) (flac)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭12) 東方オーケストラアレンジ地位向上委員会 — 悠々幻想響 (東方) [TOCD-0001] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭12) 街角麻婆豆 — お次は何処で踊りましょうか (東方) (flac+scans)
twinkle*twinkle – Fortune Music selection of nachi
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭SP2) D.S.K Recordz — The H.R.D. Redemption – Killer Night Girls – [DRCD-001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭SP2) IOSYS — gensou teyaki beats vol.1 (東方) [IOSP-0290] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (例大祭SP2) SYNC.ART’S — Alternative20110911 (flac+cue)


DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) As/Hi Soundworks & 荒御霊 — SpellTech-c [ARAM-0903] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) KARMART & 荒御霊 — SpellTech-i [ARAM-0902] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) Soundspringer & 荒御霊 — SpellTech-n [ARAM-0901] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) 荒御霊 — SpellTech-nic Special MIX-CD (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢6) 蟲とLumpyとミュージックコンクリート – 蟲と東方と純血(ストロベリー)ジャム [LMPY-003] (flac+cue+jpg)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) C.H.S — Hommaging Greats [CHSEP-0002] (flac+cue)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) IZMIZM — Unconscious Words (東方) (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) SULFURIC ACID PRODUCT — EASTLAND FREAKERZ [SACD-0002] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) SULFURIC ACID PRODUCT — 紅白ノ宴-MAIDEN’S FESTIVAL- [SACD-0001] (flac+cue+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢7) SYNC.ART’S — Alternative201110 (flac+cue)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢8) IOSYS — Quaky Divines [IO-0230] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢8) TAMUSIC — ピアノのための東方夜想曲集「Redemption」 [TAM3-0096] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢8) 荒御霊 — Rigid Footwork [ARAM-2104] (flac+scans)
DL: Lossless (mirror)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢9) IOSYS — Scary Halloween Show (東方) [IO-0255] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢9) IRON ATTACK! — FAIRY TALE (東方) [MIA033] (flac+scans)
[Audio-4U] (東方紅楼夢9) 東方金髪少女地位向上委員会 — 黄昏アンサンブル (東方) [KNPT-0001] (flac+scans)

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