Uploads March 2019

I will be occasionally uploading my personal rips that don’t fit into any other categories.

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Link: MEGA

  • [Audio-4U] LINEAR – LINEAR COMPi 2007 [LNCD-0001] (C73) (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] Bad Fennec Records – LΞGΞNDARY -Episode.1- [BFR-002] (M3-36) (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] exbit trax ltd. – Apocalypsis [xbtcd10] (C86) (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] exbit trax ltd. – Frolic EP [xbtcd13] (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] luvtrax – discotique [luvcd-004] (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] luvtrax – luvtrax autumn issue 2011 K-GUARANA [luvcd-030] (M3-28) (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] luvtrax – luvtrax autumn issue 2012 BICESTA [luvcd-033] (M3-30) (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] luvtrax – luvtrax presents winter issue 2008 Tubereuse PREMITIVE ONE [luvcd-022] (C75) (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] luvtrax – luvtrax spring issue 2013 PINE TAIL [luvcd-035] (M3-31) (flac+scans).rar
  • [Audio-4U] luvtrax – luvtrax winter issue 2012 Hi-DSON [luvcd-034] (C83) (flac+scans).rar

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