Current version: 3.0.
Upgradable: yes*

Overview: If I’d have to describe ENS in two words, I’d say electronic dance music + female vocals. Genres vary from electro house and trance to hardcore (artists: 黒鳥, すみじゅん, きりん, crouka, spiced with amazing doujin vocalists like Tsubaki, Chata, Hotaru et al.) If you like toho arranges, that would be another great reason to check it out, since it is main activity of the circle.

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Changes: New albums, fpl→m3u8 playlists.

Notes: *to update from 1.0, please delete [2012.05.27] Dione Aggregation the instrumental (例大祭9) (mp3) folder and fpl playlists

  • Discography:
[2008.11.02] 000 (東方紅楼夢4)
[2008.12.29] Lyrical Crimson (C75)
[2009.03.08] Scattered Destiny (例大祭6)
[2009.05.05] Lyrical Crimson the instrumental (M3-23)
[2009.08.15] Lucent Wish (C76)
[2009.10.11] Lucent Wish the instrumental (東方紅楼夢5)
[2009.12.30] Sacred Factor (C77)
[2010.03.14] EastNewSoundBest vol.1 (例大祭7)
[2010.03.14] Sacred Factor the instrumental (例大祭7)
[2010.08.14] Alternative Outside 2010 Summer (C78)
[2010.08.14] Felsic Mirage (C78)
[2010.12.30] Alternative Outside 2010 Winter (C79)
[2010.12.30] Felsic Mirage the instrumental (C79)
[2010.12.30] Split Theory (C79)
[2011.03.13] Definite Energy (例大祭8)
[2011.03.13] Split Theory the instrumental (例大祭8)
[2011.08.13] Alternative Outside 2011 summer (C80)
[2011.08.13] Solitude Blossom (C80)
[2011.10.16] Solitude Blossom the instrumental (紅楼夢7)
[2011.12.30] Dione Aggregation (C81)
[2011.12.30] Uncanny Instinct (C81)
[2012.05.27] Alternative Outside 2012 Spring (例大祭9)
[2012.05.27] Dione Aggregation the instrumental (例大祭9)
[2012.05.27] EastNewSoundBest vol.2 (例大祭9)
[2012.08.11] BlazeOut (C82)
[2012.08.11] LimitedDimension (C82)
[2012.12.30] Auxiliary Brightness (C83)
[2012.12.30] BlazeOut the Instrumental (C83)
[2013.05.26] Auxiliary Brightness the Instrumental (例大祭10)
[2013.05.26] EastNewSound Alternative Outside 2013 spring
[2013.05.26] Mindless Act (例大祭10)
[2013.08.12] Mindless Act the Instrumental (C84)
[2013.08.12] Rewind Amnesia (C84)
[2013.12.30] Rewind Amnesia the Instrumental (C85)
[2013.12.30] Spectral Rejection (C85)
[2014.05.11] EastNewSound 5th Anniversary Premium Best (例大祭11)
[2014.05.11] Spectral Rejection the Instrumental (例大祭11)
[2014.08.16] Infect Paranoia (C86)
[2014.08.16] Perpetual Devotion (C86)
[2014.12.29] Perpetual Devotion the Instrumental (C87)
[2014.12.29] Proof Presence (C87)
[2015.05.10] Nostalgic Breeze (例大祭12)
[2015.05.10] Proof Presence the Instrumental (例大祭12)
[2015.08.14] Sprout Intention (C88)
[2015.12.30] Innocent Abyss (C89)
[2015.12.30] Sprout Intention the Instrumental (C89)

  • single tracks
[2012.08.10] 夕月椿 – Reason.flac
[2012.12.29] 紫咲ほたる – Restoration of….flac
[2013.12.30] 夕月椿 – カラーコード.flac
[2015.05.10] 夕月椿 – Never Ending Story.flac
[2015.08.14] 夕月椿 – Love you, Miss you.flac
[2015.08.14] 紫咲ほたる – Good Night.flac
[2015.12.30] 夕月椿 – 天蓋花.flac

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