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Overview: SoundOnline is a doujin circle founded in 2002 by Tsukasa Yatoki. The circle has deep connections with Alstroemeria Records, ALiCE’s EMOTiON and Misawa Aki, and of course it’s centred around electronic music and touhou arranges. Tsukasa mostly creates trance and drum’n’bass arranges, but you can also found house and happy hardcore sometimes. Most of the albums get female vocals by well-known doujin vocalists such as (already mentioned) Misawa Aki, Misato, nomico, Michiru Kaori and 3L. Aside from touhou arranges, you can also find two Ragnarok Online albums created as the first works of the circle, kancolle album and several originally composed works.

SoundOnline official site

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Discography: [2002.09.29] ORGANIZE
[2004.02.08] Machinery
[2004.12.30] RE-ESSENCE
[2005.12.30] Blaze
[2006.12.31] Blue Constellations
[2007.12.31] Starry Sequence
[2007.12.31] The Clear Blue Sky
[2008.12.29] Trois Bleu
[2009.08.15] NOSTALGIA
[2009.10.11] Silent Clarity
[2009.12.30] Hydrangea
[2010.05.05] Heavenly Sequence Promotion Disc
[2010.08.14] Heavenly Sequence
[2010.10.31] AQUOSTICS
[2010.12.30] Third Ensemble: Bleu
[2011.03.13] Kardia
[2011.08.13] Stardust Motion
[2011.08.13] Starlight Vision
[2011.12.30] A Couple of Time
[2012.05.27] Divine
[2012.08.11] Mythology

  • Other
[2008.08.16] 玻璃の空
[2010.07.17] こわれかけのオルゴール

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